First, I know this is technically against the rules, so I will kindly ask the viewers to ignore that fact and not have this account banned on me. I am simply leaving a message for fans of my stories, the only way I really know how (without sending a separate message to each of the 200+ of you).

Second, this is a message to do two things:

I want to apologize for stating that I was going to rewrite Cry of the Wolf and then…not…doing it. ahem

I want to let you all know that I have, for various reasons, created a new FanFiction account under the pen name Toreshi Tobin. I am currently posting the new version of Cry of the Wolf there, as well as any future stories (plans on a Final Fantasy fic…) so if you'd like to read, please head over there. The new version of Cry of the Wolf isn't incredibly different, but I've been fixing up mistakes, grammatical errors, and things that I just plain didn't like, and I feel it's gotten better already. I may or may not be adding a new chapter or epilogue…I'm not sure yet.

So anyway, thank you all for your support and comments in the past; I hope you'll follow me over to my new account! For some reason searching for my pen name doesn't work, so search for story and put "Cry of the Wolf" just like that with the quotations. It's a couple down the list...the one with author Toreshi Tobin.

Love and kisses,

-Okaishi / Toreshi Tobin / Tracey