Well, this is a late Valentines Day fic I've been working on since a couple days after Valentines Day. I thought I'd post it. Fun story, huh?

Anyhoozle, this fic is probably somewhere inbetween PG-13 and R, but I'm going to put it in the R kind of place. Why, you ask? Reasons: 1)It's on the slash kind of things, and it might get ugly later on. . .2)There's quite a bit of swearing. Nothing major, but Snape's been swearing quite alot in this fic. I didn't know he could be so much of a sailor. o.O . . .3). . .I don't have a 3. . .

So, ficcy's SLASH. If you don't like, then please, do not read. If you so choose to read and not heed my warning, well, that was your choice. I shall keep my slashy Severus warm by your flames. =3

Title: Be Mine
Author: Caledendra
Rating: R
Genre: Romance/Humor
Warnings: Slash, kissing, swearing, might be a bit of a scuffle. . .there's two meanings in that last one
Summary: Severus Snape loathes Valentines Day with a passion. He hates the concept of it, the "love" in all of it, and just so many reasons that he's come to hate the day.
Until he receives a Valentine. From who? He hasn't a clue.

You've been warned. Read on if you must.

The dungeons. The dark, dank, place that is my home. My place of solitude. What better place to stay on this most diabolical, vengeful, cynical days of the year?

Valentines Day. I loathe it so much. All the damn students showing affection in the hallways, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even to go so far as to show it in the class room. If anyone dares to do so in my class room, they'll regret it for the rest of their school days. I smirk at the thought.

I don't want to set foot out of the warm covers of my bed. I just want this damn day to pass without having anything to do with it. But, my classes would be unattended to, and I can't have that. Students would run amuck if I wasn't attending to my classes.

With a sigh, I throw the covers off and slowly sit up, running my hand through my tousled hair.

"Bloody hell." I say to myself. I sit there for a minute, letting my eyes focus to the darkness of the room. They finally do, and now I stand up, making my way, a bit clumsily, to the bathroom.

I stare at my sleeping apparel as I brush my teeth with my cinnamon toothpaste. I decided to lose my night gown last year (It looked too worn for my taste), and go with a gray t-shirt, and a pair of black boxers. Simple, I'll admit, but quite comfy. It beats having my legs tangled in that gown every morning, that's for sure.

Finishing brushing my teeth, I strip my t-shirt, and head for my shower, wanting to wash away the remnants of my late night potion making. The smell always stuck to my skin, and hair, even if I shower right after I make the potion. But it always felt good to wash away everything in the morning afterward. The scalding water just taking away my troubles.

All dressed, all ready, now reaching for my black robe. But still not wanting to go teach my classes for the day. "Maybe I can scare some of the "couples"." I think with a smirk, throwing my robe over my shoulders.

I now go over to my black couch in front of my fire place that was part of my room, to pick up my lesson plan off the side table which I had come up with the previous night. I didn't only have the office that consisted of vials upon vials of pieces of every kind of thing. I had my own quarters.

A mahogany desk to one side, my black couch, with two, lush armchairs that went right along with it, book shelves that took up two of the walls. Then the door to the room to which I slept. It was my own. My sanctuary.

I pick up my lesson plan, shuffling through them to make sure that I hadn't missed anything. Now something small falls from them. I have no clue as to what it is.

I bend down, and swipe it up. It appears to be some sort of card. And it was to me. My name printed on the front in black, silver-ish ink.

I set down my papers, and now start to open it. Curiosity got the best of me.

Now that it's open, I see that it's a red heart. "How vile." I think before I even read what's written on this heart. I notice that there's a smaller, black heart on the red one, and I notice now that there's silver writing on this black heart. I start to read it, and now am shocked at what it says:

To my dear Severus Snape,

I have watched you from afar for sometime now. And I've only the courage now to tell you. I like you, Severus Snape, and only you. No one else will do.

Love, Your Secret Admirer

"What in Merlin's name is this?!" I say aloud. I stare at this bloody heart, this vile, despicable, heart!. . .This Valentine. Who would dare send me a Valentine?

I still stare at it. The black heart in the middle, the silver writing proclaiming that someone fancies me. "Who in the fiery depths of Hell would send me this?"

"Probably a prank of some sort, making the "snarky" potions Professor get his hopes up." I say as I throw the Valentine on the couch.

I take my lesson plan back up in my hand and now am headed for the door, my destination was morning breakfast.

I start to think as I walk to breakfast, What if that Valentine was real? What would I do? What woman is it from?. . . What if it's a man? Doesn't matter, I guess. I don't really have a sexual preference. But it matters who they are, it always does.

I make it to the Great Hall for breakfast, being late because of that bloody valentine. Everyone looks to me as I enter. Typical, staring because someone walks in late.

I take my seat, on the left side of the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Thompsen, what's it, something I don't give a damn about.

I pore myself a cup of tea, putting a bit of honey in it. Now I take some toast, and start to munch, not even really wanting it. Just something to focus, I suppose.

"Good morning, Severus." Minerva said to my left. I look at her, she has a smile on her face. Okay, that's just plain scary.

"Um, good morning, Minerva." I say, uncertain. She nods back and goes back to her breakfast. That was a bit odd.

"What if she's the one who sent me the Valentine?" I think, horror stricken. I'll vomit if it is.

I now look over at Albus, and it turns out, he was looking at me in return. He was smiling his same good smile, with that infernal twinkle in his eye. "Does it seem to be twinkling more?" I think. What if it's Albus? I shudder at the thought. Now I'll gag if it's Minerva, and vomit if it's Albus.

Now Hagrid comes in late, and says a good morning to everyone. He smiles at all the teachers, and he lingers his gaze on me for a spit second longer. No one else saw it but me, really, it happened. . . I'll just kill myself if it's him!

I take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. I have to calm down, I'm getting paranoid.

I don't want to see the other professors anymore. I stare out at the students, maybe to make them nervous at the same time. I smirk at my wonderful thought. It's always fun to do that to students.

But now I see two students whispering to each other at the Gryffindor table. Lavender Brown, and Parvati Patil, if I'm not mistaken. They now look up here, and get a fit of what appears to be giggles. I hate "giggles".

"My God, what if it was a student who sent me that, that thing?!" I think, a bit panicked at the thought.

I stand, wanting to leave this paranoia behind. I swiftly turn, and head down the isle toward the exit, my black robes billowing behind me.

"I hope to God this day is over quickly." I say aloud, exiting the Great Hall.