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Chapter 3

The morning came way too soon for ChunLi. She woke up alone after she could have sworn Vega was with her last night but figured she had been dreamy, like the many other times she had. She simply pushed her romantic thought of him away as usual and stood up. The cold air hitting her warm body, she just shivered and walked to the door but stopped as she heard shouting and yelling.

Out In The Living Room

"And How do you plan on keeping me here? I doubt that you could do anything, you need to go see your ChunLi remember?" A female British voice spoke up. "By the time you do another check up on her Ill be out the window and gone again."

"Then Ill have to make sure you stay seated." Vega snarled and Cammy sprang up from her spot on the floor, the ropes fell onto the ground.

"Ta-Ta!" With that Cammy back flipped out the window and left the Spanish Ninja to stare in shock.

From behind the door ChunLi stared at the door anger filling her blood. She quickly put her hair up and locked her door and placed a chair underneath the knob to make it even harder for someone to enter her room. And she opened her window and jumped down, taking off in a mad dash in the direction Cammy was last seen going through.

Vega sighed as he walked to ChunLi's room, he was about to knock on the door when the old lady that trained and kicked Yusuke's ass walked by. "Don't you think its unwise to interrupt her mourning time? Let the girl have sometime alone." Genkai spoke as she continued to walk her arms behind her back, like they usually are.

Vega stood silently, at her door but nodded and soon left the empty room alone. After he went into the living room until the little Kitsune ran into the room screaming and shouting about something until Vega silenced him by picking him up by the tail. "Would you be quite, ChunLi is trying to sleep…"

"No! This is about her!" The little fox spoke up.

"What are you talking about!" Vega demanded to know pulling Shippo up to eye level.

"Her window is open….and the screen and the curtains are out on the yard!" Shippo yelled with little hand motions to have Vega understand him more clearly.

And with that Vega dropped Shippo and ran to ChunLi's door, and not to his surprise he found it locked. He began to pound on the door and yet again, not to his surprise no answer came from it. And the he began to ram his shoulder into the door and until he used much force, the door went flying open. The chair broken; his eyes scanned the room and he found it empty. "damn it ChunLi…where did you go?" he spoke to himself and then it hit him. 'She must have heard Cammy run off. No.'

Vega then quickly spun around and ran to his room and took his cleaned claw and then ran back to ChunLi's room. He spotted the boxes she shoved under her bed last night scaddered around and he spotted a paper that had a loading site, the docks, strangely familiar. He then took off the same way ChunLi had.

"Well well… what do we have here Agent Killer Bee? It seems you caught a rare gem." A deep voiced boomed a heavy and horrid laugh. "Miss Xaing. How are you doing?"

"Go to hell Bison…" ChunLi spat at him from her kneeled position a few feet away from him, Cammy at her side, keeping her from moving too much. Scraps and bruises forming from her earlier scuffle with Cammy.

"Now now, no need for such an angry voice, Miss Xaing. You know I've always had a thing for you." He grinned baring his fanged teeth. "I think you will become my personal doll. How does that sound?"

"You can take that offer and shove it up your as- oof!" She was interrupted as Cammy landed a blow to her stomach.

"Don't speak to Lord Bison like that you little bitch." Cammy scowled at ChunLi

"Now Killer Bee there's no need for that…But I'm glad you'll be able to keep her inline." Bison smirked.

"Don't think I won't go down without a fight Bison!" ChunLi shouted, regaining her breath she shot a leg upward to kick Cammy right underneath the chin. This sent Cammy a few feet away and gave ChunLi a clear shot at Bison. She started to dash towards him with blind rage and he seemed to disappear right in front of her eyes.

With that she knew he would reappear right behind her and kicked behind her landing it right into his gut, but she felt a heavy blow hit her back. And she found that Cammy had hit her full force that made ChunLi crash into the nearby wall. She looked up and saw the both of them coming towards her. She knew she would either kill them or die trying, there was no way she would become a mindless puppet.

Vega continued to run, his breath short but he ran as fast as he could. Weaving in between the storage areas trying to get to the certain dock he had remembered was for Shadowlaw's use only. "Just hold on ChunLi, I'll be there soon." He spoke to himself as he was just a mere 3 buildings away from his beloved girl.