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Ch.1- The Invitation

"You make me SICK!" yelled Lily Evans before strutting away from James Potter, his little Marauder friends, and their crowd of adoring fans (girls mostly).

Lily heard James call, "Evans! Hey, EVANS!"

But she simply ignored him and he, thankfully, didn't follow her. The bloody prat had some pride. She couldn't imagine him ever doing something so seemingly desperate as chasing after a girl who had rejected him though Lily seemed to be the only girl who had ever rejected James Potter otherwise known as Mr 'All Girls Should Drool At My Feet That Means You Lily Evans' or simply 'that arrogant prat who's wrecking my life'.

Lily stormed into the Hogwarts library and threw herself into a seat across from her best friend Hestia Jones whose black hair was tied back as she read over numerous pages of O.W.L.s notes.

"Hey Lils," said Hestia, not even looking up.

"How'd you know it was me?" asked Lily.

"Well only you would be able to sit down that violently. Potter again?"

"Yes," said Lily with an exasperated sigh, fingering a strand of her red hair. "Muggle Studies O.W.L tomorrow?"

Hestia nodded tiredly. "I know you've told me a thousand and one times, but what for the love of Merlin is a television?!"

Lily laughed at her pureblood friend's troubles and explained as best she could about a box with people in it, but there really are no people in it... It was confusing for any pureblood witch or wizard to understand.

Hestia looked completely bewildered and moaned, "I'm never going to pass this exam!"

"Well next year you won't need it right?" said Lilycheerfully. "If you're still planning on becoming a hit witch for the Magical Law Enforcement Squad?"

"Of course!" said Hestia brightening up a bit.

Then Lily's mind jumped back to the incident at the lake. "Do you think James Potter was put on Earth to annoy me?"

"Probably," said Hestia absently, chewing the end of her quill.

"He was torturing Snape down at the lake and... oh you don't want to know!" sighed Lily. "I hate that bloody prat!"

"I know," said Hestia. "You've told me. Numerous times."


"It's alright, Lils."

Then Hestia's usually pink cheeks became even pinker and she said with excitement: "Oh Lils! I have fabulous news!" She took a deep breath and screeched so loudly that the librarian Madam Pince gave them an obviously annoyed glare, "How would you like to come to my seaside home for the summer?"

"The one in southern France?" whispered Lily excitedly, her bright green eyes sparkling.

"Exactly!" muttered Hestia. She grabbed her books. "Come on! We can't talk in here!"

"You really want me to go with you?" Lily shrieked once they were outside the library.

"Of course Lils!" said Hestia.

"Of course I want to go!" said Lily excitedly. "I'll owl my parents in a bit!"

They both shrieked with glee and hugged just as Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin passed by. Remus muttered, "Girls." Peter nodded in agreement.

"Who else is coming?" asked Lily.

"Monica and Emmeline. I asked them earlier," said Hestia, ticking off the names of their two other best friends.

"Brilliant! This will be so much fun!" shrieked Lily. Her voice became suddenly stern. "Ok Hestia, study for your O.W.L.s or else I'll give you a detention to start out sixth year!"

"Way to abuse your prefect powers there, Lils," said Hestia with a smirk.

"Study!" ordered Lily and she pushed Hestia back into the library.

She was going to spend her summer holiday in the south of France! Lily could positively leap for joy! She ran up to the Owlery and called down a reddish-brown school owl. Lily quickly pulled out a quill and some parchment and wrote,

Dear Mum and Dad,

I hope everything is fine at home. I have just been asked to spend the summer holiday in southern France with my friend from Hogwarts, Hestia Jones! You've met Hestia. She's the girl with very long black hair and rather pink cheeks. I would love to go and Monica and Emmeline are asked to go too, but I need to know what you think. I'll also add the address of Hestia's parents if you want to write them.

All my love,


She quickly added Hestia's parents' address, put the letter in an addressed envelope, and gave it to the school owl. Lily watched the owl soar out of the glassless window as a smile played across her face.

Suddenly arguing voices filled the air.

"Don't lie to me, Mon! You know it's true!"

"It is not!"


Two girls appeared in the doorway of the Owlery. One girl was of medium height with light brown hair and blue eyes. She also had an emerald green hair band which she almost never was seen with out. This was Emmeline Vance.

The other girl was Monica Longbottom, younger sister of Frank Longbottom who was a sixth year at the moment, a year older than Monica's fifth year status. Monica had dark green eyes and silky blonde hair.

"Mon! Em!" Lily shrieked, recognizing her friends. "I'm so excited!"

"I know!" said Monica, laughing. "Word has it that Beauxbatons students love the southern France life."

"I told you that's all you care about! She only wants to go because of how cute the Beauxbatons boys are rumored to be!" giggled Emmeline.

"Em!" said Monica, elbowing Emmeline in the ribs. "There's... other reasons I want to go."

"Like what?" asked Lily with a large smirk.

"Well Lils," muttered Monica, racking her brain for answers. "I hear southern France is... very educational. I thought... I'd learn while I was there!"

"You are such a liar!" screamed Emmeline, throwing a quill at Monica. "Come on let's send these letters already!"

"Fine!" said Monica with a sigh. "Chuck me some parchment then."

Emmeline and Monica quickly wrote and sent their letters off.

"Let's get dinner. I'm starved!" said Emmeline and she, Monica, and Lily quicklly made their way to the Great Hall.

They ate dinner and Hestia wasn't around, but Lily assumed she was still studying for her last O.W.L.

Lily, Monica, and Emmeline proceeded up to the common room after dinner and talked animatedly of what they would do at Hestia's for the summer holiday.

"Where is Hestia?" asked Emmeline, glancing at the clock. "She never studies this late."

"And it's just Muggle Studies! She's going to drop that next year!" said Monica, puzzled.

"It is odd," said Lily, getting up. "I'm going to go find her."

Monica and Emmeline quickly got up too."We're coming."

"But...you...oh alright!" said Lily, knowing arguing wouldn't do anything to change their minds.

They went through the portrait hole and down many flights of stairs to get to the library. Lily hurried to the table where Hestia had been earlier, but nothing was there except a large stack of books on Muggles.

Suddenly, Lily heard a muffled shriek. Lily walked down a row of bookshelves in the direction of the sound. Lily, followed close behind by Monica and Emmeline, rounded a corner well away from Madam Pince and found Hestia surrounded by a large group of Slytherins.

Two Slytherin thugs held Hestia back and Severus Snape was holding both Hestia's and his own wand.

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"I don't think you wanted to pick a duel with me because I ALWAYS win."

"I have lived for this day! The day when the Mudblood Lily Evans stands wandless before me revealing herself as the complete weakling she really is!"