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Inuyasha lay underneath a tree, resting his eyes. Kamoge, Mirouko, and Shippou had gone into the village to get supplies, allowing Inuyasha to rest. Soon he was overcome by sleep.


Inuyasha was jolted awake by a terrible roaring noise. He looked to his right and saw, crashing through the trees, a giant, rabid walrus! (Insert dramatic. "Dun dun DUUUUUUHHH!").

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Inuyasha screamed as he scrambled to his feet and ran for his life! I mean, he could take on some pretty nasty stuff in his time, but who in the world is stupid enough to battle a huge rabid walrus?

Anyhow, Inuyasha zipped through the forest, no more than a red blur. Suddenly he burst into a clearing, the same one that beheld the well that Kagome could get to the Feudal Era and back. Inuyasha heard another roar. He looked back; the walrus was about to crash into the clearing!

Inuyasha had no choice. He sprinted toward the well and dived in headfirst.

"Ooooohhh, my head," Inuyasha moaned as he regained consciousness. He opened his eyes and realized that he was not on the soft dirt he was supposed to land on if he ever came over to the present time. He was lying on hard...something. Stone perhaps? Or something else. Anyway, he stood up. He appeared to be on somebody's stoop, but since he was from an ancient time, he had no idea what a stoop was, or for that matter, that it was called a "stoop".

Inuyasha looked out the breezeway and saw a very unusual sight. Skyscrapers! Millions of skyscrapers! Towering above him! He looked to the left of the breezeway and saw hundreds of metal things lined up along the street.

"I must be in Kagome's time," Inuyasha said to himself (A/N: Good one, Sherlock!). "But this doesn't look like Japan?" (A/N: Yet again, good observation, Sherlock!).

"Well, might as well find out where I am (A/N: he's in New York, but he doesn't know that)."

Inuyasha pulled out the cap that Kagome had given him if he ever came to the present time to cover his dog ears, placed it on his head and started down the sidewalk right of the breezeway. Yes, Inuyasha thought, this IS a very peculiar time.

As Inuyasha walked down the street, he noticed that, for a busy city, there were not many people on the street here.

"AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Inuyasha heard a long, ear-splitting scream behind him. Inuyasha turned around.

A girl was running at top speed toward Inuyasha, a huge dust cloud, trailing ten feet tall, behind her. Before Inuyasha could do anything, the girl pounced on him.

"Oh, Inuyasha, I love you!" the girl screeched at the top of her lungs as she held him down with her knees.

"What the hell are you talking about, wench?" Inuyasha yelped, not knowing whether to be angry or freaked out.

"I have been in love with you for as long as I can remember!" the girl when on.

"How can you love me when all you did was attack me!" Inuyasha screamed, on the verge of using the Tetsusaiga on her.

"Believe me, your more famous than you think you are! Now, why don't we take a little stroll to my place?"

"Huh? For what?!" Inuyasha spat, wondering what she could be plotting.

"Oh, nothing, just a little tate-to-tate (A/N: means "heart to heart")."

"Uh, no thanks, I really need to be going..." Inuyasha started to get up, but quickly found himself on the ground again shortly after hearing a loud "Sit!"

"Oh, damn, don't tell me you can control that too?!" Inuyasha groaned.

"After watching your anime for so many years, you pick up a few things!" the girl said in a chirpy voice. "Now, if you won't go quietly, I'll have to force you!" She knelt down next to Inuyasha and pulled a 20-foot rope.

"What'd are you gonna do with that?!" Inuyasha screeched.

"You'll see!" the girl said in a sing-song voice. She proceeded to scrunch Inu's legs up together as if he was crouching and tied his ankles together.

"What in God's name are you doing?!" Inuyasha screamed in her face as she started to tie his wrists together with the other end of the rope.

"I'm taking you hostage!" she said happily. Inuyasha exploded.

"HOSTAGE?! YOU CAN'T TAKE ME HOSTAGE! I have battle's to fight, jewel shards to collect..."

"Right after you relax with me." The girl stated simply as she started to drag Inuyasha down the sidewalk.

"LEMME GO, LEMME GO, LEMME GO, LEMME GO, LEMME GO!" Inuyasha shrieked at the top of his lungs. He had no desire to be forced to do God knows what with this obviously mentally ill girl! Maybe he could reach the Tetsusaiga before she could get him to her place of residence. Inuyasha tried to grab the hilt of the Tetsusaiga, but the rope was too tightly bonded around his wrists, so the attempt was in vain.

After many blocks and many concrete-to-skull incidents, they finally made it to the girl's apartment building. She dragged Inuyasha up all fourteen flights of stairs ("ow, ow, ow, ow, Ow OW!") before they got to her apartment. By then Inuyasha had a huge bump on his head- the kind the anime characters get after being beaned- from the incessant banging of his head against concrete and stairway.

Anyhow, the girl dragged Inuyasha to her room, plopped him on her bed and closed the door.

"Let. Go. Of. Me. NOW!" Inuyasha was fed up with crazy people for one day. He wanted to go back to his own, primitive time, but the girl obviously had other plans. She walked over to Inuyasha, who was currently balled up on her bed, sort of like those little armadillo bugs, and took the Tetsusaiga away from him.

"What are you doing with my sword?!" Inuyasha yelped.

"Taking it away so you don't kill me." The girl said. "You probably want to know my name."

"Not really." Inuyasha muttered under his breath.

"My name is Rin Kawaii and I'm here to...well, I'll just show you!" And with that, she jumped on Inuyasha for the second time that day.

"GET OFF! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! STOP, DAMMIT!" Inuyasha screamed as Rin started kissing him like there was no tomorrow and began humping his leg cheerfully.

"You got a nice thigh there, Inu!" Rin Kawaii said happily as she did it a little harder.

I can't believe I'm enjoying this! Inuyasha thought as she kissed him a little harder. Finally, he passed out. It was all too much for him.

About two hours later, Inuyasha woke up. Rin Kawaii must have noticed because a second later she stood up, walked over to the groggy Inuyasha, took his head in her hands, and squished his face against her chest. Inuyasha's eyes bugged out and an anime sweat drop formed on the side of his head.

"Let me take you to my bosom." She said quietly as she ran her fingers through his silver hair and gently scratched behind his dog ear.

Oh, God, help me! Inuyasha thought.

Suddenly, she jumped on him for the third time that day (A/N: Third time's a charm!) and ripped his kimono off, dragged a clawing, screeching Inuyasha to the bathroom, and plopped him into the tub.

"What IS this stuff?!" Inuyasha inquired as he examined the fluffy white stuff in the tub.

"It's Cool Whip!" Rin Kawaii answered cheerfully as she bent over to lick some whipped cream off his cheek. Inuyasha popped up, grabbing his kimono.

"That's it! I'm outta here!"

"You can't leave now!" Rin yelled.

"Hah! Why not?" Inuyasha said.

"Because I love you!" Rin Kawaii said.

"Do I really care?!" Inuyasha said.

"You probably will once you've realized that you forgot your Tetsusaiga!" Rin Kawaii reasoned.

Inuyasha froze.

Dammit. He thought. "Now, listen, can't we come to...some sort of agreement?" Inuyasha said, hoping she'd give it up easily.

"Will you spend more time with me?" Rin Kawaii asked hopefully.

"Maybe later." Inuyasha said, wishing things would go a little faster.

"How 'bout this weekend?" Rin Kawaii bargained.

"Sure, whatever! Gimme the Tetsusaiga!" Inuyasha was getting impatient (A/N: But then again, isn't he always?).

"OK!" and she threw the Tetsusaiga to him.

"Thanks!" Inuyasha sighed.

"Now, for a goodbye kiss!" She advanced on him.

"Hold it! Wait a minute..."

Inuyasha woke with a start. He was back under the tree.

"It was just a dream...just a dream..." Inuyasha sighed. And he fell back asleep.


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