Okay I'm back with another story, originally I was asking myself and others what they wanted, and I decided on a KOTOR cross, but this chapter doesn't really delve into that. But next Chapter does!

As he rode the way back to Privet Drive in the Dursley's car, all was silent. As the depressed teen's eyes wondered the car, he found Vernon's face to be the most interesting thing in the vehicle, the way the man's face changed from a pale color, to bright red, then to deep purple, and finally pale yet again. This was no doubt due to the Order member's threats.

Aunt Petunia sat motionless and silent which was very disconcerting. While Dudley who was in the seat next to him, played his Gameboy in silence except for the machines beeps and bops. For the rest of the ride home, Harry replayed the last moments of his godfather's life. This was enough to bring the sting of tears to his eyes, but he refused to let them flow.

Not but five minutes later, the Dursley's car pulled into the driveway of number 4, and Harry slinked slowly out of the passenger door.

"Dudley, get Harry's trunk like a good boy would you." Both Petunia and her fat son were stunned at this statement. But Dudley was even more so, 'how dare he make me get the filth's things'. So Dudley set about doing what he was told, all the while cussing and muttering under his breath.

The Dursleys and Harry made their way to the house, with Dudley still muttering things while turning a deep red in the face. Once in the house Harry grabbed his trunk from the hand of the walrus, and quickly clambered up the stairs. Inside Harry's room, he set his trunk at the foot of his bed, all the while in a state of shock.

He set Hedwig's cage on his desk, and opened it to let Hedwig out to stretch her wings. Hedwig hooted thankfully but knowing that her master was in emotional distress merely flapped around the room before landing gently on her master's shoulder.

Harry craned his neck, smiling at his friend. "Thanks Hedwig, but really it's alright if you want, you can go ahead and go outside for a bit." Hedwig in response pecked at her master's head twice, before turning her back to his face, "emotional aren't we Hedwig? Thanks Hedwig, you'll always be there for me won't you?"

The bird hooted in a prideful boast, at getting her master to smile the first time since his departure from the train station.

"Hey now, make sure your head doesn't get too big or you won't be able to deliver letters anymore." Harry responded while laughing

Hedwig gave him a hurtful look, before flying out the open window. Harry quickly ran with to the window, "come on Hedwig, I was only joking."

The raven haired boy quickly shook his head while muttering 'women'. Harry silently admitted to himself that this was going to be a long three months.