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Like a fish swimming up stream, Ibuki powerfully launched herself into the air above Athena, took aim and came down towards her. Her outstretched foot would of landed directly onto Athena's shoulder if Athena hadn't gracefully levitated into an uppercut, her glowing red hand poised above her head, connecting with Ibuki's torso and sending her crashing to the ground.

Falling, mid-air Ibuki slowed herself down and landed like a cat before once again leaping high and this time throwing a small dagger that glided through the air like a hawk and landed just where Athena had been standing if she had not used her teleportation technique just in time. Athena's body glowed with a red aura, as she appeared to be splitting into two forms of herself. One remained semi-transparent where the dagger had landed the other appeared right behind Obviously Athena must not have expected Ibuki to be aware of where she had gone and consequently received Ibuki's barrage of spinning kicks. Rotating on one foot and sending kick after kick into Athena, she placed one final kick towards the head then crouched low and like a serpent striking a rodent she recoiled then struck with a blue glowing fist, sending Athena metres away.

Knocked back by such force, Athena limply stepped back onto her feet. She could feel that one of her ribs was broken. Regaining her focus, she crossed her hands, subdued her anger into her palms and released an energy ball at Ibuki before she could react. It shot straight at her, slicing through the air and through the cheering of the crowd. All went silent as Ibuki was struck, her body rising in the air surrounded by small sparks of Athena's aura. Suspended in the air for what seemed like such a long time, the red sparks of energy like fireflies flew off, releasing Ibuki slumped on the floor.

The crowd started again as if someone pressed a play button. The force of their noise seemed to weigh down Ibuki's trembling body even more as she regained her stance looking exhausted and angry. Her soft brown eyes were no longer hers but dry like a rice crop, which hasn't seen rain in over a decade and strained. She ran for Athena and punched her squarely across the face. Preparing for another punch, Athena grabbed her arm and pushed her away. Although it wasn't a forceful move, Ibuki was sent back a few metres by Athena's aura more than anything else.

On the sideline Chun-Li glanced at Benimaru. She was sure she had just seen Ibuki change again. She was right; Ibuki's eyes were back to their warm, deep selves. Slightly taken back, Ibuki remained stationary and then, as if realising where she was again, slid along the floor, swiftly leapt at Athena, capturing her in a hold then releasing her body, paralysed.

Ibuki stood over her, taking deep raspy breaths of the salty warm air. She knew that this was a very reliable ninja technique, but to her surprise, Athena did not remain motionless; on the contrary she stood right up, but without moving her arms or legs. Like invisible strings were pulling her onto her feet, she began to glow again with her aura. Her eyes were closed and her hair was gracefully dancing behind her although there was no wind. From her crossed arms shot two great energy balls.

They forced Ibuki back, as they encircled Athena, radiating a powerful blue light then eventually died down to just a weak glow as Athena opened her eyes, steadied the two energy balls and shot them at Ibuki.

They came straight for her and without much thought like a bear waiting for the fish to jump right into his lap, Ibuki pulled forth a number of her Kunai daggers and shot right towards them.

Swallowing dagger after dagger like water through the gills of a fish the energy projectile finally subsided as if the bear had caught its fish, and dispersed into a shower of blue sparks.

Ibuki had shielded her eyes at the last moment and now that her eyes had focused once again she saw Athena stepping down. She had forfeited. Ibuki looked at her team. Chun-Li shrugged while Benimaru gave her the 'thumbs up'. "What is she doing?" Ibuki thought to herself. "She can still fight!" But Ibuki's thoughts were shoved out of her mind, because her next opponent was ready. To nearly everyone's surprise, the next challenger was just a child.

His round little head topped with an orange Yorkshire cap nearly two sizes too big hardly reached above Ibuki's hips. Matching his orange cap was his orange suit, in a style commonly worn by Chinese children. But Ibuki had already learnt enough from her last opponent to underestimate him because of his appearance.

He bowed to Ibuki then glanced up at her with a cheeky smile. He had the same warm brown eyes as Ibuki and had a very comical face that seemed to be constantly changing expressions.


Ibuki tried to find something else to concentrate on rather than his face, but soon found his fighting style even more off-putting. Her body ached and sweat trickled down her face yet she couldn't help but smile at her opponent as he skipped and stumbled in a sort of stance like that of a dog wagging it's tail waiting for someone to throw him a stick.

"Hi! I'm Bao!" Squeaked the little fighter. "What's your name? Na-ma-e desu ka?"

Ibuki didn't answer, trying to hold back a smile. Instead she threw a small kick, the kind that is used re-arrange pillows that fall onto the floor. Bao jumped out of its way and poked out his tongue in a disapproving way.

Ibuki planted a stronger kick onto her opponent's chest then continued with a fierce spinning elbow to his head, sending him into a daze while she waited for him to regain his balance. She was a fierce fighter but had no intention of actually harming this child.

She leapt in the air and performed her 'wind cutter' technique, sending two quick kicks mid air onto Bao's head. This match was just a game to Ibuki, which Bao wasn't enjoying it very much yet still he didn't throw a punch.

While Benimaru was intently watching Ibuki toy with her little opponent, Chun-Li was eyeing the opposing team. On the other side of the arena, sat Athena and a tall curvaceous woman with a yellow scarf draped around her shoulders who Chun-Li didn't know. They we both watching the fight as if Bao wasn't doing anything wrong.

Back on the arena Ibuki was mid air over Bao when he suddenly attacked, cart wheeling out of Ibuki's reach and striking her back with two open palms. She stumbled around, clearly not expecting a blow at all then turned and let loose her 'flying swallow' move. Her leg powerfully rose vertically in the air but missed Bao by mere inches. He waited for her descent, focused his energy then somersaulted into a rolling ball of chi that knocked Ibuki out cold. While Ibuki though she had been toying with him, Bao was toying with her all along.

She felt someone lifting her up and the roaring crowd as she slowly came to. Her match was over; she had been defeated and although only a young child had defeated her, she felt content with her performance. She watched as Benimaru entered the arena. The announcing of the word "fight!" to signify the start of the battle could barely be heard over the crowd. All the girls in the crowd were now chanting Benimaru's name.

The fighters began, Benimaru pulling of a combo of punches and jabs, which was all easily avoided by Bao who jumped in and out of Benimaru's range. Bao ducked an electrically charged punch that crackled through the air then countered with graceful punches that looked like a crane flapping it's wings.

"Yare, yare!" Taunted Benimaru. "Stop doing tai-chi like a middle-aged woman and fight me." Bao smirked and released his human chi ball attack. The blue glowing energy surrounded his body and lifted him straight into Benimaru, smashing into his chest. Bao stood over Benimaru's body and smiled at him. "You're funnnn-ii!" Chimed his little voice.

Benimaru angrily got up. The static in the air was monstrous as his arm arced over his head and sent a lightning bolt at Bao. Bao blocked just in time but wasn't ready for Benimaru's knee to come crashing into his face.

Bao was down. The paramedics rushed him away as the third and final fighter steadily walked towards Benimaru. A slender woman that glided more than walked, her dark curly hair trailing behind her like falling blossoms. Her name was Rose, a fighter from Italy. She wore a startling red dress with black stockings and a yellow scarf that was weaved between her arms and around her hips.

As the fight began her eyes caught Benimaru's attention. Two perfect startling purple ovals looked straight into him, seeing everything and knowing all. Benimaru had to shake his head to exit the trance, just in time to avoid the first attack.

The scarf had now unravelled itself from Rose's body and lashed out at Benimaru. Benimaru countered by jumping in the air, his body spinning downward and kicking Rose. "Soul Spark!" Rose shouted, sending a magnificent ball of flames from her scarf wrapped around outstretched arm. The soul spark hit Benimaru, sending magical flames all over his body.

Benimaru fell to his knees and began to laugh. "That was most amusing!" He laughed suavely.

Benimaru jumped onto his feet and aimed a kick at Rose. Before his foot could connect, Rose had summoned her scarf and it arced around slashing Benimaru across the torso. His body fell through the air, arching and landing on his hands, flipping back on his feet and releasing his super art. The power of a vicious thunderstorm clenched in his fist struck Rose.


The first match was over. Benimaru, Ibuki and Chun-Li walked out of the main hall some hours later into the fading sunlight. There hailing down a large taxi was the opposing team, all carrying minor injuries. Athena in the lead with a great big smile on her face paused in front of the open doors then lead her other team members over.

"Congratulations!" She said heartedly.

"Indeed. I hope to fight you again some time." Said Rose smoothly to Benimaru.

With this Bao piped up, smiling despite a large bandage over his nose. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

Athena and Rose nodded in unison. The scarf wrapped around Rose's neck shifted itself outwards, poised in front of Chun-Li and like a hand placed something in her palm.

"Ahh, Thankyou." Choked a confused Chun-Li. Ibuki and Benimaru bowed to Athena, Bao and Rose before they drove off.

Startled and at a loss for words Benimaru and Ibuki looked into Chun-Li's palm. Their opponents had left a very small, but delicately wrapped present.