This poem and the several which will doubtlessly be flung after it into the depths of cyberspace were inspired by the poems of Harbinger Loki, who first started me thinking about Shadow Hearts poetry. I write bad angst poetry all the time and now you are priviledged enough to witness bad angst poetry... about Fox-Face! Yes, here we have a Yuri-poem. Oh well. It's better than that terrible thing I wrote about Aeris from Final Fantasy 7 ages ago. Just take my word for it, that was absolutely awful.

all down the clear black cold sky
that's like a thousand other times
it should remind me
but i think i blacked out
when i drank too much the other night
still i remember fading into dawn
...and there's rain down the outside
blood all up the inside of the walls
all that i want to know now
is how i ever got myself involved...
and i really have to do this
i've never done anything before
and i know i want to save her
but i've never saved anyone before
do i have to save myself as well?
see no one tells you how to start
but it's all there in the way you hit me
when i find out it's too late
who you are and who we are
and who the hell even cares?
so you're the dead-set, death's head, fucking great
my destruction's just another cross you bear
since there is redemption in the fight
self-destruction transcends a suicide
you could say you're a saviour
you are a revelation
this can't be what it's like to feel saved