She's My What?!

By: SilverLunarStar

Chapter One: Pink Meets Blue

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This is the first Sailor Moon fanfic that I ever wrote. It is a rewrite of Sailor Moon R. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying writing and editing it.

As of Friday, December 25, 2009:

For those of you who have read this story in the past, there are a couple of changes, but nothing big! Just a few things to note:

If you don't know already, there is a PREQUEL out. You don't need to read it to understand this, but it'd be nice if you let me know what you thought!

I HAVE changed the names to their original Japanese names. I'm sorry for those of you who wanted the English dubbed names, but, even though it was ahead on the polls, I got PMs and e-mails asking for the Japanese names and they surpassed the request for English names. So, I have it like that in my prequel too.


Lastly, Mamoru is eighteen, like in the anime (I think that's his age there…), because it'll be easier to fit within the plot this way. After all, he has to have a screwed up schedule at the university if he's at the Arcade practically all the time! =P

Fourteen-year-old Tsukino Usagi leisurely dangled her feet above the lake as she sat on the dock. Her eyes were filled with unshed years. She was thankful the boat rental was closed, so the area was isolated, for once. "When did my life become this bad?" she wondered aloud. 'First, Mamoru breaks up with me, now Rei and Luna re scolding me…not that that's new, but… Life would be so much easier for everyone if I didn't exist…' Before her thoughts could get any worse, she suddenly noticed a glow from the lake that reflected the cloudless sky. Looking up, she saw a small falling body.

The small body landed right onto her lap.

Looking down at what had fallen on her, Usagi saw a pair of magenta eyes staring right back into her own pair of royal-blue eyes.

"MAMA!" the child exclaimed, hugging Usagi around the waist, tears leaking from her eyes.

Blinking, she hugged the pink-haired child out of pure, natural reflex. "Shh, it's okay Little One." Once the child had settled down, Usagi carried the gloomy girl to a bench. "Now, where is your mother, Little One?"

Sniffling, she wailed, "She's in trouble! I need Sailor Moon! My papa says she can help."

"There, there, now where exactly are your mother and father? Where do you live?"

"They're in the Palace of Crystal Tokyo, that's where I live," she answered innocently.

"Crystal Tokyo?"

"That's in the future, in the Thirtieth Century. My mama tried to stop the bad guys from the Dark Moon, but now she's trapped! I need to find Sailor Moon and the Ginzuishou!" she cried.

Usagi stared at the girl, in shock. 'How could she know about Sailor Moon and the Ginzuishou…?' Then her mind caught up. 'The thirtieth century?' It was mind-boggling.

The light pink-haired child glanced at her face. "You don't believe me, do you?" She started sniffling again.

"Maa, maa, of course I do. I'll help you." Although it was all pretty incredible, she'd seen and heard much more absurd stories.

The small girl stopped sniffling. "Honto ne?"

Usagi smiled at her cuteness and answered, "Honto."

"Arigato!" The girl hugged her tightly.

Usagi laughed, something she had not in, what felt like, eternity. "Doushimemashite. Now, what's your name?" she asked, barely realizing she didn't even know the child's name.

"Sumimasen. Watashi wa Usagi."

"Well, what a coincidence, my name is Usagi too!" The teenage girl gave the younger one a silly grin. "Hmm…that's going to be quite confusing… How about we call you Chibi-Usa? Does that sound good to you?"

The now dubbed Chibi-Usa giggled. "Hai! I like it." After a moment of silence, she said, "I'm glad I found you, you're nice!"

"Why thank you. You're a really sweet child and cute too." Just to prove her point, she tweaked her nose gently.

'Mama used to do that…'

"Say Chibi-Usa, would you like to go get some ice cream?" Usagi asked, noticing how the girl's face fell.

She beamed. "Would I ever!"

"Come on then! Let's go!"

Hand-in-hand, they walked to the Crown Arcade. The people around them thought them to be mother and daughter, until they realized the older girl was too young, so they believed them to be sisters.

To Be Continued

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Today, I posted the last chapter of the prequel called, "He Did What?!" which is basically my version of how Mamoru breaks up with Usagi (it isn't all that different from the anime). However, it also shows my interpretation of how their relationship was before those damn dreams got in the way.

Hopefully, this edited version is a bit better.

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