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"Did anyone see that new broom that has wings on the sides for extra speed? I think it's called the Nimbus 1100. I think I'll have my father buy it for me." Lucius went on about brooms and whatnot that were the latest must haves for young wizards. Severus could have cared less. He was picking at his lunch, not really hungry, still tie-less, and wanting to know who that card was from.

"I've never had such a thing given to me. Who could have done it? It had to be someone in Slytherin, how else could it be left on my bedside table? Unless . . . Someone from another house gave the card to a Slytherin and had them do it . . . Though no Slytherin would do that unless being black mailed or gave them a large sum of money . . ."

"Severus!" Snape jumped at the momentary bang of a yell, almost knocking down his picked at dish.

"WHAT?" Snape asked Lucius through gritted teeth.

"That Lupin twit is giving a valentine to a Ravenclaw girl. Think we should do something about it?" he asked with a malicious smile twitching at the edge of his lips. This made Snape smile the same smile. What better way to cheer himself up? After what kind of day it had been and all.

"Oh, why not?" Snape said after a second, watching the horrid paper slip carefully between the two bumbling hands of guy and girl, "Would you like to do the honors, Lucius?"

"Oh no, go on right ahead."

Snape silently nodded, smile still stuck to his face. Reaching into his robes; his hand carefully but firmly clutched around his wand, the smooth cool wood feeling wonderful under his rough hand.

"What should I do? I have too many ideas." Snape asked Lucius.

"How about you do a backfire spell? Hit the valentine and that damn Potter follower should go flying backward."

"Sounds good to me." Snape stood up quickly taking out his wand, saying the spell in a flash, the electric blue stream hitting it's target dead on, the valentine exploding so fast it seemed like a huge puff of dust, making Lupin fly into the Gryffindor table, looking painful from Snape's point of view. Of course he didn't want to get blamed. He tried putting his wand back quickly and securely.

Without Snape realizing it, someone was starting a comeback shot. The yell could be heard above the shocked gasps of the room and the laughs of the Slytherin table.

Snape looked up, seeing Black yelling a spell across the room, pointing his wand right at Snape. The spell said, the red bolt flying toward him, he stood in place, shock over sweeping his senses to get down and duck.

But then something else unexpected happened. Just as the vibrant red stream was about to hit him, he felt a great amount of pressure on his side, making him topple to the ground, making him hit his wrist hard on the solid floor, the bone shattering within, a cry of pain escaping his throat and past his lips, the beat of his heart ringing in his ears.

What had happened? It all happened so fast, he didn't know what was going on at all. But soon, his senses came about, he heard the babble of the interested students, he felt them all circling around, he felt their stare, he felt the pain in his wrist, the tear that was brimming at his eye. He also still felt the weight which made him tumble in the first place.

He opened his eyes and saw non other than James Potter, his arm protectively on his chest. But the thing that got him was that he was smiling at him. James Potter was smiling down at him, Severus Snape.

"Um, well, I think that defense spell would have hurt a bit more than what your wrist might feel like now." Potter said as he nodded his head to the wall. Snape looked, seeing a great dent the size of a hippogriff where he was standing just moments ago.

It seemed like an eternity where Potter just lay like that with Snape, seeming almost protective, looking down at him, that out of place smile still dancing on his lips.

"Um, I - I, just . . ." Snape stuttered, flabbergasted as to what to say, what to do. He couldn't stare in Potter's eyes anymore. He quickly looked down at his lips, a blush rising to his cheeks at his misplaced, shocking thought -

"Okay, okay, everyone move, move out of the way." A steady, kind voice streamed through the crowd, Snape's eyes moving toward where it came from. Professor Dumbledore came through, his blue robes billowing slightly as he came near.

"Quite a spill you took I see, Severus." Professor Dumbledore's voice light with humor said, a smile and twinkle lining his face.

"Y-yes, professor." He said quietly, still looking away from Potter.

"Looks like you'll need to pay a visit to the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey will be able to fix you right up, though you may miss your classes this afternoon." Dumbledore went on, kind of not really noticing he was sort of babbling, "James, if you will, we need to get Severus up and on his way."

He tried, but James fell right back with a little oomph, his arm giving under way, "Sorry Professor, I think something happened to my arm." Snape heard him say, the blush rising even more as James continued to rest upon him.

"I see. Sirius, please come and help over here if you would." Dumbledore said, a smile still on his lips.

Snape saw Black coming, a disgruntled glare coming about on his blushing face. Black looked down at him, a look of hatred lining his, a glare that could break glass staring right at Snape.

The tip of his shoe "accidentally" jabbed Snape's wrist as he made his way by the two left on the floor, making Snape hiss with pain. He looked up and saw a tiny bit of a smile lined with malice on Black's face.

Black helped up his foolish friend and soon after, Dumbledore helped up the Slytherin student, Snape holding his swollen wrist in his hand soon after.

"Alright, Sirius would you help Remus to the hospital wing? James, Severus, you follow right along."

"Yes, Professor." All three said in unison, two of which sounding angry, one of those two with a bit of a baffled stutter.

"And Severus, Sirius, you two will have detention tonight with Filch, scrubbing and mopping the Great Hall, understand?" Professor Dumbledore said, the humor in his voice fading slightly.

"But Professor! Snape here started the whole bloody thing," Black said angrily, his shoulders hunched in defense, "I was just righting a wrong!"

"Ah, but dear Sirius. You had the choice to not engage in battle. You had the choice to choose peace instead of war. So, you were both in the wrong. Detention still stands." Dumbledore said as the usual twinkle in his eye shined just a bit more.

"Yes, Professor Dumbledore." Black said, a tone of defeat in his voice.

"Good, now off you all go."

All of them started trudging up to the hospital wing after Black helped Lupin to his feet, making sure he was alright as he did so.

They led the way, Potter in the middle of the quartet, Snape closely behind, looking down as he walked after them.

"Um, sorry about your wrist, Snape." Snape looked up, seeing James speak to him with a bit of a half smile. He quickly looked down, abashed that he was blushing idiotically, angry that he was feeling so timid.

"It's nothing." Snape quickly said in a muttered voice, still looking down upon the ground.

"Well, it kind of is, I was trying to keep you from getting hurt, and then you pretty much break your wrist. How's that for irony?" Snape's eyes slightly widened at this statement. He looked back up at Potter, who was still smiling a half smile when he did so. He was kind of at a loss for words.

"You . . . You pushed me out of the way of Black's curse?" Snape quietly said to him, just realizing that Potter indeed did.

"Well, yeah, I s'pose I did." Potter replied, his half smile turning into a whole one.


"Have you ever been hit by that kind before? They kind of hurt, you know. And, well . . . I-I kind of . . . like you." It was Potter's turn to look down at the ground as they walked, a slight pinkish blush slowly creeping to his cheeks as he fiddled with his glasses slightly with his unharmed arm, pushing them up the bridge of his nose.

The Slytherins's eyes could never have been so wide, nor his cheeks so red with what he just heard. Potter kind of liked him? In what way? A friendship way? A buddy way? A-A . . . romantic kind of way? It seemed impossible that Snape's cheeks could get anymore red, but here they did as he thought that last thought.

"I . . . I . . ." He started stuttering something out, but before he could say anything coherent, they reached the Hospital Wing, soon going through the glass door.

"Good heavens! What happened to you, Remus?" Madam Pomfrey said as soon as they started walking toward her at her desk.

"Just a bit of a defense move." Lupin said with a small smile, a bit of an annoyed look on his face.

"Well you just sit right on that bed there and I'll be right there . . . And what happened to you two?" She exclaimed as she noticed Potter and Snape's bad arm and wrist.

"Same defense move you could say." Said Potter, his cheeks slightly pink.

"Goodness, the things you kids do nowadays. Well, you two can sit on those beds over there. I need to go to my office to do a couple things and will be right back . . . Sirius, anything ailing you?"

"No Madam Pomfrey." He said, helping Lupin sit on the bed close to her desk.

"Well then, off you go. I don't need healthy kids strewn about." She said, shooing him off. He gave her a look of annoyance, waved at Potter and Lupin bye and turned around and left, but not before giving Snape a death glare.

"Kids, never safe anymore, always taking stupid, dangerous risks to impress their friends." Madam Pomfrey muttered to herself, taking Lupin's pulse before she headed to her office.

"Now I'll be right back to check you three out. Remus, you change behind the curtain into a that hospital gown, I'll need to check your whole self out. You look pretty banged up."

"But Madam Pomfrey, I'm fine! I just flew into a table." Lupin argued, even though he seethed a breath as he moved to reach the hospital gown, knowing that he couldn't win this battle.

"No buts. You change right away. Severus, James, you'll just need to take off your robes, since it just looks like your arms are damaged. I'll be right back." With that, she pulled the curtain before Lupin to give him privacy, scooped up something from her desk, and headed into her office.

Potter and Snape sat down on beds side by side, Snape looking away from Potter as he pulled off his robe, it being slightly difficult with his bad wrist. He couldn't get his arm out of his sleeve at first, and before he could, he felt someone sit on the other side of the bed. He looked around, and saw Potter. He looked away, noticing a small smile on Potter's lips before he turned.

"Do you need some help?" Potter asked, Snape noticing that he had his robe off.

"N-no, I don't." he said with a bit of an angry stubborn tone.

"It's not that big of a deal. Here," He put his hand on Snape's shoulder, gently pushing the slightly heavy robe down his good arm, Snape blushing a bit of an angry red, "There we go. Took me a few times before I could do that, you get quite a few sprained wrists in Quidditch." He said, Snape hearing a bit of a smile in his voice.

"Why are you sitting on my bed?" Snape said coldly, still blushing from what Potter had told him.

"Like I said before, I like you and just kind of wanted to talk, or something like that." Potter said, putting his hand back on Snape's shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. Snape shook it off angrily, still looking away, still a bit miffed.

"Why should I let you talk to me?"

"Like I said, I kind of like you . . . I sort of fancy you to be honest." So it was more the . . . romantic type of like. Snape blushed more than he think he had done in all his life.

"Why? You and your band of twits have been nothing but pricks to me for five years. Why now?"

"I'm . . . I'm sorry for that. I don't know why I went along with them. Well, I do, just to be mean and all that, I didn't really like you at all for a long time. But, just . . . I've started to like you. You don't seem like the other Slytherins, and I'd like to know you more."

"Go to Hell." the red cheeked, angry, embarrassed Slytherin said to the pompous oaf of a Gryffindor.

"I deserve that. I'd go to Hell if that meant getting to know you," he said with a small laugh, "Snape . . . Severus," his eyes somewhat popped at hearing his name, "Let me know you."

"W-why are you still talking?" Snape stuttered with a scared tone, fright and confusion taking over his senses to be nasty to Potter.

"My reason is still the same, I would like to know you and will keep talking until you give in." Snape felt that hand again, felt it squeeze his shoulder lightly, almost tenderly. He didn't shrug it off this time, he let the lanky fingers squeeze, he let them rub, he let them stay for the time being.

"W-why?" Snape said once again, slightly turning his head, seeing that Potter had not taken his eyes off him, was still smiling a small, knowing smile.

"Why can't you let me talk to you?"

"I-I don't know."

"Well know this," he said as he moved a bit more close to Snape, "I'll be waiting tonight at the bottom of the stone steps outside," he moved a bit closer still, "I'd like for you to meet me there after your detention, I'd like to talk to you. Will you come talk to me?" At these final words, Potter put his lips to Snape's cheek, giving him a soft, tender kiss. Snape felt like he was blushing from head to toe, his wide eyes staring at Potter, a tear of bewilderment brimming at the corner of his eye, ready to spill down his kissed cheek.

Soon he heard Madam Pomfrey's footsteps coming near, a steady pace that was sure to get here quickly. Potter noticed too, his eyes moving toward the sound, coming back to Snape's in an instant. He stared, that question lingering in his eyes.

Snape looked down, that tear finally falling as he bit his lower lip in thought . . . He nodded a small nod before his decision was whole. His answer was yes . . .

I come to on my couch, thinking to myself as to when I exactly dozed off. I bring a hand to my cheek, wiping away a tear that had formed and fallen, not remembering when last I had done such a thing. An old man shedding a tear because of some bad dreams. How . . .

"Pathetic." I say aloud as I sit up, not really angry as to what I just did.

I then notice that my lip felt swollen. I take my hand that just wiped the tear away and confirm my thought. My lip was bitten raw.

"I must have bitten it in my sleep." I say, concluding that it was all because of memories. Memories of long ago, memories of hurt and deceit.

"History does indeed repeat itself it seems." I think to myself, rubbing the back of my neck, another tear forming as I thought this thought.

But that thought soon turns to shock as I focus on the ground only to discover what I had been dreading and loathing all day, that same black silver ink popping out, seeming to just taunt me to no end.

It was another Valentine.

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