Tale of the last Dragon Master

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Summary: In the Feudal Era, Kagome comes across a strangely
dressed young man named Tsukasa, who claims to be one of the
last Dragon Mages. He's looking for another member of his race,
a Dragon Master named Cairi Lightstar. While he travels with
them, Kagome transforms. Into what, you ask? You'll just have to
find out...


Chapter One: A description

Dragon Mage Tsukasa Shadowstar
Age: 15
Hair: Silver with a slight hint of purple, to chin
Eyes: Purple
Marks: Orange red cheek marks that look kind of like a / with a
dash at both ends
Dragon: Subaru
Type: Shadow Flame
Eyes: Red
Color: Smoky Purple
Powers: Fire, ice, wind, earth, telepathy, healing, shadow.
Tsukasa's Powers: Mage gift, telepathy, telekinesis, levitation,
farsight, power blast, healing.

Dragon Master Cairi Lightstar
Age: 15
Hair: Silver, with all the shades and tones of the entire color
scale, to knees
Eyes: Silver, with mood changes and power use, add purple, red,
green, blue, or black
Marks: lavender Sesshoumaru cheek marks, white gold sun on
Dragon: Vahn
Type: Mystic Twilight
Color: white with slightest hint of all other colors
Eyes: Sky Blue
Powers: fire, ice, wind, earth, storm, power blast, telepathy,
Cairi's Powers: Mage gift, telepathy, telekinesis, farsight,
foresight, levitation, healing, power blast, storm, fire, ice,
wind, earth, empathy, light weaving, shadow weaving.

Kagome Higurashi
Age: 17
Type: Tenshi Youkai
Hair: White, to thighs
Eyes: Sapphire
Marks: White Cheek marks like Sesshoumaru's with silver eyeliner
Wings: Crystal like
Powers: Telepathy, healing, levitation, miko, energy, Heaven's
Arrow, Rising Star

Age: Looks 17
Type: Inu Youkai Hanyou
Hair: Silver, to butt
Eyes: Amber
Powers: Iron Reamer, Soul Stealer; Blades of Blood; Tetsusaiga

Age: 18
Type: Ningen; Tajiya
Hair: Dark Brown, to mid-back
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Weapon: Hiraikotsu

Age: 19
Type: Ningen; Houshi
Hair: Black, to nape
Eyes: Violet
Power: Kazaana

Age: Looks 5
Type: Kitsune
Hair: Red Brown, to shoulders when down
Eyes: Green
Powers: Fox Fire, shape changing

Age: Unknown
Type: Neko
Hair: Cream w/black
Eyes: Orange red
Powers: Flight, Size shifting

Age: 17
Type: Ryuu Hanyou
Hair: Black w/green
Eyes: Emerald
Powers: Spirit weapons, super speed, telepathy, Dragon Flame

Age: 17
Type: Baka Ningen
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Black
Power: Spirit Sensing, Spirit Sword

Age: 17
Type: Kitsune /Ningen
Hair: Silver or red, to mid-back or thigh
Eyes: Gold or green
Powers: Plants

Age: Appears 18
Type: Koorime Youkai
Hair: Black w/ White, to mid-back if down
Eyes: Ruby
Powers: Super speed, telepathy, Jagan, Darkness flame, mortal

Age: 17
Type: Ningen
Hair: Brown, to chin
Eyes: Brown

Age: Appears 19
Type: Inu Youkai
Hair: White, to knees
Eyes: Gold
Powers: Super speed, cloud thingy, whip, and poison.

Age: Unknown
Type: Dead Miko Clay pot
Hair: Black, to thighs
Eyes: Brown
Powers: Miko, soul stealers

Age: 17
Type: Ningen
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
No Power

That deals with description