Title: Run-in
Author: P.L.S.
Summery: (500 word drabble) Harry has an addiction, the work of the old British comedy troope, Monty Python.
Rating: Ages Ten And Up
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Monty Python... wish I did.

Harry sighed, What I'd give for a working telly and video player now...' he thought as he looked at the video cassettes the Muggle Studies teacher was tricked into buying. Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the boxed set of the Flying Circus. He loved Monty Python, and thus talked poor Professor Novus into giving him the tapes instead of trashing them. He walked to his dorm humming the Spam Song and then Eric the Half-Bee. He was halfway through I Hate Traffic Lights when a thought came to him.

I hate traffic lights, I hate traffic lights, but only when they are re... Wonder if I could start a Monty Python fan and education club? It's a crime that it took me two months to get Hermione hooked, but at least she heard of it. Ron was rolling on the floor after hearing that record and hooked after we saw the reruns on BBC. Harry muttered as he rounded the corner and walked right into what felt like a clothed wall.

Looking up he saw the feared Professor Snape glaring down at him. Harry really wasn't in a right mood to be scared though, so he looked up amused at his run of bad luck when it came to Snape and desided to use the chance to ask the man a question, If I started a Monty Python club, could you or the Headmaster find me a telly and video player that would work in Hogwarts?

The Professor went from shock to amusement to loathing in less than a few minutes. Harry was very impressed and started picturing him as a cardenal for the Spanish Inqusition bits. He really couldn't stop himself from laughing as Snape looked outraged. What is so amusing, Potter? And have you gone around the bend?

Harry really couldn't resist, You're not going to sentence me to the, dramatic pause, Comfy Chair, are you? Which only made Snape madder in his confusion.

I'm ready to stick you in an electric chair, you insipid child! Snape shouted and Harry let out a mock sigh of relief. Just as Snape was ready to rant some more Ron rounded the corner and stopped before he ran into Snape and landed on Harry, Weasley, what is wrong with Potter? Ron looked afronted.

I didn't exspect this kind of Spanish Inquiztion. Ron said and Harry grinned.

Nobody exspects the Spanish Inquisition! Our cheif weapons are surprise... that's it. Just surprise! The charges are thus, herasy by thought, herasy by word, and herasy by...

Potter shut up! snapped Snape and Ron looked amused.

You got the tapes from Professor Novus, eh Harry? asked Ron with a smile and Harry nodded. Ron grinned, Brilliant! The one muggle thing I'm hooked on thanks to you. How are we going to get a telly and player?

What are you two talking about! Snape yelled and Ron and Harry laughed.

Monty Python! both said as one. Thus Snape got his eye twitch was back.