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Chapter #3: I'll think of a name later.

In the last two chapters, we have explored the subconscious of our two protagonists. But were the dreams just meaningless brain static or…a sign?

Rin was seated in her living room, gazing at the TV screen in front of her.

"Mmmm, Inu, Inu, Inu…." She chanted absentmindedly as she stared at the image of Inuyasha in full demon form.

She was watching the second Inuyasha movie. The screen flipped to the scene where Kagome had to kiss Inuyasha to bring him back.

Rin sighed heavily.

"I wish that could be me." The love-struck girl murmured.

"You know," said a female voice from nowhere. "That could be you."

"What the…" Rin managed to say before she was literally shoved through the TV screen (A/N: Gee, I wonder where I got that idea!).

At first, all Rin could feel was air rushing past her and her stomach being left behind. Suddenly, she felt hard ground beneath her.

"WELCOME TO BEAUTIFUL, SCENIC FEUDAL JAPAN!" the same female voice yelled.

"Uuuhhhhhh…" Rin moaned stupidly, as she looked up at the person speaking.

"Steph?" Rin said, squinting.

"Yep!" Steph said.

"What are you doing here?" Rin said, sitting up.

"Would you believe it?" Steph said enthusiastically. "I get to be a fairy godmother for my community service project!"

"And we're in Feudal Japan because…" Rin said, catching on.

"…because I'm gonna play matchmaker for you and dogboy!" Steph shouted gleefully.

Rin jumped up and hugged her fruitcake of a friend.

"Steph, dude, I love ya! How can I ever repay you?"

"Well," Steph said slyly. "You could play matchmaker for me and Harry."

"You never give up on him, do you?" Rin said, rolling her eyes.

"Not in a million years!" Steph replied proudly.

Rin snorted. She knew that when she got back, she'd have to continue her other story.

"Now," Steph continued. "So you don't stick out like a sore thumb, put this on." She held up a beautiful blue and purple kimono with a gold and white sash.

"Whoa…" Rin said, awestruck. "Where'd you get that?"

"Borrowed it." Steph said simply. "Now put it on!"

She threw the kimono in the air and it slid neatly onto Rin's body.

"Oooooh…pretty!" Rin crooned as she examined the fine silk hanging off her arms.

"OK, here's the dealio." Steph said. "Inu and friends are camping ova there!" She pointed to a clearing where the light of a camp fire could be seen. "Now go and charm the dog ears off his little head!"

Steph walked over to a tree with a doorknob in its trunk and placed her hand on the doorknob. She stopped short and turned back to her friend.

"Good luck, Rin." She said. "May the force be with you. I have to go now." She flung the door open, threw her forefinger in the air and shrieked into the night: "HARRY AWAITS!" And she raced through the door, slamming it behind her.

Rin stood there, shaking her head.

"Crazy," She muttered to herself as she started off toward the light of the campfire.

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