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Chapter 9

Piper froze. The weakness returned to her legs and there was a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. She had to answer him; that question wasn't going to stay unanswered easily. She could lie to him- tell him tat her daughter-their daughter- was one of her sister's children, or Paige's. But she knew she wouldn't be able to. She knew he had to know the truth. But that didn't mean she could deal with the consequences of telling him. She slowly turned around and looked down the steps towards him. She couldn't look him in the face though; she hated herself at that moment, and knew he'd hate her pretty soon too.

"She's ours".

She turned quickly, took the few remaining paces to the front door in large strides and entered the house. She shut the door- shut him- behind her. She leant against the door and slid down it, wrapping one arm around her legs and putting her head in her other hand as she sat on the floor. All she could focus on was the sound of her breath as it thundered in her head.

Phoebe and Prue had heard the front door slam and they were now standing in the hallway looking at their shaken sister with questions and concerns in their eyes. Phoebe took a step towards Piper:

"Honey, what's the matter; what happened?"

Almost simultaneously there was the sounds# of an urgent knocking on the door.

"Piper," the word cut through her. She could read the raw emotion in his thickened voice.

"Piper!" there it was again. She couldn't answer him though- she wouldn't know what to say. Her sisters where looking at her, wondering what was going on. She knew that, even though her eyes had been clamped shut since she entered the house.

"You can't run from this too"

But he knew her too well, even after 3 years and that was precisely what she did; what she'd always done. Blinded by tears she didn't even know were falling she scrambled to her feet, pushed past he sisters and fled out the back door, her hair flying behind her.

Leo heard the car roar to life but all he saw was the rear number plate as Piper, his ex-fiancée, the love of his life and now-apparently- the mother of his child ran away from him again.


"Nothing's changed Leo!" She was upset but she had given up trying to hide it. Her eyes where two large, dark, shiny pools and they stared at him from a pale white face. He didn't know how much longer he could take it, but he was mad too and she needed to see that.

"So that's it. You're just going to give up because we tried one time to make this work but it didn't. You aren't even going to give us a second chance?"

"Leo, we've given it a thousand chances." She sat down on the chair behind her. This argument was the latest in a long line dating back to her miscarriage. Before then they had argued but it always seemed like they would be able to get through it. The time since then had blended into one long period of pain for her. It had been broken up by the three days Leo had taken off from work. Three days which had made her realize that things could never be the same again. When they were apart she missed him so much. But when they had been together things weren't the same as they had been. It made no sense to her, but she was exhausted; too exhausted to work it out.

He looked at her, sitting on the chair and she looked broken. Had he done this to her? He was sick of blaming himself but he always did. He knew deep down they were both to blame for the breakdown of their relationship. But he was convinced that they could fix it again; if only she gave them a chance.

"But we can't give up on us Piper. I love you too much to do that." He walked over to her, kneeling at her feet and looking in her eyes. He tried to take her hands but she wouldn't let him.

"I love you too, Leo, but I just don't think that is enough anymore." It hadn't been enough to keep their baby.

Tears rolled freely now down both their faces and she spoke in a strange hiccupy way.

"So what are you saying?" He couldn't believe that it could all be ending. He felt powerless to stop it.

"Paige phoned from New York. She's found a place for us to open a club; I'm going to move there so we can do it. I can move out tomorrow, I'll find a hotel for tonight. It'll be easier for both of us." She didn't mean to sound so business like but she knew she had to say her plans in one go before she changed her mind. It was breaking her heart and they both knew it. The tears pouring down her face assured that. But she couldn't stay any longer.

"I'm sorry". She wanted to kiss him but she knew it was a bad idea so she grabbed her overnight bag and shut the apartment door behind her. Once she was in the corridor she gave way to her emotions; letting the sobs rack her body. She had cried so much in the past few months but these tears were different; after this she didn't think that there would be anymore.

Leo stood alone in the empty flat, his life was shattered around him and he didn't think he could face seeing her again tomorrow. He could hear her crying in the hallway and it was eating him up inside knowing that she wouldn't allow him to comfort her. So instead he walked into their bedroom. It seemed to be haunted by her, and he couldn't stand it. He grabbed their picture of her nightstand and hurled it at the wall. The glass shattered, scarring the photo. He could sympathise; it matched his heart.

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