Yep. You guessed it. It's 12:35 AM and here I am again writing crappy not-really-poetry poetry. This is a sort of tribute to one Mr. Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

12/09/07: Holy crap...I just found this in my harddrive. I have no idea when I wrote it, but I checked on fanfiction and noticed that I hadn't uploaded it and this was my face: OO. So yeah. Enjoy. It's been a while.

Disclaimer: Don't own Trigun.

Tears of the Immortal

My friend



I can't claim to understand

Your faith in your God's hand

Your path was never darkened

I beg you, forgive me

I cannot comprehend

Why you left

That day

You always saw straight through me

Like a pane of unstreaked glass

Never knowing that I too could

See straight through your mask

Don't hide behind those wolfish grins

I hate that plastered smile

Don't pretend for me

I can still see

I will not grieve

Not when your death

Granted you reprieve