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Now, finally, the story...

Life Without You

Chapter 1

The midnight blue sky stretched on overhead as Leo sat on his roof terrace. Stars dotted the darkness and shone on his face, but he did not notice, nor did he care. The light in his life had been extinguished long ago.

It was the indefinable time between night and morning and he hung between consciousness and sleep. He was neither in one place or the other. His mind was tired and all he could hear was her name as it whispered and echoed through him.

He hated this time, where the quite of the city gave him no choice but to listen to his head, pay attention to his heart and feel his pain. During the day he could hide from himself as the noise of the city and the distraction of his work drowned his memories out.

He was young, with his whole life ahead of him, or so his friends told him when they knew he was slipping back into the past. But they couldn't see or understand what was so obvious to him. As far as he was concerned, he had already lived his life. He was young, yes, but he felt older; to him his life was in the past and he could see no way of getting it in front of him again.

So he eased himself out of the painful seat and dragged himself back indoors; back to the empty rooms and hallways that were his life.


The sky was cloaked in thick clouds as Piper sat in her small back garden to escape the house. She was moving tomorrow and boxes littered the floor. It scared her to know that her life could be boxed up like that, and she didn't like feeling scared.

Slowly the clouds released their rain. Drop by drop at first but then it grew heavier. She remained in the garden though, preferring to get wet than face the boxes. Almost instantaneously she regretted her decision as the rain brought a torrent of memories; memories she had thought she had buried long ago, but had none the less begun to resurface again. Still she didn't move, she was drowning in her past and it filled every part of her body. Memories pulled painfully at her heart, they made her breathing ragged, her legs impossible to walk on and her eyes cloud with tear that mixed with the rain on her face.

Only one noise could reach her and force her to keep the pain at bay, one cracked innocent word rose from the small monitor she held in her hand.


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