Disclaimer – Like I said, I do not own the X-men. Only Twist and Lucea. So yes. Gaudi and his sexy self belongs to Gracie, my good friend.

Note – Yep, it's fluff. Don't you just love the stuff?! Anyway, it's just a short little story about Gaudi wanting to marry Lucea, and lucea not wanting too…And yes.

"Gaudiiii!" came a whine from under the duvet. There were a few muffled noises and a giggle. "Come on, what should I get. Either another tattoo, or getting my septum/tragus pierced."

Blue eyes gazed at the body in his arms before he kissed her again. "I don't care. You're beautiful enough already. Not to mention incredibly sexy…" he grinned and pulled her closer, admiring her.

She blushed and moved over quickly, sitting on top of him with one leg on either side of his body. "Fine. I'll get your name tattooed across my butt." she said, wondering how he'd react.

"Hmn…Fine." he pulled her to him, kissing her gently, getting progressively harder. "As long as I'm the only one that gets to see it, should be fun."

Lucea grinned and him, laughing a little. "You're too protective…" she said, cuddling up to him, arms round his neck.

"No I'm not." he protested, settling his arms round her waist. Every so often he'd lean down and gently kiss her lips, neck or forehead.

"Hey Gaudi," she said, putting her lips near his ear. "Don't lie to an empath."

Gaudi looked at her for a moment, and she was briefly scared of his piercing blue eyes, then a smile lit up his face and he rolled over, trapping her between the bed and his body. Her head sunk into the fluffy pillows, and her beautifully purple hair was spread all over the white sheets. He kissed her gently.

"Mhmn…" He could her hear moaning quietly and he kissed a little harder.

"I'm allowed to be protective." he said, pulling away and leaving her breathless. "I'm the boyfriend of an extremely attractive girl named Lucie…" he kissed her several times. "My Lucie…" he breathed, pulling her close.

"Oh…Gaudi." she murmured, wriggling up to him some more. It was like she couldn't get near enough to him. She tucked her legs round him, pulling his head down so she could kiss him. She heard him give a faint whimper as her fingers danced up and down his back. She moved a hand up, letting it get lost in his hair.

His hands were wandering under the loose t-shirt of his that she was wearing, skimming his fingertips over her stomach, curling them round her waist. They stayed there for a moment, before creeping down over her butt, and onto her thighs, stroking them and feeling her shiver.

He laid a warm kiss on her shoulder, knowing she was enjoying this. She stopped kissing him for a moment and looked into his eyes, giving him a long look, filled with love, lust and desire.

He grinned and slowly removed her shirt, revealing the beautiful smooth and clear skin beneath. He cradled her body in his arms, craving the touch of her skin upon his. She gave a little smile, one that set something of inside of him, and he tugged her closer…

There was something warm on her stomach, the first thing she noticed once she stumbled into consciousness. Her eyes flickered open and she was greeted by the sweet features of her lover.

She smiled and let him kiss her, realising it was his hand that was placed atop her abdomen. That hand drifted lower, encircling her waist and bringing her near, he lowered his lips to her ear. "I love you…" he murmured, as she watched the way the light from the rising sun danced on his hair, making him look even more gorgeous.

"Gaudi?" she whispered after a moment. He raised his head from the pillow, where he had a perfect view of her. She rested a hand on his hip, which was covered by white sheets. She gave him another smile, and reached over, kissing his ear gently before breathing his words back.

His hand cupped her cheek, enlightening her with a beautiful kiss that made her lips tingle. They lay, curled in each others arms until the sun was fully risen, then she left him with a lingering kiss, before departing the room for the kitchen downstairs, dressed now in casual clothes.