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Chapter 2

Vega stood in his dark room, he lifted his claw and saw Cammy's blood still on it. He didn't kill her but he wished he did.


Vega had just brought Cammy in unconsious. ChunLi had said that she wanted him to go and find Cammy, the same person who gave the finishing blow to ChunLi's father. ChunLi had gotten all the details from Charlie. Shippo had just gotten into Saitoh's sake and now transformed into Vega.

"Row... row..row your hiccup boat..." Shippo sings as he sways back and forth.

"Hey That's My Sake!" Saitoh said getting angry that the little kit drank some of his prescious sake and punches Shippo.

"Not The Face!" Shippo said acting like Vega with a high cry.

Naraku then transforms into ChunLi and kicks 'Vega' ,which is Shippo, and he falls to the floor with a scream. Then 'ChunLi', still Naraku, steps on his chest and then slams her foot into his face, extends her arms out and spins, twisting his face. Shippo then gets up.

"M-My Beautiful face is ruined... BITCH I'LL MAKE YOU SUFFER!" Shippo yells then stops. "OWW!" And holds onto his face.

"Heh... I feel better..." Naraku then transform back to his original self, After their little skit of the Street Fighter II movie, and Shippo is holding onto his face crying. "Owww... It hurts..."

"Hey I did not act like a baby after she did that... I know I attacked her, not act like a baby..." Vega says as he is obviously disappointed about the skit. Shippo only holds on tighter and grabs an icepack

"I didn't need an Icepack either... "Vega says and then Cammy slowly wakes up and sees Shippo still in Vega's form.

"Your The one who brought me here! Get these ropes off me. If you don't Master Bison's ganna hurt you! You know how he gets when he's pissed." Cammy yells at Shippo who immediately transforms back and runs behind Sango. Vega then steps up and stares at Cammy.

"Vega works for Shadowlaw?" Sango asks tilting her head to the side. (A/N- Ok which one is it I've seen Shadowlaw and Shadowloo... anyone know which one it is? I think that there is a difference for the US and Japan, like they do with the Names right?)

"I though everyone knew that... I know ChunLi did..." Vega said looking over to Sango. Right then ChunLi walks to her room that she locked herself in. "Besides, if I had to choose to be under the employ of a beautiful one like Chun-Li or a person like Bison, I think that my loyalty would be obvious."

"You do?! You knew where that Bastard was and you didn't tell me?!" ChunLi yelled in a harsh cold voice. "I don't know where he is." Vega said as he looked over at ChunLi, obiviously really pissed.

"But you work for him... You work for the man that had her Kill My father!" ChunLi yelled again clentching her fist.

"Actually... I... sorta..." Vega starts to trail off.

"What?" ChunLi asked still pissed. "What did you do?!"

"I... ran away from Bison a while ago...are you happy?!" Vega then shouted back. "I ran away like a coward to be able to... well..." Vega then was interrupted by Cammy laughing.

"You probably don't know this ChunLi, but Vega watched me kill your father." Cammy said smirking, ChunLi just stared in disbelief.

"That's Not True!" Vega yelled and Cammy just responded with a "Yes you did!"

"I swear I did not watch you kill her father and I would never Intentionaly Lead Chun-Li To Bison!" He shouted back. Everyone in the room just stared.

"W-Why wouldn't you?" ChunLi asked still staring.

"Because... because you'd... and he'd... and... I just couldn't let you go to your death!" Vega stared back, his eyes filled with rage and compassion. "Or worse... I couldn't stand to ever give that bastard a chance to control you and make you... his..." At the thought Vega shuddered.

"Aww the Spanish Ninja actually cares. It's not that bad though. I mean he erases all your memories so you'll never even remeber about your father." Cammy said with a sly smile on her face.

"Shut UP!" Vega yells as he punches Cammy. (A/N- She's tied up to a post or something like that, a pillar there ya go.) "Just stop talking before I rip your tounge out."

Cammy then winces at the blow she just received, and stared up at him. "Why so she wont find anything else out? Maybe I would tell everyone that I killed her father. The exact details, the way his blood was on my face, him gasping for the last bit of breathe he could muster. The glazed lookin his eyes." Cammy smirks. "Or maybe show them a picture of it... his dead body sprawled out over the floor."

ChunLi stares horrified and covers her mouth. She then runs to her room locking herself inside. Vega then stares at everyone else. "Leave for a second... there's something that I have to do here... NOW!" As he said this everyone leaves and someone, maybe Saitoh said "There goes out entertainment for the day..."

Vega then slowly turns his head to Cammy. "If You ever say anything like that to hurt Chun-Li again..." Vega gives her an evil smirk. "You'll have to deal with me." With that he slashes at her face with his claws, which makes her cry out in pain.

"And the picture, you didn't need to say anything about that, but you did. Did you see the look on her face?!" Vega yells as he slashes at her again. "Well Did you?!"

"Yes I DID!" Cammy yells back after crying in pain again. "Just wait till she sees it for herself in the news."

"The news?!" He kneels to get to eyelevel with her.

"Yea she is taking me to court. She does want her father to be put to justice doesn't she?" Cammy asks.

Vega puts his claw to Cammy's throat. "You forget, courts are not always needed for 'justice' to be had, Cammy" Cammy then gulps and says, "so your ganna deprive her of this right?" She is trying to get him to remove his claw. Which in fact he does.

"Don't think that you'll be able to live for very long if you keep acting the way you were today because, unlike bison, no one will be willing to forgive your mistakes for a blowjob." Vega says as he stands back up.

Cammy glares at him. "That's ok Lord Bison will Come and Soon SHE will be a doll too."

"Chun-Li will never be his doll. I'll be sure of that... one way or another" Vega said staring at his claws wet with Cammy's blood.

"I don't know why you protect her so. Your loyalties are with Bison aren't they?" Cammy asks.

"I believe that I stated earlier, that I would gladly betray him for her." Vega answered staring at her now and before she could even ask why he answered. "because 'a rebelious child', as he called me, usualy doesn't remain loyal to their 'parent' when a pretty girl catches his eye." (A/N- That was her quote, so I'm quoting her, like I said I would. )

"She doesn't even like you. You did try to kill her right?" Cammy asks again.

"I made the mistake of choosing bison over a pretty girl once before... but never again" Vega said with a small hint of sadness in his voice. "Tell me, did bison ever talk about how it was that I came to be in his services, or anything about my past?"


"Before I met bison... I don't even know... all there is in my mind would be a woman, as beautiful as me, crying for me to stay with her, and away from Bison." Vega said. "And I don't even know her name."

"Are you sure it wasn't just a dream?" Cammy smirks, knowing the last remark would piss him off.

And as she predicted it did and he slaps her across the face. "Just because you enjoy not knowing what it was you left behind to be bison's doll doesn't mean that everyone feels the same about it!"

"Then tell me did you ever go back to the one who loved you?"

"I did once... it seemed to take forever to track her down too..." Vega took a deep breath. "Of course, it's not like I could ask her anything about my past, or who she was."

"Why not? Where you afraid?"

"No, of course it's not that I was afraid, after all the teary-eyed gaze of the woman in my dreams could never be frightening to me, it's just that... it's hard to get any answers from a tomb-stone." Vega said and Cammy stayed quite.

"What about you, don't you ever see anyone weeping for you to stay with them?" Vega then puts his face close to hers. "Or is Bison's the only face a doll like you can dream of?"

"No..." She responded simply.

"I doubt you had anyone in the first place, Cammy... after all, why else would you not be able to see someone in your dreams that was important enough to still be there in your blank mind..." Vega said in a cold voice and moved away from her. "Chun-Li wouldn't enjoy being a doll because she isn't as lonely as you once were."

"Oh really and who does she have now? She doesn't have very many friends, she's always been to busy trying to track down Lord Bison. The only friends she has that I know of are Ryu and Ken." Cammy said smirking.

"She has me... even if she doesn't see it yet..." Vega replied.

Cammy lets out a loud laugh. "Then what are you doing here with me?"

"I'm just making sure that you get the message not to hurt her... lest you want to face excrutiating death by my claw." Vega answers pulling his claw into view. "Do not think that I'm here because of anything less than my wanting Chun-Li to be happy."

Cammy let out another laugh. "I won't let you, or Bison, or anyone else do to her what has been done to-" Vega stops growling "Just don't think that I'll let anyone do anything to her!" With that he leaves and heads for ChunLi's room.

End Flashback

Vega unstraps his claw and sets it on the table in his room. He then gets into his bed and stares at the ceiling. He had a felling that something wasn't right but he figured it was just the mix of all the emotions and urge to kill Cammy.

Cammy was in the main room smirking. She had seen all the people go to their rooms and go to bed. Cammy heard the communicator in her ear turn on.

"Agent Killer Bee. What's your Status?" The voice said.

"Everything going according to plan Lord Bison. They fell for it." Cammy responded only above a whisper.

"Good go on with phase two in the morning," He ordered.

"As you command Lord Bison." Cammy said as she heard the communicator turn off, she smirked and lowered her head and closed her eyes drifting into a light sleep.

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