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Title: Reason to Believe
Author: Nakira Ayame Outsuno
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"Speech in Japanese"

"Ready, Ulrich?"

"Whenever you are, Yumi,"


Jab, duck. Punch, block, kick. Fists and feet flew as the two teenagers began to fight with each other. Their movements were fluid; almost matched in skill. This was their daily routine; meeting in the park after classes to train. No one bothered them; in fact, most of them were afraid. This of course only worked to their advantage.

Ulrich swung his leg in a roundkick to Yumi's neck, but she blocked before he could make contact. Grabbing his ankle, she swung him around so he landed on his back. She brought her heel down to his torso, but he rolled out of the way and stood up before she could make contact.

"You're getting good, Ulrich," Yumi said in between blows.

"Thanks," he huffed back. They continued the exchange of hits and kicks for a good half an hour before they began to tire. Ulrich's hits were becoming significantly weaker, and Yumi couldn't lift her legs as high anymore.

Yumi kicked him in the side, and he mimicked her previous move and grabbed onto her ankle and flipped her backwards. He landed on top of her and held her hands above her head, pinning her legs down with his knees and ankles.

"Damnit, Ulrich! How did you pin me?!" Yumi growled in frustration and amusement. Ulrich smirked.

"I've practiced with you every day for almost two years, and you're shocked that I've moved closer to your level?" His smirk turned into a kind grin. Yumi narrowed her eyes at him and struggled to get up. His hold on her was good though, and she didn't move much.

"Ulrich, let me up!" she cried out.

"No…" he said quietly. Her eyes snapped to his in confusion; his tone was different then from before.

"N-" she started, but stopped as she realized how close they were. A cold wave ran over her; she was nervous beyond belief. She wasn't ready for this just yet. Her face turned red in an instant, and she could not, for the life of her, turn eyes away from Ulrich's. Some part of her knew what was coming, and she really didn't know how to handle it.

"Yumi… Yumi… Tell me, how you feel about me…" Ulrich whispered, leaning in closer to Yumi. Yumi blushed darker, if that was truly possible, and finally turned her head to the side.

"I… don't… I mean, I do… but… I don't know, Ulrich," Yumi took a deep breath, having breathed little in their closeness. She turned back to look him in the eyes, and reached a hand to touch his cheek. "I like you, Ulrich. I mean, I really like you… But… I'm scared. I'm scared that I'll loose you, or that I'll hurt you, and I really don't want to do either to you. And I'd rather just stay friends with you then loose you because we made a mistake…"

"You… think that this is a mistake?" he leaned closer, and Yumi lost her breath.

"No… Ulrich, that's not what I mean. If we fought and… broke up, it would be a mistake. I never want to fight with you…" her voice became a whisper. Ulrich didn't reply. He dipped his head down to touch his lips against hers. Their first kiss was light and inexperienced; just the faintest touch of each other's lips on their own. But then they separated, and at the same time, Yumi leaned upward and Ulrich fell forward, and their lips clashed together in pure emotion. Their mouths opened together after that, and their kiss became deep and full of passion and need.

After a while the need for oxygen forced the two apart, and they looked at each other in wonder and confusion. Yumi coughed a bit, panting, knowing not what else to do with herself. Ulrich stood up, pulling her along with him and holding her in his arms.

"Its okay, Yumi… Nothing will go wrong. We won't make any mistakes… Please, I want to be with you…" He leaned down again and rubbed his cheek against her own. There was silence for a while, besides their panting before she spoke.

"Okay, Ulrich," Yumi pulled herself away so that she could look into Ulrich's eyes. "Okay. I want to be with you too."

Ulrich smiled, and gave Yumi a brief hug before pulling away. "So I guess this is the end of training?" he asked.

Yumi chuckled, and brushed her hair back. "I don't really know if I could concentrate after that… Ulrich, you've invaded my mind!" She laughed loudly at her demi-joke and Ulrich chuckled.

"I'm.. uh… getting pretty hungry. How 'bout we have something to eat? Today you were supposed to bring food, right? What did you make?"

"Aah, I made us a bento." Yumi said, holding up a purple and black box as the remains of her blush faded away and a huge smile took it's place.

"'Bento'…? What's a 'bento'?" Ulrich replied with curiosity. Yumi sat down cross-legged in the grass and put the box down in front of her. She took off the lid to reveal a slightly indented inside full of sushi rolls, hotdog octopi and other such treats.

"A bento is like… a Japanese picnic basket. This bento has three layers, see?" She picked up the first tray to reveal the middle layer full of onigiri; rice balls with a fruit in their backs. "I thought we'd go for something different today," Yumi chuckled. "Besides, my mom's been on my case about 'perfecting my Japanese cooking' lately. I had extras, so I brought some for our daily snackage. Here, sit down," She patted the spot of grass next to her. Ulrich plopped down beside her.

"So… where are the forks?" he asked with mild curiosity. Yumi pulled out two pairs of chopsticks.

"Today, we eat with these!" she declared triumphantly. Ulrich blinked and leaned back from her a bit.

"You're not serious, are you?" he mumbled, raising an eyebrow and looking at the chopsticks reproachfully. All hope that she had stoed a fork away for him somewhere vanished at her nod.

"Don't tell me you've never used them before…" A smile appeared on Yumi's face as he flushed in embarrassment. She poked him in the side with one of the offending utensils and took his right hand with hers, putting her own set of chopsticks down.

"Can't I just eat with my fingers?" Ulrich insisted. He flushed at the contact, still not used to the fact that he could openly show his emotion for her. Her face fell momentarily, but she figured that his comment was the result of his discomfort with the change in culture and her smile returned as quickly as it had left.

"Oh, don't be like that. This is going to be fun," Her smile got bigger. "You eat with your right hand, right?" she asked. He nodded. "Okay, now hold this chopstick like you were going to write with it. No! No, not like that! Like you're 'supposed' to hold a pencil. Good, now slip this one in under the other; yep, just like that; and rest it on the grove between your thumb and forefinger. Great!" she helped him move his fingers in the right place while dictating the directions to him. "Okay, now rest the first one only on your forefinger, and rest the other one on your middle finger. And that's it! You're ready to use your chopsticks!" Yumi let go of his hand, and he frowned a bit, missing her touch.

"I'm supposed to eat with these? What do I do, stab the sushi?" Ulrich asked, half serious but full of sarcasm. He turned his hand over, bringing it closer to his face for inspection. Yumi laughed, taking his hand away from his face.

"You'll poke an eye out with that," she said between giggles. "Here, let me show you." She placed her hand over top of his in the same position, and reached for the bento box. Bringing his hand down, she forced the chopsticks to open a bit, then squeezed them around one of the hotdog octopus and raised the chopsticks to his face. "Say 'aah'," she mocked, grinning. He flushed crimson, but opened his mouth to accept the food. Before he could eat it, though, he forced the chopsticks apart and the hotdog dropped. He caught it with his other hand before it fell too far, though.

"I guess I still need practice," he said, holding up the octopus and laughing. Yumi laughed with him, blushing as she realized that she hadn't let go of Ulrich's hand yet. She supposed it didn't matter that much. Still chuckling, he popped the octopus in his mouth.

"Mmm.. wanna try again?" she asked, internally debating whether or not Ulrich would get a nosebleed if he blushed any more.

"Eeh, sure, why not?" he said, voice full of amusement. Yumi brought his hand back down towards the other octopus. This time, things went a lot smoother as Ulrich remembered not to bring apart the chopsticks until his mouth had a hold on the food.

"Ulrich, you're a natural at this!" Yumi laughed again, letting go of Ulrich's hand. She missed the contact.

"Oh yeah!" Ulrich said, voice full of sarcasm and humor. "You should see how I am at juggling knives!" he snickered, and Yumi laughed. Ulrich's smile got bigger; he was glad that he could make her laugh, and he really did treasure their time together. It wouldn't be long now until someone came to interrupt. Everyone knew better then to disturb them while they were training out in the park, but they could only get an hour or so alone before someone decided that it was enough 'them' time. Usually it was Sissi, jealous as always.

"Here, you can eat the onigiri with your hands," Yumi said, picking one up from the centre level. "It'll give you a break from your chopstick usage."

"Hmm… what fruit is in this one?" Ulrich picked one up, looking at it curiously. Yumi took his hand again and turned it to its back.

"This one has a cherry in it, see the red?" she said, reluctantly letting go of his hand and taking a bite of her own onigiri. She watched as he raised an eyebrow at the white food and cautiously took a bite.

"Hey!" he exclaimed after swallowing. "This is really good, Yumi!" He took another, larger bite and smiled shyly at her. Yumi blushed and looked down at her own onigiri.

"Thanks. They're… pretty easy to make," she said, trying not to sound as embarrassed and awkward as she actually was.

"Well how 'bout tomorrow, you bring some onigiri, and I'll bring the usual sandwiches? I could really do without the chopsticks…" he paused, seeming to think about something. "At least until I can use them better," he finished, smiling at her again.

"You should try eating ramen with chopsticks," said Yumi. "Oh, that'd be a sight to see…" she looked up, trying to imagine the scene in her head. It wasn't particularly hard, and she laughed.

"You can eat ramen with these things!?" Ulrich looked genuinely shocked, staring at the chopsticks he set down in the bento with astonishment. This, of course, only made Yumi laugh harder.

"And just what is so funny?" came an obnoxious voice from behind them. The two stopped their laughter and turned around slightly to face none other then Sissi. 'Yup,' Ulrich thought. 'It's a Sissi day.'

"Nothing that you'd find amusing, trust me Sissi," Yumi said, the dregs of their previous amusement still evident in her voice.

"Hmm… I'm sure…" she said, giving Yumi a look. Turning to Ulrich, her face brightened. "Ulrich, dear, what exactly are you doing out here?"

"Finishing up my snack with Yumi. Not that it's any of your business, really. Mind telling us what you're doing out here?" He replied, voice devoid of emotion aside from annoyance.

"Why, looking for you, of course! Didn't you know the Autumn Dance is on Friday night? Unfortunately the only ticket to getting in is a date. Of course I've had plenty of guys ask me already, but I want to go with you, Ulrich-love!"

Ulrich blanched at the thought, but that was quickly replaced with confusion. Why hadn't he been notified about this 'dance'. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Yumi equally as confused. It seems that with the time spent in and about Lyoko, they missed out on these notices. Though technically, since every time they go to Lyoko they go back in time, so they shouldn't have missed a thing.

"Uuh… sorry, Sissi, I'm already going with Yumi… My girlfriend," Ulrich said smoothly, putting an emphasis on the world 'girlfriend'. On his side, Yumi nodded to Sissi in conformation. Surely this would make Sissi leave them alone… or at least send her into a fit of rage.

Much to their surprise, Sissi smirked. "You're wasting your time, Ulrich-love. She's engaged,"

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