Summary: Raenef decides to keep a diary and writes his deepest thoughts and feelings in it. Eclipse finds it and learns things about his liege that he didn't know… Eclipse/Raenef. Limes.

Rated M for limes.

Disclaimer: Demon Diary and all characters shall never belong to me.

Demon Diary

Part Three: Raenef's Last Entry

"There we go!" Raenef said, putting a book onto his bookshelf. "Last one!" He turned around, to see that his study was in perfect order. "Wow... I tore this place up more than I thought- Oh!" His hand came up to his stomach, which growled loudly. "Hm... I wonder where Eclipse is... He's normally had lunch made by now... Go."

He appeared in Eclipse's dark study. The teen looked around, seeing no man there. "I wonder where he is... Go."

This time, the demon lord appeared in the middle of the kitchen. "Eclipse?" he called, only to be greeted by silence. "Grr! Go!"

Raenef looked around in the courtyard. I'm really getting bored with this... I wonder if he's... "Go."

The demon lord appeared in the middle of a dark room. "Eclipse?" he whispered. A tiny crack of light came through the black drapes, allowing him to see a figure on the bed. He went closer to it, and his heart ached.

There laid Eclipse, shirtless and in boxers. His soft breathing told that he was asleep. Raenef's eyes looked him over, landing on every feature. They then landed on Eclipse's slightly parted lips. Oh... Just one taste... he thought longingly. His face started to come closer to Eclipse's, ready to make their lips collide.

Just a taste... of such perfect lips...

Raenef stopped himself, only centimeters away from his target. He stood up straight and mentally slapped himself. No! I... I can't. He noticed that stray pieces of hair were covering Eclipse's face. Lightly, he brushed them off to the side. Such beauty... His eyes started again to the man's lips. So... alluring... How I wish to know if he felt the same.

He then remembered his suspicion from earlier. Hm... If he knows... Then I just got an idea... Raenef backed away from the bed. "Go," he whispered.

Eclipse opened his violet eyes. Groggy, he sat up and covered half of his face with his left hand. Was I dreaming...? he thought, Or did Raenef come in here and almost kiss me...? His eyes closed. It was real... I felt him brush my hair away... Raenef... Images of the demon lord writhing in pleasure beneath him came to his mind, making him lay down. I wonder when this will come true...

He sat back up, shaking off the daydream. I can't dream right now. I have things to do. He got off the bed and picked up his robes. Hm... He saw me in my underwear... I wonder what he thought about that...

His robes now on, he walked over and flung open his closed black drapes. Afternoon sunlight instantly soaked him, warming every inch of his body. He wanted his diary for a reason, probably wanting to write another entry... I'll get it again...Tomorrow.


"You also have a council meeting at noon," said Eclipse. He was sitting on the end of his lord's bed as he watched him finish breakfast.

"Oh!" Raenef exclaimed after finishing his glass of orange juice. "I completely forgot about that! Is it really today?" He watched Eclipse nod, and he threw the sheets off himself. "Crap!"

Eclipse watched the teen jump up and rummage through clothes in his closet. "Would you like me to come with you?"

"Nope!" Raenef grabbed something that was white and put it over his arm. "I'll be fine. You just stay here, watch the castle, do paperwork, whatever it is you do when you're alone. I gotta go bathe." The demon lord walked up to Eclipse without thinking and quickly kissed him with his eyes closed. Eclipse's eyes widened as the teen backed off. "See ya!" he smiled, and disappeared.

Eclipse stared at where Raenef had been standing, mouth slightly open and his eyes wide. Raenef... I can't believe you... He quickly recovered and stood, picking up the tray that Raenef had eaten breakfast from. He wasn't thinking, that's all, he reasoned with himself, He was in a hurry and didn't even think about his secret. Well... it's not a secret now...

His eyes landed on one of the pillows that lay on the bed. I wonder... he lifted the pillow, and found Raenef's diary again. I swear, he has no thinking skills anymore... He picked it up and set it on the tray. "Go."

Eclipse appeared in the kitchen, in front of the sink. Putting the diary on the counter, he dumped the dishes in side of it. I'll do this later. There's something more important to do. He eyed the black book before grabbing it. I cannot wait any longer... He opened it up and flipped through the pages. The newest written page, the very last one, was dated for yesterday. He read the heading, and his eyes widened in horror.

"Dear Eclipse,

If I'm correct in thinking that you'll read this, then you've probably read the rest of my diary. All of my thoughts and feelings about you aren't secret anymore.

You're probably wondering how I guessed that you'd read this. See, when my diary went missing, it was only after you changed my sheets the other day. When I came to you, you wanted to check my bedroom. Even though I tore it apart and didn't find it, you did. And I noticed after you left, it looked the same in my room as I had left it. It was only a suspicion, but I know that I'm most likely correct in thinking that you had it.

Now, I'd like to talk to you. If you're willing to, on the night that you read this, meet me at sundown in my room.

With all my love,

Raenef V"

Eclipse reread the entry. He knew... He snapped the book shut and held it to his heart, leaning against the counter. If I'm willing... Ha, more willing that you think, Raenef... He smiled as he closed his eyes. More images of himself and the demon lord in a bed went through his mind's eyes.

... My Raenef.


A blonde haired teen slowly paced beside his bed. As usual, his hair was up, held by a light blue hair tie. He wore an almost see-through white shirt with no sleeves and a very low collar that went to the middle of his torso. Matching the shirt was white pants made of the same material, hanging loosely off his hips. His eyes went to the window, where the sky was turning to a dark blue. He began to pace faster.

I know he got the message... he thought worriedly, I checked when I got home. He took my diary again, meaning that he must have read it... He plopped down onto his bed, making the poles shake. Okay, gotta calm down. He'll be here any second now. The memory of himself kissing Eclipse ran through his mind. I need that right now...

He looked up to see Eclipse appear right in front of him. His eyes immediately lit up. "You came..."

Eclipse softly smiled. "How could I not...?" He reached into the collar of his black robes, and took out a small black book. He handed it to Raenef. "I'm deeply sorry that I took this, my lord. I even lied by saying that I found it. Please accept my deepest apologies," Eclipse said, bowing.

Raenef took the book and flung it over his shoulder. He stood up, then hooked his index finger under Eclipse's chin to make him look up. "Don't call me that, Eclipse," he said, looking deeply into pools of violet, "Not now, or ever again. And I don't want your apologies. I'm actually... relived that you know."

Eclipse stood up fully. "Even if I hadn't known, you gave yourself away this morning."

The teen smiled. "Yeah... I was in such a rush, and it was so tempting, I just wasn't thinking."

Eclipse brought his hand up, running his thumb over the demon lord's lower lip. "I admit... that I think about having intimate moments with you... more than I should. But just know... that I love you, just as much as you love me."

"A lot?" Raenef guessed.

"More than that."

Smiling, Raenef went against Eclipse, latching his arms around the man's neck. "I love you, Eclipse..." he whispered before making their lips collide for the second time. Eclipse put his hands on Raenef's hips as he forced his tongue inside the boy's mouth. Raenef quietly moaned as Eclipse explored and massaged his tongue. He decided to fight back, making their tongue battle and lick each other feverously. Raenef's legs shook, hinting that they were about to give out. Eclipse put his arms tightly around him, holding him up as they pressed harder. Raenef felt Eclipse's hardened manhood nudge against his own, driving him over the edge. He moaned loudly before breaking the kiss for air.

"I'm ready," he said breathlessly.

Eclipse looked at him questioningly. "Are you sure? Already?" he asked, thinking that this was going faster than he thought it would.

Raenef nodded, starting to unclothe Eclipse. "I need you... now." Black robes slipped off the man's shoulders, falling to the floor. He looked up at him, his eyes pleading. "Please... Don't turn me down."

In a quick sweep, the demon lord was in Eclipse's arms, and was being carried to his bed. He was set down softly, his head resting on his pillows. Eclipse climbed on top of him and started taking off the white shirt. "I could never do that, my Raenef..."

Hours later, Eclipse collapsed beside a panting Raenef. He stared blankly above them, his hand on Raenef's bare thigh. Already feeling cold, he used his remaining strength to bring the demon lord closer. Raenef laid on his side, using Eclipse's shoulder as a pillow as he caught his breath.

"Raenef?" Eclipse questioned after steadying his own breathing.


"You okay?"

Raenef nodded, nuzzling into Eclipse's skin. "Yeah... Just a little wasted..." He ran his hand over Eclipse's abdomen, to be greeted by a wet substance. Bringing his hand to his face, he realized what it was. "Um... Did I do that?"

Eclipse smiled. "Yes."

"Oh..." Raenef flexed his fingers, noticing how sticky it was. "When did I...?"

"No clue. I wasn't paying attention to that..."

Raenef continued staring at his hand, wanting the substance off. "Um... Eclipse?"

Knowing what he wanted, Eclipse took his hand and started licking it off. Raenef's eyes slowly started closing as he let out a small whimper. Eclipse licked the hand clean before setting the hand on his chest. "Go to sleep now, Raenef," he said softly.

"Mm... Okay..." Raenef cuddled closer, putting a leg over Eclipse's. In only seconds, the teen's breathing evened out and came quietly.

Eclipse rested his head against Raenef's as he started to doze off. "I love you... Raenef..."


Written 7/2/04 - 7/6/04, edited 3/7/12