Diclaimer- I highly doubt J.K. Rowling would want to own this insanity.

Authoress' Note- Hi. If you like serious fanfics, STOP reading now! This fic is not met to be taken seriously and is just the product of my weird mind and my desire to meet and greet with the HP characters! Please read and review!- E.D.J.

"Hello and welcome to Crazy Chats with the Harry Potter Characters! This show includes Harry, Ron, Hermione, the Marauders as teenagers, plus a few more characters may pop in over time! Now let's give a big welcome to Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger!" says Elladora.

The Golden Trio comes on stage blinking and looking dazed as loud clapping and cheering ensues

"How did we get here?" asks Harry.

Ron rubs his head. "Beats me mate."

"I think that whacked out girl who's spastically jumping up and down is interviewing us," says Hermione.

Elladora skips happily over to where the trio is sitting.

Elladora squeals, "I am such a huge fan! You're even cooler in person!"

Elladora jumps up and hugs all three of bewildered trio.

Ron asks, "Uh...hi... who are you?"

"Oh yeah! Hi I'm Elladora the authoress and interviewer of this fanfic!" Elladora bows.

"Fanfic?" asks Harry.

"Oh I'd better explain that." Elladora pauses. "Well I can't! So anyway... just go with it!"

Ron is confused. "With what?"

Elladora ignores Ron. 'So Harry, what's it like being so famous?"

Elladora sits staring intensely at Harry.

"It's ok I guess."

"Do people like mob you in the streets and stuff?"

"Er... no."

"Well you're sure chatty."


Elladora turns to Ron. "So Ron, confessed any feelings to Hermione? Or what about you Harry?"

Ron and Harry both make wretching noises. "What feelings?"

Ron glares at Harry who looks taken aback.

Elladora grins slyly. "You both know what I mean. Hermione, how about you? Got any juicy tidbits to share about a crush on Harry or Ron?"

Hermione goes red. "What?! I have Victor!"

Ron's face darkens. "Oh yeah she has "Vicky"!"

Elladora smiles slyly. "Jealous are we, Ronnie?"

Ron blushse. "No! I just really hate that Krum guy!"

Hermionejumps up angrily. "You promised you'd stop calling him Vicky!"

Ron dances around and shouts, "Vicky! Vicky! Vicky! Vicky! Vicky!"

Hermione pulls out her wand. "Rabbituous!"

Ron vanishes and in his place is a large pink rabbit.

Harrypicks up rabbit. "Nice going Ron! Uh Elladora more questions?"

Elladora ignores Harry, stares at Hermione. "Oooh can I play with your wand?"




Elladora pouts. "You're so mean! I want the wand!"

Elladora dives at Hermione grabbing for the wand. Hermione jumps out of the way just in time and runs straight into Harry causing him to drop Rabbit Ron. Ron promptly runs toward backstage. Hermione has since dropped her wand after her head-on collision with Harry.

Elladora grabs Hermione's wand. "I am the wand wielder! Fear me!"

"Damn! Run Harry!" shouts Hermione.

Elladora cackles manically and runs straight at Harry and Hermione who quickly run away as Elladora begins shooting beams of purple light at their feet

The cameraman steps in front of the screen hiding the chaos from sight. "I'm sorry this program must be interrupted because our interviewer and authoress Elladora is currently chasing two of our guests around the set and is shooting beams of purple light at them. Plus we have a pink rabbit to catch! Until next time!"

Just a note- I promise the next episode is sooooooo much funnier than this one! It has the Marauders and Lily and I write better with them then with the Golden Trio! Don't believe me? Ask the dishes cough other readers/reviewers! E.D.J.