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Falling in love with someone you neither have seen before nor know what they look like? All Yugi needed to hear was his baritone voice and see his captivate eyes before he knew himself lost. Will Yugi see him ever again? Follow Yugi through the magic of a full moon night and find out. YamixYugi

by Sansi
Chapter 1: Crimson eyes

The crowd danced snappily to the soft rhythm of the music, reverberating through the festively decorated hall. Couple after couple passed a man, standing apart in the ballroom, completely ignored by the dancing lovers, swaying past him. He observed them absently, far too lost in his boredom. The young man was never one for dances, but his presence was desired and an early escape impossible.

It was a lovely night in spring. The days were warm, tempting people to spend their time outside and watching the wakening of the nature. Couples were out in the garden, enjoying the mild May evening and the lovely flowers growing, holding onto each other tightly, and watching the moon and the stars shining on them.

Yugi watched the spectacle bored, sipping from his drink from time to time. The 20-year-old hated balls, disgusted by the amorous play of affection between the lovers. He couldn't understand how they could be so lost in each other, not noticing anything around them.

Yugi tried to spot his friends, who had left him alone an hour ago to spent some 'quality-time' as they called it, with their loved ones. His best friend Joey danced with his girlfriend Mai in the loneliest corner of the dance floor. Though dancing didn't really fit the movements the couple practiced. Mai had her long delicate hands around Yugi's best friend's neck, whereas his hands were around her waist, more in her shirt than outside. Yugi shook his head violently, trying to ignore the foreplay of the young couple.

Tea, Yugi's friend since childhood, stood with her new boyfriend by the refreshments. She had difficulties to not spill the contents of her drink as her friend pressed her against the wall, kissing her neck.

Yugi turned away in disgust. It wasn't exactly their making-out that bothered him, but seeing them so in love with each other, made him crave to have one to share this experience too. Not to mention that there were some things he didn't WANT and didn't need to see his friends doing. Making-out was definitely one of them.

Looking to the band on the stage, Yugi saw the peek of clothing and something white. He turned around, face flushed. Hopefully the other guests won't see that. The 20-year-old slapped his head with his hand, not believing that Bakura convinced his boyfriend Ryou to do 'it' in public. Bakura was a strange character, when the teen thought about it. Not understanding what the shy, sweet Ryou saw in him. But there must be something about this troublemaker that could fascinate Ryou for more than two years.

Yugi let his look wander over the crowd, hoping to find something to keep him busy until his friends decided to go home. He didn't know people here, except his friends. So talking to them was out of question. Even if there were some familiar faces, Yugi could never tell for sure. This party was held every full moon, and every time they had to wear masks. That had something to do with an old legend, but he couldn't remember more details.

His glance halted on a figure in a corner next to the window. The full moon's light played with the silver buckles of his completely black outfit. Otherwise he couldn't see anything else, except the piercing red eyes, reflected by the light. To Yugi's great surprise he wasn't frightened by this dark creature, but somehow attracted, curious moreover. He stood aside from the cheerfulness of the ball, hidden entirely in the shadows, save his deep red eyes.

Maybe he could talk to him? This stranger seemed to be as bored as he was. Confused by the feelings in his stomach, he slowly made his way towards the still figure. Even now, only a few feet away from this mysterious man, Yugi could make nothing more out of his form. It was strange how he could be still invisible in a room so illuminated.

"Ladies and gentleman! May I draw your attention to the film …" a man on the stage spoke, halting the cheerful activities in the hall. Slightly annoyed by the interruption, he turned back to where the man had stood only to find him gone. Looking around, he was more than a little disappointed to not see the dark figure.

Ignoring the sour feeling in his stomach and his disappointment, he turned his attention back to the film, presented on a big white screen. It showed the legend of the moon people, coming down to earth many centuries or even millennia ago. There were many 'Ohhs' and 'Ahhs' from the spectators as the couple overcame all obstacles and found to each other. Yugi, on the other hand rolled his eyes, this story was too sappy. This was sooo cliché and unreal.

Glancing at his clock what seemed the hundredth time this evening, he was frustrated to see that it was only half past ten. That meant that he still 2 hours at least before he could even THINK about going home.

A long walk was likely the right thing to do. At least he could hide from these girls, glancing at him suggestively, hoping that Yugi would to dance with them. He could have laughed at their faces as he declined more or less friendly when they asked him. A few of the girls were really pretty, but Yugi detected that he wasn't interested. The invited females were too snobbish for his liking, wearing too much jewellery and make-up. Not to mention that they had brains as big as nuts, therefore not able to have an intelligent conversation. Yugi gave them the nasty nickname 'mummy's and daddy's little princesses'. He shuddered unconsciously as he thought about a life with a girl like that on his side for the rest of his life. It was enough to give him nightmares for the next week.

Fed up with them he sneaked away, finding a hideaway on the balcony. Once outside, he breathed in deeply, enjoying the fresh scent of the midnight air. But he wasn't as alone as he thought - he noticed that the man with the alluring crimson eyes was outside too. Startled by his sudden appearance, Yugi put his hand over his heart, feeling the fast heartbeat. He hadn't been there before, had he?

Too dumbfounded to move or speak he was saved as the man asked him in his deep baritone voice, "May I have this dance?"

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