Chapter 4

The weekend for Fleur past at a normal speed, she spent most of it socialising with her friends that weren't going, politely rubbing it in their faces. Her two best friends, Amabelle and Jullieta were also chosen to go to Hogwarts, so when they weren't informing this information to other people, they were in the library brushing up some spells and magical theory.

Amabelle had a dark complexion, long brown hair, which was always braided down her back, stunning green eyes and slightly chubby cheeks. (Her eyes were originally brown, but her younger brother permanently hexed them green, which Amabelle didn't really mind about.) She was sitting down across the table in the library across from Fleur with one huge book just reading page for page. Jullieta on the other hand was taking notes from many different books, but would often stop to gaze out the window. She had shorter blonde hair, was shorter in general and often mistaken for a third year.

Fleur closed a large old mummified looking book and placed it back on the shelf. "I have had enough studying." She informed the others.

"I just have a few more pages I really need to get through." Amabelle replied with her head down and pupils darting at full speed across the page.

Jullieta, who had spent most of the study time folding her notes into blooming flowers with her wand, suggested that they all go for a walk outside.

"I'll catch up." Said Amabelle without looking up.

While Fleur and Jullieta walked around outside in the dim sunlight, the subject changed (as it so often did with Jullieta) from talking about Hogwarts and the tournament, to food and adventure. No sooner, Amabelle turned up at the worst possible time, in the middle of Jullieta's thoughts on food. "Enough about the crepes already!" Fleur shouted!

"Well you would be in love with them too if you owned the most prestigious bakery in France." Retorted Jullieta in all the arrogance and spitefulness she could muster (which wasn't quite believable with the grin appearing on her face).

"You don't own the 7/11?" Amabelle said blankly.

Fleur and Jullieta could no longer keep up the act and they all suddenly burst into a fit of giggles.

The day of leaving for Hogwarts crept around and Beauxbatons was in a state that Fleur had never seen before. The whole school had assembled outside the school gates to wish good luck and bid farewell as the chosen students entered a huge, powder blue carriage drawn by equally large winged horses.

The inside of the carriage was similar to the castle. In fact, a spell had been cast so that the inside was greatly enlarged. There were spiral staircases leading to individual sleeping quarters, a dining hall and a common room like area with expensive looking seating arrangements.

All the chosen students boarded, the carriage doors closed and the great horses flapped their mighty wings, sending the carriage straight off the ground.

The carriage was now just above the castle turrets. Fleur peered out the window and saw the remaining members of the school raise their wands and send a fountain off sparks in the air spelling out the words, "Bonne Chance!" With that, the carriage zoomed off.

"Come now, could you please all get ready," Maxime said with a mysterious look in eye. "We will be making a short stop in Paris."

The students chattered, happily getting ready for the adventure ahead. Fleur, Amabelle and Jullieta discussing all the possible ways in which they would arrive at Hogwarts and they would have to stay in London because their creaky old castle had collapsed overnight.