Summary: Raenef decides to keep a diary and writes his deepest thoughts and feelings in it. Eclipse finds it and learns things about his liege that he didn't know… Eclipse/Raenef. Limes.

Rated M for limes.

Disclaimer: Demon Diary and all characters shall never belong to me.

Demon Diary

Part One: The Diary and a Few Noticeable Changes

A teenage boy sat in an expensive chair, dozing off as he attempted to listen to his tutor give him a lecture about complex incantations. His aqua green eyes were half closed, his head resting on his hand.

"Lord Raenef!" the raven haired man yelled while sitting on the teen's desk.

Raenef screamed as his chair tipped back and fell to the floor. "Ow…" he moaned.

The tutor sighed. "Lord Raenef… What I teach is important. You must concentrate on your studies."

"Eclipse…?" Raenef said from behind the desk, still in the fallen chair. "Um… I'm kinda stuck… Could ya, like, help?"

Eclipse went around the desk and helped the demon lord up. The boy smiled at him as he set his chair back up. "Thanks," he said. "Oh! And I'm-" He cut himself off as he remembered that he couldn't apologize. "How dare you mock me, vermin?"

"You're welcome, sire. We can continue first thing tomorrow." He started to walk out, black robes swaying behind him. "Try not to doze off…"

Raenef waved at him. "I'll try!" He watched Eclipse turn to go down the hall, and heard his footsteps fade away. "Phew…" he said, plopping into his chair, "That was embarrassing… But oh well!" He opened the top left corner drawer and pulled out a book. It was small and had a black leather front. "Hm… I think I know what to do with this…" he thought out loud. Words that Eclipse told him two days ago echoed through his mind. He had said them when he was cleaning out his own desk, and handed the demon lord the book.

"Would you like this? It's empty, and I never found any use for it. You can use it for whatever, maybe even write things down that you might forget. But it's up to you."

The teen smiled as he opened the book to the first clean page. He picked up a pen and thought before writing. His eyes widening, he wrote his first words.

'Dear Diary,… wait… That sounds really corny… Remind me to never write those words again…'

Raenef stopped to look over what he had written. "Yep… VERY corny…"

A brown haired boy ran into the demon lord's study. "Raenef…!" he said, stopping to catch his breath. "Erutis… did somethin'… Made Eclipse REALLY mad…"

Raenef stood up. "What's going on?"

"Heh heh…" said the boy, "he's setting everything on fire around her…"

"Oh dear…" Raenef said, walking out from behind the desk. "Lead me to them, Chris." He quickly followed Chris down the hall.

I'll just finish my entry later…

~One Year Later~

Lord Raenef appeared in the middle of Eclipse's study. Behind the large cherry desk sat Eclipse, deep in thought as he scribbles words onto paper. "I came to say that I'm back," the demon lord said.

Eclipse looked up from writing. This Raenef was very different from how he was one year ago. He looked more serious and intelligent, and had even grown a few inches. Otherwise, his eyes were still that gorgeous green, his blonde hair was kept messily on top of his head, and he wore the same style of clothing.

"I pray that the council meeting went well?" he asked.

Raenef nodded once. "Yes…"

"I apologize for not accompanying you, my lord," Eclipse said, slightly bowing his head.

"Your presence was not needed," said Raenef. "I'll be in my study if you need me." With that, the demon lord disappeared.

Eclipse looked down and stared blankly at the paper he had been filling out. Raenef… he thought, You've changed… so much… You seemed fine after Demon Lord Raenef the Fourth came and went, but… recently… He set his pen down to hold his head up with both palms on his temples. Chris and Erutis are gone. I'll never understand why you made them leave… And you act, even look, much more like a demon lord… He gripped his hair and looked up. It's killing me!

He looked over at a large clock that hung on the wall, making him inwardly sigh. Time to be a 'kitchen wench', as Erutis used to put it. "Go."

Eclipse found himself in the middle of a large kitchen. He heard rummaging and turned around. There stood Raenef, halfway inside the refrigerator and moving things around inside of it. "Eureka!" he exclaimed, and he stood up to reveal that he was now holding a blue can. "It's the last one…? Well that sucks…" He turned, to see Eclipse staring at him. "Hello, Eclipse," he said pleasantly, "Are you starting dinner?" The demon lord opened the can and sipped from it.

"Yes, sire," Eclipse answered. "Anything you would like to request?"

"I request that you get more Pepsi Vanilla," Raenef said after drinking more, "I'm drinking the last one."

"We also have Cherry Pepsi in there, my lord," Eclipse pointed out.

"I… I don't like it," he said quickly.

Eclipse bowed his head. "I apologize. I'll start dinner and get your pop as soon as I can."

"Good enough," Raenef said. After saying, "Go", he disappeared.

Eclipse stared at the still open refrigerator. Since when hasn't he liked Cherry Pepsi…?

The raven haired man appeared in the middle of his lord's bedroom, a bundle of white sheets in his arms. He walked over and set all of the fabric on a corner of the large canopy bed, and started taking off the sheets already on the bed. Throwing them on the floor as they came off, he replaced them with the clean ones. Lifting a pillow to replace its case, he found a small, black leather book under it.

What's this? he thought, setting down the pillow to pick up the book. I recognize this… I gave this to him about a year ago. I wonder what he uses it for… Eclipse opened it to the first page and read the first sentence.

"Dear Diary,… wait… That sounds really corny… Remind me to never write those words again…"

Eclipse looked around the room, to see that he was still the only one there. I can't read this… he thought, this is very personal…

But… said a nasty voice in the back of his head, It could tell why he has changed…

True… He flipped through the pages, looking at the dates that were always written on the top. It seems that he doesn't write everyday. He went to the last entry written. Hm. He wrote just yesterday… Will it be safe if I take it? Shrugging, he stuffed the book inside his robes. I'm so sorry, Raenef… Finishing the changing of the sheets, Eclipse went to the laundry room to drop off the used ones, then appeared in his study.

He walked around his desk and sat in his chair. Before taking out the book, he used telekinesis to shut the large double doors that led into his study. Just in case he walks by, he thought. Eclipse reached into his robes and pulled the book out. Once again, he flicked through the many entries written. Hmm… Where should I start…? …Second entry. He went back and went to the second dated page and started reading

"I learned nothing new! Eclipse kept asking if I understood, and I said yes, but I was lying! I couldn't tell him that I didn't understand, 'cause he'd get mad at me. I don't like counting those things on his head when he's angry- the more there are, the angrier he is. And I don't like him being mad at me, 'cause then I think I'm a horrible demon lord."

Oh Raenef… Eclipse thought, going to another entry.

"Sometimes," he read, "I wish I was more like Eclipse. I mean, he knows everything, can do everything, and he acts exactly like how a demon lord should. Why do I have to be demon lord? Why can't he? And some of this stuff that he's teaching me is really confusing. I'll never get it all! I'm gonna be a demon lord failure! And I'll just embarrass Eclipse even more…

"Oh yeah! Chris told me this joke. See, I like Pepsi stuff. And, well, Chris said that girls 'make' Cherry Pepsi, and guys 'make' Pepsi Vanilla. It kinda grossed me out, but I also found it funny. I know one thing- I'm NEVER drinking anything with vanilla in it again!"

Eclipse stopped reading, to find the book very close to his face. He looked behind himself, to see the sun was almost completely gone through the window. After lighting three candles on his desk, he set the book down to close the brown satin drapes. Once sitting down again, he stared at Raenef's diary.

How strange… he thought, the only thing he drinks anymore is that Pepsi Vanilla… Maybe he forgot the joke, got sick of cherry, and now likes vanilla. It's perfectly reasonable.

But! said the second voice that sounded unlike his own, what if he does remember it, and thinks along the same lines you do…?

Shut up! Eclipse shouted in his mind, closing his eyes. He wouldn't… He wouldn't think about such things. He's too young, too innocent… Not even I should think about it- I am his servant and nothing more!

An image floated to his mind's eye. It was just one of many that contained the same contents as all his others. It was of himself on top of a certain blonde haired teen. His face was buried in the boy's neck, the boy whimpering in pleasure.

You are more than his servant, said the voice, you are his friend. And you wish to be more…

The dream still played in his head. The teen's hands lightly scratched his back as he went lower, revealing that the teen was shirtless. He let a moan escape from his throat.

No… Eclipse thought, laying his head on the desk. The dream immediately stopped. His dark violet eyes landed on the black book next to him.

Read on… said the voice, It's the only way to know if he thinks the way you do…

Eclipse stood up, picking up the diary and throwing it in the bottom left drawer. He slammed it shut, making all three candles blow out. I will… tomorrow.

END Part One.