It all started one morning, I had decided to go into work early, this was a mistake. I shouldn't have gone. I should have ran away, but I stayed, I stayed for her. I was told the whole level 1 staff was going on a trip to America, but we never made it. We set off in the morning at o' three hundred hours, just as he wished and ordered. It had been so long since I talked to him, and part of me never wanted to again. But my human side keeps some hope for him, just like I keep faith for her. The trip to America was suppose to be ten hours long, and Auska as always did not know when to keep her mouth shut, I had Auska to my left and the girl of my dreams to my right, you could suppose she was sitting in the right hand of a god, because in the end I was one. Just before halfway through the painful trip Auska stopped bothering me. But, why? Was it because she got tired or bored? No. Was it because she fell asleep? No. Was it because I killed her? Sometimes I wish I had. But no, it was not so. The plane was shot at, but lucky for us they had missed and we did not blow up there and then. Everyone was scared and screaming, they all had so much to live for, yet my father, the sub commander, my love, and I were just sitting there like it was normal while bags, food, glass and everything else on the plane were flying all over the place. I was scared in a way, I was scared for her life, I was pissed off that I could not do anything to save her yet again, I welcome death but I never wish it upon others. We had about a minute before crash landing yet the jet fighter had shot at us again, but this time it was going to hit us directly. I could not take it anymore. I snapped. I felt so weird I could remember everything, the E-Project, my mother, Unit 01, everything, it all became so clear, and then the missile hit. The missile hit head on and she saw that just before she closed her eyes, yet the plane continued to fall and when she opened her eyes again she could see a bright orange light, she was shocked, but she was not the only one to see the bright orange light, he saw it as well. The plane seemed to slow down soon after that and we made a clean landing. It was really odd, everyone thought they were going to die, yet they now were alive and well, with out any damage. At that very moment I screamed, everyone was looking at me like if I had two heads. The very next moment, however; they heard me shout, "Everyone get out of the plane now, the jet pilot is coming around and he is going to shoot at us again!" After I made this statement, everyone was in a sense of panic and was running through the emergency doors while others were jumping out of broken windows, while a few (like my father) simply walked out. Now don't get me wrong, they were all running and walking or going out of the windows, but after they ran, walked, or jumped, they went swimming. We had landed in the ocean near a small island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. The moment most of us were clear of the plane, another missile hit it. The force of the explosion pushed us, luckily, toward the island. The only two that did not make it out where the pilots of the plane, no one had really seemed to have noticed but I did. I knew a lot of things now, more things they I ever thought I would know. I was reborn from the ashes of my fear, AND MY NEW LIFE STARTS NOW! I am Shinji Ikari, and I WILL NEVER LET HER DOWN, I WILL NEVER FAIL AGAIN.