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A/N: Beware, for this is more than likely a bunch of crap swirled together in my head come down to a keyboard in the form of verbal crap. But I like the title. .; Oh, and note, this is years after the series ends, after everyone's kicked the bucket ('cept Knives, assuming he healed from his wounds).

Chains of the Immortal

Bound by his Immortality
Doomed to lose those he loves
Everything he touches dies.

First, the Idol
Rem Saverem she was called
His mother, his teacher, and preacher.

Second his Brother
Though not passed from this world
He is a butterfly, fluttering against the wind.

Lost then was the Priest
A friend most dear to his heart
Nicholas D. Wolfwood, died forgiven by God.

Then went the Big Girl
Her spirit crushed by the death of Love
Her smile never faultered, she returned to his arms.

Last the Insurance girl
She saw into his heart and eyes
She stayed with him till the end of her time.

So here stands the Stampede
Waiting for the day
His heart will stop beating
And he can fly on the wings of Angels.

A/N: Eh. Not as bad as I thought. But I still think it's crap. Review please and further reinforce my belief that I can't write poetry Pfft. I dont know if you can ever call this poetry. Well, its something. Oh. And if you haven't noticed, Im a sap for the VxM WxM pairings. So yeah.