Link and the Amazing Microsoft Contest

At a peaceful board meeting in the middle of the busy street in front of the Microsoft HQ. Bill Gates and three of his best CEOs decide the fate of the Microsoft Company.
Meanwhile in a forgotten town somewhere in the Midwest, a lonely boy hopelessly walk's his pet block of wood named Zelda through the abandoned streets.
"Hey Link," his friend Mario yelled. "Link did you hear? Microsoft started a contest, and to win all you need to do is find a golden disc. Two have already been found and there are only three more. Hey Link, where ya goin'?"
"Bob's Over Priced Electronic Crap is going out of business, and I have just enough for a copy of Mechassult™." Link replied.
"Cool can I go?"
"I think I have enough for a game."
At Bob's Over Priced Electronic Crap the boys looked for some games.
"Hey boys look on that shelf it has all the games that might contain golden discs. There's only one left."
"Here Bob I'll take this copy of Mechassult™." Link placed the game on the counter. "Hey Mario what did you get?"
"Oh, I got Project Gotham Racing™," Mario replied as he placed the game next to Link's.
"Thanks Bob," the boys said as they grabbed their games.
After the boys got to Link's house they opened their new games.
"Hey Mario, my game doesn't work!"
"Let me see the disc."
Link removed the disc from the Xbox™ and handed the disc to Mario.
"Hey Link, you bought the last golden disc. I'm gonna' call the tech number here." Link stared at the glistening disc in Mario's hands. "Hey look at the instructions manual it has some instructions for the disc."
Link slowly opened the booklet. "It says I can bring a friend."
"Shut up Link!" Mario yelled as he called the number.
Link turned on the T.V. as Mario talked to the operator on the phone.
"Hi I'm Luigi Mario here at the residence of Link Nintendo the owner of the last golden disc. We at channel 9 believe that this disc must be removed from the hands of this Juvenal delinquent, so we hired a swat team." The T.V. was drowned out by the noise of the battering ram.
"Mario!" Link yelled over the sound of the battering ram. Link grabbed Mario and the disc and ran.
The boys ran out to the garage and grabbed their bikes and headed to the airport to meet their ride. At the airport an Apache helicopter attacked the boys. The boys ran for cover in the abandoned terminal. An hour or two later their ride appeared. Soon after they were in the air. They landed at a secure location to switch planes. After they got back into the air a small fleet of F-16s attacked them.
When they landed they met with Bill Gates.
"Link Nintendo, you've won."
"The whole contest was a hoax, except for you."
"So you hired a swat team, pilots, and solders to attack us?" "No that was our enemy THQ™. Now if you excuse me I have something I need to do." Bill Gates said as he pulled out a PS2. He then started to eat it. The boys watched in awe as he collapsed to the floor gasping for air. The boys then looked around proudly at what Link inherited.