A/N: Okay, so on July 7, Jen and I saw King Arthur in theaters. That movie kicks ass! I saw it because I was bred on King Arthur tales, because Keira Knightly was in it and because I had read the Mists of Avalon and I loved it! Jen saw it because she had nothing better to do than go to the movies with her dear pal, Liz. :P So, after watching it, I had FAR more respect for Guinevere (cuz of Kiera's KICK ASS performance) and I LOVED the Gwen/Lancelot undertones. When he looks at her and when he saves her in the battle. sighs and melts away LOL. This was me and Jen's reactions when he dies:

LANCELOT: runs and saves Gwen from the Queen of the Stone Age (LOL. Inside joke)

LIZ: Yeah! Go Lancelot! Save Gwen's ass and carry her off to Avalon!

JEN: stares

LANCELOT is shot

JEN: WHAT? He was by FAR the hottest! Why must he die?

LIZ: It's okay. He won't die. Remember, the hero NEVER dies?

JEN: Liz, does the word 'Old Yeller' mean anything to you?

LIZ: Shut up.

LANCELOT: falls and dies


So, basically, we were pissed off that Lancelot the hottie snuffs it. Boo hoo. So, we wrote this fic. It's an AU Lancelot/Gwen fic that takes place after KA. Enjoy…

Title: Forbidden

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Lancelot/Guinevere

Summary: AU. Lancelot loved Guinevere since he laid his eyes on her. Guinevere returns his love. However, she is married to the High King and can't do anything about Lancelot. Yet, they act upon their feelings. What will happen if Arthur finds out about the two people he cares for most in the world? It's a risk that Lancelot and Guinevere will take to be with each other. (AU. Lancelot/Guinevere)

Dedication: LOL, to JEN for coming to see the movie with me when we had nothing better to do! To KIMCO, because we are supermodels! They do it good, we do it better! Luv you lots xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

It had been five days since the battle at Badon Hill. All of the knights were sitting at the Round Table. Next to King Arthur sat Queen Guinevere. Next to her sat Galahad; they were deep in animated conversation. Everyone was laughing and talking with the people around them, waiting for the food to arrive.

Lancelot allowed his eyes to drift towards Guinevere. She was looking wonderful tonight. She was clad in a simple white dress and her long, black hair was loose and tumbled down her back. Her eyes were sparkling and laughing as she and Galahad chatted away. On the outside, it would have looked like Lancelot was merely tired. He was not speaking much, which was odd, seeing as he was one of the loudest knights, save for Bors.

But on the inside, he was a little messier. Guinevere was looking lovely and she was seated between the handsome Galahad and her husband. Husband. Oh, how Lancelot loathed that word, especially now. He was never going to be anyone's husband. Not the bar wenches that he bedded, not a milkmaid's, nor a lady of high value. Not Guinevere's. Especially not Guinevere's. He was not but a mere knight and Guinevere was the High Queen, wife of King Arthur.

Peals of laughter interrupted his thoughts. Guinevere was chortling at something Galahad said. She tossed back her ebony hair and her dark eyes sparkled. Lancelot felt a pang of jealousy wretch his stomach. He had always liked Galahad, but now he wanted to heave the young man across the room. How could he make the serious queen laugh so? And then, to add to Lancelot's jealousy, Arthur leaned over and whispered something to his wife. Bloody hell! Is everyone out to get me? I know, I am thinking of a married woman, but leave me be! Luckily, their food arrived and there was less talk.

Guinevere gazed at Lancelot, absorbing his striking face, dark eyes and shadowy hair. He is so perfect… She mused, silently. She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and ate her stew in silence, thinking of the knight so near to her, yet he was out of her reach. And then her thoughts turned to the king separating them, both physically and figuratively. She shook her head. It is a sin to think of him, Gwen. You are wedded to the High King of Britain. Do not throw that all away! Then she thought of the real reason she married Arthur.

It was Merlin's doing. "Guinevere, he is a skilled fighter and leader. You should wed him. If you do, it will unite our people. Do this, Guinevere, and the Romans will be our allies." She recalled how angry she was. How dare he tell her who to marry! Why would she want to marry Arthur when there was Lancelot so near? Yet, she understood what Merlin said. Unite us, Guinevere, and we will be allies with Rome. So, Guinevere seduced Arthur and they were wedded. The Woads formed an allegiance with the Romans and all seemed well in Britain. Oh yes, there were still Saxons about, but they had lost their leader and the better part of their army. In fact, in a few days, Arthur and his knights were going to leave to uproot a small band of Saxons a little north of Badon Hill. Guinevere was going to go with them, of course. Arthur knew of her great skill, and would never leave her behind

I hope we all survive. Even though the Saxons are weaker, they have a strong anger.

"Milady? Are you alright?" It was Galahad. His kind face was anxious and his brow creased with worry. "You look troubled."

"Oh no, I was just thinking about the battles we'll have to fight."

"Don't trouble yourself, milady. The Saxons are considerably weak now. Besides, tonight is a night of happiness, not sorrow." Guinevere smiled and bowed her head.

"Thank you, Galahad." She went back to eating.

"And yet, it is not happiness and comfort you seek, is it, my queen?" He inquired.

She gazed at him. "Do you know what I seek, Sir?"

He nodded. "You seek love, my lady." He lowered his voice. "You wish to be loved by another, yet you know that it is forbidden."

Guinevere was shocked. "And how did you know this, Galahad?"

"I see the way you look at him, Guinevere, and he at you. I may be young, but I know of love, and I am not a fool." He smiled at her, and she beamed at him.

"I realize that you are not a fool, Galahad. Indeed, you are wiser than many here, as you see the truth."