Melissa: Sadness is making its way here. -sighs-

Valorie: Yep! -cries- Romeo, tell them about this chappy!

Romeo: Do you remember where throughout the chappy, Serenity or Mokuba said, "One of those questions to be answered after the mission" or something like that? Good. Then you know what this chappy is about!

Bones: -smiles- We have good news! This will have a sequel but it won't be out until the others are finished!

(interrupting to tell you something important)

Warnings: What have we been telling you? See chappy one!

Disclaimer: -glares-

Chappy 11: One of Those Questions

Serenity sighed as she flipped through the pages of the story titled, The War of Love by December Jewel. "You know, guys, this reminds me of us."

The group had gathered at Seto's mansion for a night of fun. Mokuba sat down beside his girlfriend. "Yeah, whatever you say. First question! Ryou?"

Ryou stood. "First question is from the first chappy. Mokuba asked Serenity 'did she miss him' and she replied 'when do I not miss you'. Well, what's the answer?"

The red-haired girl smiled. "Never because I always miss him!"

"Second question is still from the first chappy. Serenity asked Mokuba if 'he was okay' and he replied 'why wouldn't I be'."

"Yeah," Mokuba started, turning his attention to the girl beside him. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well, you were acting all freaky like. You know, clasping your hands together with the twitching eye and all that. It scared me."

"Oh. Next."

"From the first chappy also. Serenity said, 'last time you called me beautiful and now you're calling me cute', Mokuba replied 'can't you be both'."

"Well, I can't be both because other girls need to be one too!"

"Um, okay. Yugi, your next with the second chappy," Ryou said, sitting back down in Bakura's lap.

Yugi stood after removing Yami's arms from his waist. "Mokuba told Serenity 'to think about her brother's love life' and Serenity said 'what about mine'."

Mokuba groaned. "We were on a mission. The mission was the first things on our minds when we woke up and the last when we went to sleep."

"Malik, chappy three!"

"All right," the platinum-haired teen said, not moving from Marik's grasp on him. "Mokuba asked 'why would Marik be mad about the letter'."

"Well, Mokuba didn't know you two were dating at the time so that was the reason why."

"Next question is 'how the hell did this girl know so much'. Well, that's the shortened version of it."

"Um, it's called being a snoop. And you guys leave things behind so easily. I mean, it was easy finding things about each of the ones that were blackmailed."

"Joey, chappy eight!"

The blond pulled away from kissing Seto. "Um, how did Marik and Bakura get in the school to pour honey all over Serenity's locker?"

Yami stared at the boy. "You don't know. What the hell are they known for?"

"Eh, having a lot of sex?"


"Oh, yeah that does explain it." Nine sighs sounded out through the mansion as Mokuba protested. "How am I supposed to know? Seto's the smart one!"


Valorie: -crying as Romeo hugs her-

Romeo: -comforting his girlfriend-

Melissa: -sighs-

Bones: -stares in shock as Manna walks in the room-

Um, do I even want to know what went on here? -backs slowly out of the room again-

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