This story began with a song and ends with a song. Thanks if anyone stuck with it, favorite'd it, read it, followed it…..thanks so much! sorry this story took longer than I would've hoped for it to. The song is Wish for you by Faith Hill (don't own her or make any profit off use of her words). Don't own or make any profit from mutant x. (song is in italics)

Shal was laying in her bed, holding her tiny little baby boy. She couldn't help smiling at how beautiful he looked and how Jesse would've loved him so much. Her eyes teared up again with the thought that the man she had so briefly been able to spend time with, to love, to create this baby in her arms was gone and taken to soon from her. She started to sing him a song, a song long buried in memories but, a song her own mother had once sang to her.

A setting Sun that paints a tie-tyed sky, a feather bed, an ancient lullabye, a kiss good night from one whose love is true- (she paused on that, yes her beautiful Jesse had been her one true love cut short by death but, she still felt as if they had been in love for 100 years-a love of happiness, sadness, tears and joy)
That's the kind of day I wish for you. A field of flowers dancing in the spring, a little creek, a tree, an old rope swing, cotton candy clouds against the blue. That's the kind of day I wish for you. First love with all it's storm (she smiled at that thinking of the storm that had paved her and Jesse's relationship. Yes, gazing at her son it had been worth it all) The baby opened his eyes and looked upon the battered image of his mother. Shal closed her eyes, swallowing down the pain that was still wreaking havoc upon her body as well as the pain building in her heart. She continued perhaps singing a hair quieter but no one noticing or if they had they were saying nothing.
Raging like a fire within, tossing your heart to chance. You swear the dance will never end, but then it does and someone says goodbye. And, after all those empty nights you cried (and oh how she had cried for her loss, for her son's loss. the tears were also mixed with tears of joy for the baby in her arms) Brennan and Lexa were staring at her with tears once more filling already swollen eyes as they watched Shal smile and sing on once more After all those empty nights you cried, the morning that you wake up good as new, that's the kind of day I wish for you. The faith of knowing deep inside your heart that Heaven holds more than just some stars. Someone up there watching over you, that's the kind of day I wish for you.
She motioned for her 2 friends to come closer and after placing a kiss on her babies head placed him into Lexa's arms. And after that and only just being awake for one day she whispered good bye and smiled, breathing her last breath with a smile as she gazed upon her Jesse all aglow open arms waiting for her.

2 days later:

Brennan and Lexa were holding the most precious gift left to them from their friends. They had buried Jesse and Shal together. They purchased a home with a big yard a child could have tons of fun running around in and surrounded by that damn white picket fence. Brennan laughed thinking of the last time he had spoken of such a place with Shal. True, it had been in argument but, it still was a memory that now was warming his heart versus breaking it more.
He and Shal in that one day had talked, laughed and forgiven one another over everything that had happened within this past year. He had begged her forgiveness as well for how he had treated Jesse and was rewarded by Shalimar doing just that forgiving him because she knew Jesse would and had long ago. And, to top it all in that day, that one damn day that changed his life forever truly Shal placed her son in his hand and asked that he and Lexa raise the boy. Brennan had argued with her but the feral knew she would not last much longer, she was already living on borrowed time. So as he held Jesse Matthew in his arms now and gazed upon him he knew how truly blessed in life he was. He had been given the most precious treasure anyone could bestow upon another-a part of his 2 friends that had remained upon this earth for him to care for.


sorry if this was an unexpected ending but, I still hope you enjoyed the story and that I gave some closure and justice to it in the end