Tale of the last Dragon Master

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Summary: In the Feudal Era, Kagome comes across a strangely dressed young man named Tsukasa, who claims to be one of the last Dragon Mages. He's looking for another member of his race, a Dragon Master named Cairi Lightstar. While he travels with them, Kagome transforms. Into what, you ask? You'll just have to find out…








To avoid confusion; I'll be referring to the Youko who's living in the Sengoku era as Youko; and I'll be referring to the Youko who's living inside Shuuichi in the form of Kurama as Kurama except when inside their shared minds.

: … :(Telepathy)


-…-(Language of the Dragonken)

# # (Spells or Flashback)

'…'(Thinking privately)

:) … (: (Cairi talking to her other selves)

(: … :) (Youko and Kurama talking)

() … () (Sounds)

:: ... :: (Singing)

/ … / (Actions)

-"…"- (Language of the Dragonken to those who do not understand it)

Tale of the last Dragon Master

Chapter Twelve: Return of the Youkai Lord, Sesshoumaru!

(()) Kagura's POV (())

'So, Naraku couldn't keep the Dragon Master sealed without Kikyou's added power still on the seal. I wonder what caused the girl to wake so suddenly though?' Kagura was still spying on the group; sitting up in a tree near the hut. She looked down towards the hut and was startled to see the young Dragon Master come outside, alone. Without any hesitation, she walked over to the tree in which Kagura sat.

: Why do obey him? : A crystal voice sang gently through her mind; soft and beautiful. Kagura couldn't help being shocked; why would the Dragon Master speak to her.

: I know you are there, Kagura. Tsukasa knows as well. We have decided that we would not tell the others, however. : The girl was staring straight into Kagura's eyes. She was smiling gently; clearly unconcerned about the hazards of having one of the servants so near by. When she looked into Cairi's eyes, Kagura couldn't help feeling calm and happy.

'This feeling, it's so…wonderful. Like I finally found someone to trust, to care about.' It was like falling into an eternally shifting realm of silver; drawing you forever deeper.

: It is all right. You don't have to be afraid anymore. : Kagura smiled at the calm acceptance Cairi was giving her. Cairi smiled up at her once more, and then walked off into the very center of the clearing. Kagura didn't know what to make of it; the girl was just standing there, watching the sky lighten with the approaching dawn. As the sun began to rise, she fixed her eyes upon it. Holding out her hands, a strange music began, coming from everywhere and nowhere.

'What the hell?'

(()) Kagome's POV (())

Everyone had woken up rather suddenly when this strange music had begun, coming from outside. We went to the clearing to see what was going on, when Tsukasa stopped us from going any further in.

: You cannot go any further; you will disturb her. : Tsukasa's voice was a whisper in our minds; he sounded awed and well, subdued. InuYasha looked as if he wanted to ask just who they would be disturbing, when Tsukasa looked back toward the clearing. Following his gaze, we saw what he was talking about. In the predawn light, facing the direction of the sunrise was Cairi. She had a faint glow around her; she looked so magical. That's when I realized; Cairi was the cause of the music.

: It is beginning. : Tsukasa was still quiet; but the tone of wonder had only increased. That is when a voice; not mental, but real, began to sing.

'Is that…Cairi?'

(()) Tsukasa's POV (())

'I should have remembered the traditions better. I could have given them enough warning not to come any closer.' Tsukasa thought ruefully as Cairi prepared to sing.

'I hope that this is as wonderful as it was at home. For her sake.' Cairi had loved to sing; her songs had echoed across their realm. It was a sign that she was still herself; sometimes trauma changed people.

(()) Youko's POV (())

:: Shine, bright morning light.

Now in the air the spring is coming. :: An ethereal voice had filled the clearing; and for once, the words were clearly understood by everyone. Youko couldn't help but gape; Cairi's singing gave off an aura of great power, gentle and healing.

:: Sweet blowing winds,

Singing down the hills and valleys. :: He heard Kagome gasp in shock as a breeze began to blow through the clearing. He looked at her carefully. Her eyes were wide and her mouth slightly agape.

:: Keep your eyes on me,

Now we are on the edge of Hell. :: The sun rose higher, giving Cairi an aura of light. Youko could smell the shock and awe from his friends and traveling companions. The trees and bushes were now swaying slightly; glowing faintly in time with her song.

:: Dear my love, sweet morning light.

Wait for me you've gone much farther. Too far… :: Youko looked over at Tsukasa. Tsukasa was smiling softly while his eyes were sad. He realized then that the song was starting over, the smell of spring was coming into the place. The ground itself was glowing faintly; hell, everything was glowing now.

'How is this happening…? Why is Tsukasa so calm?'

:: Shine, bright morning light.

Now in the air the spring is coming.

Sweet blowing winds,

Singing down the hills and valleys.

Keep your eyes on me,

Now we are on the edge of Hell.

Dear my love, sweet morning light.

Wait for me you've gone much farther. Too far… :: Cairi finally lowered her arms; the music fading away as she did so. She turned around, starting with surprise when she saw all of us standing there.

: Oh! Um well, I guess you would like to know what just happened…? : Cairi looked down and to the side in embarrassment, blushing lightly. Tsukasa walked over to her, putting his arm around her in a gesture of support.

: We would have had to explain eventually, Cairi. Unfortunately, that will have to wait. : He turned to look at InuYasha.

: I sense Sesshoumaru-sama is approaching, at a very high speed. In fact, : Tsukasa turned toward the west.

: He's already here. : Just as Tsukasa said, Sesshoumaru sped into the clearing, stopping some distance from them.

(()) Sesshoumaru's POV (())

'So, I was right to assume that the Dragon Mage was somehow involved in that power surge.' That's when Sesshoumaru noticed the young Dragonken standing beside Tsukasa.

"Who is the young Dragonken?" He asked, as imperious as ever. Tsukasa looked not in the least surprised, nor did the girl.

: I am Dragon Master Cairi Lightstar, Sesshoumaru-sama. I apologize for any confusion caused by my song. : She bowed her head in acknowledgement, a gesture that he returned in the form of a nod.

'So she is the cause of the disturbance.' He noticed that she seemed greatly embarrassed by the effect her actions were having; in fact she seemed to wish to disappear.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, why else did you come here?" Kagome asked him politely; Sesshoumaru decided she was worthy of an answer.

"I wanted to ask Tsukasa for some assistance, actually." He looked over at the Dragon Mage. Tsukasa gave him a confused look, and Kagome looked questioning. He then gestured to his severed arm. Comprehension entered their expressions.

"Oh, I see. Well, if Tsukasa wants to, I don't see a problem with it." Tsukasa nodded and looked over at Cairi, who gave him an encouraging nod. Secure in the other Dragonken's approval, Tsukasa walked over to Sesshoumaru. He spent a few moments studying the injury, then looked back up into Sesshoumaru's eyes.

: Please hold still. : Tsukasa lifted his hand until it was level with the stub of an arm. Narrowing his eyes slightly in concentration, Tsukasa began to chant in a rhythmic, soothing manner.

-"Tomai telha'ru eta marika ika lonha'di"- Tsukasa was speaking in a soft, gentle voice. The language was not one that Sesshoumaru recognized however. The stub began to glow a gentle green. The same green shone in Tsukasa's usually violet eyes.

-"Tomai aka'ru vara eta dinu youta, Samai Sesshoumaru."- The glow intensified, Tsukasa's voice became more ethereal. An invisible breeze that blew his hair and garments surrounded him.

-"Tomai aka'ru raiko sako lonha'su ika roiko paijuha"- Time seemed to stop as Tsukasa closed his eyes, glowing with indescribable power. Sesshoumaru couldn't tear his eyes away from the Dragon Mage.

-"Teira'ru casau dasi sako'su teihasu"- The glow grew so bright they all had to shield their eyes. When the light finally died down, Sesshoumaru found that he had two arms again. Looking done at his new arm in wonder, he turned to Tsukasa. He was about to say thank you when Tsukasa held up a hand to quiet him. He smiled gently as he looked up into the taller youkai's eyes.

: No need for thanks, Sesshoumaru-sama. I would have done it anyway. : Sesshoumaru shook his head wordlessly; he had to show his gratitude or risk losing his honor. A thought struck him as he remembered the last time they had met.

"I will help you in your quest to destroy Naraku, then." Tsukasa nodded in agreement; Kagome looked happy, and InuYasha looked pissed off. He got into one of his battle stances, ready to pull his sword.

"No fucking way is he coming with us!" Sesshoumaru turned to inform his half brother that no one had asked his opinion, when Kagome rose to the occasion. The Tenshi Youkai took a deep breath, and InuYasha paled noticeably.

"SIT!" InuYasha fell face forward into the ground, creating a hole a few feet deep in his outline. Sesshoumaru smiled a little, chuckling. Everyone turned to stare in shock at him, but he didn't care. His brother, the stubborn, unyielding, indescribably rude sonofab, had been brought down by a simple word!

'That is so funny!'

End Chapter Twelve

Translations for Dragonken language:

Tomai telha'ru eta marika ika lonha'di I call the magic of healing

Tomai aka'ru vara eta dinu youta, Samai Sesshoumaru I ask for the inu youkai, Lord Sesshoumaru

Tomai aka'ru raiko sako lonha'su ika roiko paijuha I ask he be healed of his injury

Teira'ru casau dasi sako'su teihasu Give back what was taken

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