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Soulless Murders

Chapter 1 – Haunted House and A Little Girl's Doll

"God damn it...Why did Kakashi-sensei call us out here on Saturday morning...and WHY the hell did I come early if I knew he was going to be late..." Naruto yawned.

"Shut up Naruto...Just 2 more hours and he'll be here...ZzzZzz..." Sakura drifted off to sleep in the middle of her sentence.

Sasuke just remained silent and thought, "What is so important that he had to call us out here..."

===2 hours later===

"Ohayoo minna!" Kakashi smiled at them with such an innocent face.

"I'm gonna kill you, Kakashi-sensei...for being so late...ZzzZzz..." Sakura mumbled in her dream.

"That's right! I finally beat up sensei...and made him buy me unlimited ramen...mmmhmmm..." Naruto smiled happily as he said this sentence.

"Oh...Then today I don't have to make up a lie...whew! I stayed awake last night, thinking of a good lie...and now they're asleep."

Sasuke glared at Kakashi coldly and said, "Hurry up and tell me about this meeting..."

"Well I can't since those two are asleep." Kakashi looked at Sakura and Naruto lazily.

Sasuke kicked Naruto in the ass and yelled, "Get up you lazy ass!"

"Guuhh...Mmph!? Nani nani!? My ramen disappeared!" Naruto started screaming frantically and woke Sakura up.

"Shut up Naruto..." Sakura looked up, saw Kakashi, and her immediate reaction was...

"Ah! You little perverted, late teacher! You're late once again!

"Ah well you see..."

"Save it..." Sakura glared at him evilly.

"Well...Anyways tomorrow is Halloween as you can see...All the Jounins decided to have a Halloween party! Everyone probably told their subordinates already. So the meeting place will be tomorrow at 10 PM in front of the Ninja Academy...Alright? If you back out for instance, Sasuke, you will get tortured badly by us, Jounins." Kakashi smiled at the last phrase.

"What kind of torture?" Naruto asked.

"Oh...I don't know...Probably Gai will kiss you guys and I make you feel hell!" Kakashi looked at them evilly and continued, "Okay, you guys are dismissed! Don't forget okay? Ja ne!"

In a gust of smoke, Kakashi disappeared.

"I don't want to get kissed by Gai! Rock Lee was enough...but GAI!?" Sakura shuddered at the thought.

===Next day at 10 PM in front of the Ninja Academy===

"What are we gonna do at this special party I wonder?" Ino spoke to Shikamaru.

"How the hell should I know? All I know is that this is troublesome..."

POOF! The Jounins appeared and smiled happily at them.

"Okay, everyone is here!" Kurenai yelled out.

"Let's get going then" Asuma signaled the Genins to follow him.

"Hey, where are we going if we're not gonna have the party inside the Academy?" Kiba asked.

"We're going to the party in this haunted mansion" Gai answered.

"Haunted...Mansion!?" Chouji shivered as he heard.

"Well...We just remembered about it two days ago and decided to have fun there... Let me tell you guys the story we heard about this mansion..." Kakashi offered.

Everyone was interested and urged him to go on.

Kakashi cleared his throat and started...

It all began one night...12 years ago on October 31...

A little girl named Nonoshiru...meaning Curse...was born...

Her father named her that...because when she was born...she killed her own mother...on purpose...

She was a silent little girl with a murderous heart...those who made fun of her name died in her hands...

For instance...a boy blamed her for all the killings that happened around Konoha...but in a few minutes...his blood was splattered all over her...

Her eyes widened at the sight...not because of fear...but rather because of excitement...she was a girl that desired blood...

Her only companion was a stuffed were past around that the doll could talk to her...they said that the doll was the one who told her to kill people...

They thought that if they took the doll away from her, she would stop killing...but oh my...that was the biggest mistake they ever made...

Her innocent eyes turned red with desire to kill everyone...ANBU members were assembled to kill her...

They cornered her in her own mansion...each ANBU member used their own special jutsu on her...they said she died peacefully...

At the time...she was barely 10 and was labeled as one of the dangerous criminals...

"And that's how she died...Hmm...now that I mentioned ANBU...I was there too! Haha! She was such a cute little girl! Such a shame that she killed so many that she died in our hands!" Kakashi chuckled.

Everyone was freaked out at the merry mood Kakashi was when he said that statement.

"Hmm...Starting today...she should be 12 years old, just like you guys" Gai calculated.

"They say her spirit still wanders in the mansion, holding her doll, waiting for someone to enter...just to kill them..." Asuma added.

"And...I heard that the doll can control your body whenever a human carries it." Kakashi looked serious.

"Then what will the doll do if a person holds it?" Tenten asked.

"Well...according to a theory, they said that if you're with some friends or so...the doll will make you kill them and then dispose your body..." Kakashi explained.

"Sensei...w-why...are we go-going there?" Hinata asked shyly.

"Well...it seems like fun and I doubt nothing will happen" Kurenai reassured them.

Meanwhile...Naruto's and Sasuke's blood boiled with excitement.

"I can't wait to get there!" Both Naruto and Sasuke yelled.

===Welcome to Nonoshiru's Mansion===

Iruka waited for the teams to arrive as he sat down on a dusty swing in Nonoshiru's old playground...

He stared at the little cute doll he had picked on the way over...

After a few minutes, the teams finally arrived.

"Hey everyone!" Iruka waved at them happily as he sat comfortably still on the swing.

Everyone walked toward Iruka with scared faces.

Naruto noticed the doll Iruka held in his hands and yelled out, "Watch out! There's that doll Kakashi-sensei was talking about!"

"Naruto! What are you talking about? I found this on the floor while walking over here." Iruka explained.

"Whew! Thank god! Don't scare us like that Naruto!" Ino yelled while everyone took turns to smack Naruto.

"Anyways, this house has no electricity so the Jounins will be carrying candles. Okay?" Iruka explained.

"Hai..." Everyone agreed.

"Alright, let's get s-" Iruka was cut short when the strong wind blew the candles' lights out.

"It's so quiet and Iruka-sensei stopped talking..." Sakura said quietly after a few minutes.

"Ah! I finally found a match!" Kakashi shouted.

The candles were lighted and everyone sighed in relief.

"Iruka-sensei is alright!" Naruto yelled as he approached Iruka.

Naruto gave a light pat on his left shoulder and the most horrifying thing happened...

Iruka's head came off and rolled on the floor...



"Nothing! I swear!" Naruto screamed.

Kurenai calmed everyone down and told to be quiet.

The Jounins examined Iruka's body to see what caused him to die...

"Hmm...Something seems different though...where did the doll go?" Kurenai looked at Iruka's hands.

"It's the doll..." Neji stated.

"It has to be!" Lee yelled.

Suddenly, they heard chilling sounds of music...most likely a piano...

Kakashi picked up Iruka's head and examined it.

"I see..." Kakashi mumbled.

"Nani sensei?" Sasuke asked.

"Piano wires...they sawed his head with piano wires...they are really tough wires and his head was cut clean..." Kakashi explained.

"Piano wires...we just heard some piano music..." Shikamaru said slowly.

"Does it mean that...the girl is still alive?" Shino asked with a calm face as if he didn't notice the sight in front of him.

"Maybe it was a coincidence...Anyways...the real reason we're here is because Hokage-sama told us to stay here for the night..." Asuma revealed to them.

"NANI!?" Everyone was frightened.

"Let's enter the house" Gai picked up Iruka's body while Kakashi held his head.

"Sensei...What are you doing!?" Sakura and Ino exclaimed.

"Oh? We're taking the body inside" Kakashi answered.

"Just leave the body out here! What if...What if...the body started walking and the head started talking!?" Chouji screamed out loud.

Everyone started panicking.

"Don't worry! If it started doing that, we'll just take care of it!" Kurenai said calmly.

"I don't want to go in anymore!" Tenten yelled.

"Let's go in! Come on! Don't get scared! If you can't do this, then you can't be a ninja." Asuma added.

Sasuke walked to the house first, since he can't afford to lose to this.

===Inside Nonoshiru's house===

"We're gonna sleep inside a classroom alright?" Gai said.

"I don't think any of us want to be separated anyways!" Lee shouted.

Everyone nodded.

They entered the classroom and found a piano, which made things even scarier.

Kakashi placed Iruka's head on the piano.

Iruka's face was seen by the students which caused a commotion.

"AHHH! What if it talking right now!?" Naruto pointed.

"What the hell are you guys thinking?!" Asuma smacked Naruto's forehead.

Kakashi sat on the piano and noticed that a similar doll that Iruka carried was next to him.

He picked up the doll and said, "Hey look everyone. I found the doll that Iruka carried."

Kakashi showed everyone the doll and then suddenly the lights went out, once again...


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