Alright, alright, alright! I've been pestered my last pester! Haha, you guys are awesome. I'm sorry for taking so long to update this, and I'm sure you were all "zomg!" when you saw that this was updated… So I'm sorry this is just an author's note.

…But I'm gonna rewrite this piece of crap. Haha. I re-read it after a year of no updates (I'm sorry, don't throw things at me!) and I see a LOT of room for improvement. I'm also gonna incorporate some of the new themes from the new season. Chapters will be longer, and better. Yumi will be less wangsty.

This shall be rewritten!

Thank you for your support, and for the people who prodded me over the course of the past year. I really appreciate your dedication! It gives me a lot of confidence. :3

And hey, if FFN deletes this for this chapter just being an authors note, well hey! It's gonna be rewritten anyway, right:P