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"When will she be here?" asked the first figure, plopping down on the blue silk couch. "It isn't supposed to take this long to talk to a friend."

"Will you shut up Yami?" inquired the second, pacing on the pale peach carpet.

"I agree with Bakura," said the third, letting the curtain he had in his hand fall to cover the window. "Isis will be here soon."

The back door slammed open, letting the person in. Her blonde hair blowing behind her as she walked into the living room. She sat down on the nearest chair. "Hi," she drawled. "Marik, Yami, Bakura. Isis not back yet?"

"No and I'm getting worried," Yami said, standing. "What if something happened?" He turned to face Mai. "Any more threats?"

"Just the usual 'Kill vampire' situation. I swear, if we don't watch it we'll be dead in three days."

"No, if Isis doesn't watch, she'll be dead in three days," commented Bakura. "Maybe..."

The front door handle jiggled, letting the occupants in the house know its going to be open. Isis walked in, turning back around to pick up three carriages. "I hope you guys don't mind me being late."

Yami grabbed her into a hug after she let the things she was holding down. "Don't you ever do that to us again. We thought you were dead."

"Guys, I know how to take care of myself."

"Well," started Marik. "What took you so long?"

"I know when we discussed this before you guys 'nayed' but when I first seen them, I couldn't leave without them."

Mai arched an eyebrow. "What are you talking about?"

Isis picked up the three carriages again, setting them on the couch for the others to see. "Them." They peered down at the three little bodies. "I believe that they will be great one day."

"They look like us," stated Bakura, shocked.

"I know. That's why I couldn't leave them there. They're only two weeks old and I decided that you guys get to name them. You know, twin for twin thingy but not actually twins." Isis picked up the one with tri-colored hair and handed him to Yami. "Well?"

Yami stared down at the wide amethyst eyes staring back at him. "Yugi."

She then picked up one with silver hair and handed him to Bakura. Bakura brushed his right hand against the baby's. "Ryou."

Turning to Marik with the platinum hair baby, she was shocked to see him crying. "Marik?"

"I'm just so happy I get to name a child," he cried, taking the baby in his arms. "Malik."

= = = = = = =

"Hey, you," cooed Isis, picking up the crying Ryou. "It's okay. Mommy's here. Yes, she is." She nuzzled her nose with his, turning the crying into laughing. The baby grabbed at her hand, taking a finger in his mouth. "Maybe Bakura should have named you Chewy."

"Kura," Ryou cried, making Isis drop the bottle of milk she had. She turned her gaze to the baby in her arms.

"Did you just talk?"

"Kura!" the baby cried louder.

Isis ran out of the room, calling the others to come in the living room. "Guys! Get your asses in here!"

The other four, plus Malik and Yugi, walked in. Marik shifted Yugi in his arms as he sat down on the couch with Bakura and Yami as Mai sat down in a chair with Malik drinking out of his bottle.

"What is it?" questioned Yami, tickling Yugi's feet, making the baby laugh.

Isis paced the floor. "I was giving Ryou his bottle and he talked!"

"What did he say?" Mai asked, her eyes shining with excitement.

"Watch." Isis looked at the baby. "Can you talk for me? Come on, I know you can."

Ryou stared at her with wide emerald eyes.

"Damn it! Talk! Please?"

The others eyed her cautiously. "Um, Isis," started Bakura, him and the others standing. "We'll be in the kitchen."

Isis glared at the baby in her arms, making him squirm.

"Kura?" the baby questioned, making Bakura stop in his tracks. The silver- haired vampire walked over to Isis, who handed him the baby.

"Ryou, did you just say what I think you just said?" he asked, feeling stupid since he was talking to a one-year-old.

Ryou reached up with his hands, and pulled on Bakura's hair, screeching with delight. "Kura!"

Bakura's smile widen. "He said my name, well, the shortened version but still, it's me!"

Malik and Yugi clapped with happiness, smiling.

= = = = = = =

Marik watched as Ryou, Yugi, and Malik played in their play pin, each playing with a different toy. "I think Isis may kill us after we tell her," he said, turning to face Bakura and Yami.

"It's not our fault Solomon wants us to go track some guy down," Bakura said, picking up Ryou. "I'm gonna miss this little guy."

Yami smiled. "We'll miss all of them."

Isis walked in, turning her attention to the dishes in the sink. Bakura eyed Yami who eyed Marik who eyed Bakura.

"Isis?" Bakura said, making the woman turn to face them. "Solomon called."

"Oh?" She opened the dish washer, setting the dishes in, one by one. "What did he want?"

"We're leaving."

The plate she had in her hand dropped to the floor, the pieces flying every where on the floor. "You're leaving?"

"Yeah," stated Marik, taking a step back. "We wouldn't if we could."

"Then don't!" She stormed out of the kitchen and sat down on the couch, crossing her arms over her chest. Mai, who was watching TV, turned her gaze to her.

"You okay?" she asked as the other three walked in, carrying the babies.

"Hell no! Those three," she pointed at the three standing at the entrance of the living room. "are leaving."

"I know. Solomon called. He has a lead on Carrie."

Isis's eyes widen with shock. "Carrie? You guys need to go then."

Yami kneeled down in front of her, with Yugi in his arms. "You know we'll be back as soon as we can."

"I know, but what about those three in your arms. They are so attached to you guys."

Marik sniffed, rubbing his left hand in Malik's hair. "And we're attached to them. We'll miss them and you two."


"Leaving? Who leaving?" They turned their gazes to Ryou, who laid his head on Bakura's shoulder.

"Marik, Yami, and I are," Bakura answered, watching the baby raise a light silver eyebrow.


"We're going to take care of some business, so you, Malik and Yugi will stay here with Mommy and Mai."

Ryou sniffed, wrapping his chubby arms around Bakura's neck. "No leave!"

Bakura patted the boy on his back. "We'll be back soon."

= = = = = = =

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