It was late evening in the weasley house hold and Ron was sitting in his room getting very stressed.

"Where is she, Hermione should have been here a whole 3 hours ago." Ron started to pace up and down his pure oak floor,

That's when he heard a knock at his door "" said Ron in an annoyed tone of voice, It was Ginny,

She peeped her head round the door "still hasn't come yet" she said in a wining voice.

"no" Ron said quickly turning from Ginny to the window he picked up his pair of omnocular's that Harry brought him at the quiddich world cup.

He zoomed in on the position of Hermione's house and to his surprise he saw smoke, he didn't like the look of this.

He dropped his omnocular's on the floor and ran out of his room grabbing his wand as he ran. He jumped into his closet grabbed his broom and sprinted out through the front door shouting to his mum "OFF ON A RESCUE MISSON."

His mum was not listening so she just agreed. Ron kicked off the ground on his broom going as fast as his broom could take him he sped towards Hermione's as he got closer the smoke got taller and taller.

Ron passed over forest's and even dodged a plane, as he reached Hermione's house he heard bangs and a scream and he recognized it instantly it was Hermione's and he knew it was not a normal fire...

hahaha what a cliff hanger you wont have to wait as long now