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They split into three groups and parted.

"Oh, they think that they can get away from me. I can use this jutsu." She smiled and said, "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!" She performed seals.

It created by two clones. Each one chased a group…

Chapter 7- Pirates and Lost a Puppy?

Neji and Lee hid under the dinning table that was cover with white blanket. Neji lifted the blanket up to see if they had lost Nonoshiru.

"Do you see her, Neji?" Lee sat on the cold floor as he brought his knees up and wrapped his arms around them.

"No, I don't see her anywhere. I think we lost her, but we have to think a plan before she finds us." Neji let blanket down.

Lee nodded. "Hey Neji, do you think that Sakura-san and others are all right?" Lee asked worriedly.

Neji said calmly, "I'm sure they're fine…beside, that bug guy is with them. And that Uchiha guy, Naruto, and other guys have the strength to fight with that girl. I don't think they're not going to lose that easily. So, don't worry about it."

"I hope you're right because I'm really worried…after what happened to Gai-sensei! If only Gai-sensei was here to kill that girl, we would be all right and we wouldn't have to fight that evil girl too! Oh, Gai-sensei! I wish you were here with me right now!" Lee raised his right hand up into the air, bursting his tear.

Neji rolled his eyes. "Oh god, shut up with Gai-sensei…All he thinks is Gai this, Gai that…God, he's dead already! Get over with! I can't believe he's thinking of that where we are in this situation! He's not even thinking of himself safely. Now I gotta think of something before she'll find us." He started thinking.

Lee felt a tap on his shoulder. He curved his head around. His eyes widened and turned back, "Um…Neji…" Lee tapped his shoulder.

"Not now Lee. I'm thinking." Neji placed his right hand to rub his chin.

"D-demo Neji … This is an important…" He tapped his shoulder again.

"Shut up Lee. Don't disturb me while I'm thinking."

"Neji…Neji…Neji… NEJI, NEJI, NEJI!"

Neji turned around with angry face, "WHAT IS IT! You've been calling my name many times! You don't know how to shut up for at least a minute! Can you tell that I'm trying figure out a way to destroy Nonoshiru! An-" He stopped and stared stunned in horrifying.

Nonoshiru sat behind Lee, staring at them. "Hehe! I've finally found you!"

Their faces turned blue. Neji and Lee screamed and quickly ran out from the diner table. Nonoshiru chased after them.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me she was there!" Neji yelled.

"I tried to tell you, but you ignored me!" Lee shouted.

"Damn it! We're in grave danger now! This is your entire freaking fault!"

"Hey! You can't blame it on me! It isn't my fault that Hyuuga wasn't paying attention to me while you're thinking. Oh look at me, I'm Neji, the strongest guy in rookie and I know a way to beat Nonoshiru." Lee acted like him.


-Shino and the girls—

"Oh man…I'm…so…tired…" Sakura breathed ghastly.

"Yeah…Me too…At least, we got away from that creep…" Ino sat down.

"I-I'm scared…that we'll be stuck in this mansion forever…What if we get ourselves kill…Just like Kurenai-sensei and other senseis…I don't want to die yet…" Hinata cried.

"Don't worry, Hinata! We're not going to die…I'm sure we're going to find a way out of here. Right now, you have to think positive and be strong, okay?" Tenten pat her back.

Hinata nodded.

"Let's go, girls. We can't sit here any longer because we don't know how long those guys are going to keep distracting Nonoshiru. We have to find a way out of here." Shino said coolly.

They nodded. Shino was leading a way and they followed him. Ino was rubbing her arms together as she started to feel this place is getting more creeper. She never think of anything else but going back home to be with her father. Yes, she's her little daddy girl. You know how father and daughter always spend time and do fun things together. She loved her father very much. She hoped that her father was here to save her.

Suddenly, Ino stopped. She heard some yapping sounds. She turned around and saw a cute gray puppy that was sitting on the floor, staring at her. It seems like he was lost or something.

"Awww, what a kawaii puppy! I wonder why he's doing here. Maybe he got lost." Ino walked closer.

The puppy got up and walked away.

"Matte, come back! Where are you going?" Ino followed him.

"Okay girls, let's spilt up into 2 or 3 groups if we want to get out of here fast. I've believe it'll be much faster if we all started searching from ea- Hey, where's Ino?" Shino looked around.

"I don't know…She was right behind us…Where could she gone?" Sakura scratched her head.

"C-could it be…that Nonoshiru got her?" Hinata covered her mouth.

"Impossible! She can't be! We have to look for her now!" Tenten yelled.

-Back to Neji and Lee—

"Damn it! I'm tired of running away like a coward. We have to fight that bitch once for all!" Neji shouted.

Lee agreed, "You're right! I have to get my revenge the death of Gai-sensei!"

They both stopped and stared at Nonoshiru. Lee shouted, "Come fight us now, you witch!"

"So, you finally decided to play with me? I'm happy! All right, I'll call my friends to play with you too!" She giggled.

"Friends? What does she means by that?" Lee asked.

"How am I supposed to know?" Neji said coldly.

Nonoshiru brought her hand up and gave a loud sharp whistle. Neji and Lee looked around to see whom she calling from. Abruptly, nothing happen.

"Ha! What's wrong? Where are your friends? Were they lost or something? I bet the-" Lee got cut short because the floor started to tremble.

"What the hell going on!" Neji looked down.

The grounds were busted up and something grabbed on Lee's leg. "AHHH! Something got my leg!" Lee fallen down.

"Hehe! Looks like my friends are here! See, they're playing with you! This is gonna be so much fun!" Nonoshiru laughed evilly.

The 'something' that pulled Lee's leg and came out from the underground was…PIRATESKELETONS!

"Neji HELP! GET THAT CREEP AWAY FROM ME!" Lee tried to escape from him.

Neji runs and kicked his hand off. The skeleton's hand flew off. Lee quickly got up. Neji and Lee looked around; saw lots of skeletons were surrounding them. It must be more than 100 of them.

"Thanks Neji…I guess we have to fight them all…But how are we going to stop them? There's so many of them."

"I've believe the only way to beat them is to get rid of person that control them." Neji said.

Lee stared at him, "You mean…?"

Neji nodded. "Let's do it!"

Neji and Lee run towards them. The pirates skeletons were prepare to attack them…But instead, they're jumped right at them. They went direction to Nonoshiru and they punched her at the same time.


It disappeared. It turned out that it wasn't real Nonoshiru. It was one of her clone.

"We did it Neji! We finally got rid of her clone and the skeletons!" Lee jumped happily.

"Save your cheering later…It's not over yet…" Neji whispered.

"Nani? What are you talking about? Of course it's over!" Lee looked at him confused.

Neji sighed, "Nope, behind you…"

Lee twisted around and his jaws dropped. The pirate skeletons are coming towards them and they took out a weapon as knives, swords, spears, bows and arrows, etc… The pirate skeleton had a bandit hat on, seems to be a leader. "Let's kill those brats, Men!" The pirate skeleton shouted as he raised the sword up.

"Yeah!" They shouted.

"Holy crap! They got more weapons than we do! What are we going to do! Wait…I know! Neji, use your Byakugan and find their weak point!" Lee stared at him.

Neji raised his right eyebrow and frowned, "What, are you crazy? Don't be baka! I can't use my Byakugan, just because they're dead! How could I find weak point? Even though, they're just a piece of bone that can easily break them into small piece!"

Lee rubbed his neck, "Oh yeah…Haha…I forgot about that…So, that's mean it wouldn't be hard to fight them all…It'll be piece a cake! Let's go!"

Neji nodded. Neji and Lee run toward them and they punched and kick of each of the skeletons. They're all broke into piece bones. Lee turned to the left; he kicked the skeleton's head off. It flew up.

"Ha! Serves you right bone head! There's nothing that you can't beat us! We're stronger than you gu-" Lee stopped.

The skeleton's head landed on Lee's head. His mouth was wide open which it's biting his head, "AAAAHHHHH! HELP ME NEJI! GET THIS THING OFF MY HEAD! IT'S EATING MY HEAD!" Lee screamed and runs around in circle as he was insane.

"Damn it! Shut up, Lee! Stop acting like a girl and do it yourself! What am I, your knight shinning armor! I'm not your super hero that have to come rescue you an-" Neji got cut short because he got punched on his stomach by the skeleton.

Then he kicks Neji's stomach.

Neji got crashed by the wall. He looked up and saw the skeletons have their bow and arrow with flame, was ready aim at him. They shoot him.

"Shit!" Neji jumped up. "That was close…"

Lee shouted, "Neji! WATCH OUT!"


Neji saw that the skeleton jumped up in same position as him. The skeleton took out the sword and he slice on Neji's stomach. Then he used tornado kick, to hit him to the ground.

"AHH!" Neji was hit on the ground.

Neji rubbed his stomach as he was feeling in pain, "Kuso!"

The skeletons pick Neji up and tied him up by a rope. "Boss, what are we going to do this guy?"

The leader chuckled, "His hair is pretty long…so, I would like to see his hair cut off."

"Hai!" The skeleton took scissor out and held his hair.

"Nani! Not my hair! Not my hair!" Neji screamed as he tried to get his arm free from the rope.

The skeleton was inches away to cut Neji's hair. Neji tried to escape from his grips. When Lee finally got ruin the skeleton's head off of his head. He quickly run, slides down pass through the skeletons, and used his Leaf Spinning Wind (Konoha Senpuu) to kick them away.

Lee unties Neji.

"Don't let them escape Men! Just kill them!" The leader shouted.


"All right Neji, it's time to kick their ass now! We can win this! All we have to do i-Huh? Neji, where are you?" Lee looked around and he spot Neji running. "Hey Neji! where are you going! Come back here! You're not going to let me fight them alone right?"

"Screw that! I'm not coming back! I'm not going to fight those creeps! I won't let them cut my precious hair. I'm out of here! You can fight those bone head by yourself!" Neji run ahead.

"Get them! Let's get that boy and shave those thick eyebrows off!"


-Back to Ino—

Ino followed the puppy for an hour. When she spotted the puppy stopped and sat close to the glass door. The moonlight was rays hit on the puppy spot.

"There you are! Now come here, little puppy!" Ino walked closer to him.

The puppy started yapping. Ino wondered what was wrong with him. She thought that he must be hurt, sick, or it could that he's hungry. She decided to find out. When she walked closer, she stopped, saw something strange happening to that puppy.

The puppy somehow started to change. The puppy started grown bigger, his fur grew longer hair, and his teeth grew longer like a vampire fang. His paw grown with longer nail as a claw, and his eyes color changed into yellow. He had turned into a WEREWOLF!

The werewolf growled and he staring at Ino with unpleasant looks. Ino fell down; she crawled backward as she leaned against the wall, and looked at him dreadful. "Um…Nice doggie…You won't hurt a beautiful girl like me right?" Ino tried to smile.

The werewolf howled, his claw begin to attack Ino. Ino closed her eyes. After a minute, she opened her eyes. She looked at herself to see if she got hurt or anything, but it appeared she didn't get any damage.

"He didn't hurt me! I knew that he wouldn't hurt gorgeous girl like me! He must be a nic-" She got cut short because her top shirt got cut in three lines.

She looked back at him frighten. The werewolf howled. This time, he's seriously going to kill her. He used his both claw and assaults her. "AHHHHHHHH!" Ino screamed and dodged down.

His both claws got strike by the wall. His both hands got stuck. Ino crawled out and began to run! The werewolf got his claw out and chased after her.


Ino, Neji, and Lee are serious in danger now…


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