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Lucea ascended the stairs, her heart beating fast as she ran through various scenarios in her mind – each was worse and more heartbreaking than the last. With her purple eyes showing an array of human emotion, she placed her trembling fingers on the door handle, twisting it round and stumbling inside.

Almost immediately she was struck by the beautiful smell of her favourite incense burning and the small scented candles littered around the room, placed on every surface found, except for the bed.

She swallowed and placed a hand on her abdomen, feeling her stomach churning. "Gaudi?" she said, searching the room. Suddenly she could feel soft breath on her neck and she shivered, feeling the unmistakeable touch of his fingers running down her back and encircling her waist.

He whispered her name in her ear, and she let out a long sigh, feeling him already start to make her more relaxed. She raised a hand to pass her fingers through her hair, when she found she was suddenly in a different outfit.

Bewildered, she made Gaudi let go, stepping in front of a long mirror. Now, she was clad in a partly see-through black and grey skirt, and a beautiful dark amethyst, satin of-the-shoulders shirt. She gave a small gasp, sounding similar to a squeak upon seeing her hair.

It was shorter than normal, probably due to the fact it was beautifully curled, and smelt faintly like roses. A section of it was tied into a loose bun; the rest of it flowed down her back. She looked down at herself, seeing black heels on her feet.

"Gaudi…How…" he cut her short by kissing her lips, replacing his arms around her again. She shivered and gave into him, feeling his fingers gently stroking her cheek and neck.

Eventually, the kiss stopped, leaving her lips full and red. He smiled at her, his hand finding hers. "Where've you been, love…?" he wondered, holding on tightly to her.

Lucea faltered, biting her lip. "Just…thinking…" she murmured, avoiding his gaze. A flicker of a frown skipped across Gaudi's face though it was soon gone.

"Okay…Sit down there…" He said, smiling her and guiding her over to the bed. She sat down gingerly on the edge, slipping her heels off, and moved back further on the bed. He smiled at her, before sitting down next to her.

She smiled a little, cuddling into him, feeling the crisp silk of his shirt. She found his hand and held it tightly. He whispered something in her ear again, she didn't catch it. "What…?" she asked, looking at him, meeting his eyes.

"Lucea…Luce?" she frowned, hearing a hint of something strange in his voice. She held his hand tighter. "Luce…If I ask you something…Will you not run out the room, never to return?" he asked, feeling like that might happen.

Lucea bit her lip and nodded her head after a moment's hesitation.

He slid of the bed, muttering something about doing it properly. He bent down on one knee, pulling a small box from his pocket. Lucea felt her heart skip a beat, and was silently screaming at herself to run.

"Lucea…Will you marry me?" he asked, looking at her with wide eyes.

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