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by Sansi
Chapter 4: And who might you be?

Soft amethyst and fiery ruby clashed. Yugi's hand fell back to his side in surprise while he openly gawked at the man before him. They kept looking at each other what seemed like eternity, but were only mere seconds. Only vaguely did he notice the resemblance between the two as Yugi felt himself drowning in the red sea that the other called his eyes. Yugi felt a slight déjà-vu wash over him, but he couldn't put a finger on the feeling and so he left it be for the time being. After all he had other things on his mind that needed his immediate intention - like this gorgeous guy in front of him. Feeling unnerved by the way his body and mind were reacting to those flaming eyes he averted his own while calming his madly beating heart. Gods, he was making a fool of himself.

Finally, after the initial shock passed Yugi remembered the reason why they were both standing in the middle of the pavement and crouched to the ground. "I'm so sorry, I didn't watch where I was going. Are you alright?" Yugi apologised quickly, feeling ashamed while he started hastily to pick up the various groceries on the floor.

White liquid lapped to his feet … so the milk didn't make it, neither had the eggs, the juice or the jam … Oh how he wished a crack on the ground would open and swallow him whole. For once he was actually meeting a cute guy and he left such a horrible first impression.

Either the man didn't hear him or was too pissed to reply to the shorter teen. Whichever, Yugi could feel the heat rising to his face as he practically nailed his gaze on the man's feet. His black boots to be exact.

What would he see when he looked up? Anger? … Absolutely.

Despite his inner voice telling him to take a death run his conscience got the better of him. Instead Yugi slowly stood up and was about to give the few items, which survived the collision when he saw the man's blank expression.

It didn't take a genius to find the reason for the strange behaviour. Across his black leather jacket was a large egg yolk stain. Yugi winced visibly and barely managed to not let the things in his arm clatter to the floor again. That jacket was ruined, wasn't it? As the man elegantly raised a finger and wiped through the yellow substance to bring the yellow liquid to his face to examine it, Yugi covered his eyes.

The guy would kill him that's for sure. He knew in the other's position he would throw a fit.

"I'm so sorry. I … It wasn't intentional … I'll pay you for the laundry and … if that isn't working I'll buy a new jacket …"

Yugi's verbal torrent was cut off short by hands on his shoulder. "Calm down. There is no need to worry. As you said it yourself you didn't do it on purpose so don't feel bad. I think if I wipe it off at home there will be no stain left. See? No harm done!" the stranger's voice washed over him pleasantly.

Yugi nodded relieved not knowing if the stranger was telling the truth. But who was he to complain? Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves he had the courage to look the other in the eye. He smiled up at him gratefully and the other returned the gesture.

An awkward silence settled around them and Yugi tried desperately to think of something to say. Luckily for his frazzled brain, the other decided to take the initiative. "So … I'll be going now …" the other commented.

"Oh ..." answered Yugi sadly. For a reason he couldn't comprehend he felt disappointed that their meeting should already be over. The man bent down to put a few things in a brown bag. Yugi noted the red-eyed man frowning. Following his gaze he saw that there were a lot of things lying around and the guy had only one bag left. Thanking whatever god up there he seized the opportunity before him. The other couldn't get the things home on his own, not with only a single bag.

"You know what! I'll help you get your stuff home. I mean it was my fault to begin with that your bags are torn up … if you don't mind, I mean …" Yugi suggested too enthusiastically to be healthy.

The other studied him for a moment before he nodded. "That would be great. Thank you … ahm" he trailed off expectantly.

Seeing, where this was going Yugi managed "Yugi … my name is Yugi."

"Nice to meet you then, Yugi. I would love to shake your hand, but you seem a little bit preoccupied." He laughed lightly, pointing on the items in Yugi's arms.

Yugi laughed too, though a little embarrassed.

"I'm Yami, by the way." the one, now known as Yami, added before he once again stood at his full height which Yugi now noted was a head taller than him.

"Nice to meet you too, Yami. So… you will lead the way? I don't know where you're living." Yugi commented jokingly. Who would have thought that the incident could turn out this nice?

"Of course. Follow me. It isn't far from here, only two blocks. You think you can manage that?" Yami questioned and Yugi detected a hint of mischief in his voice.

Before the shorter could ask what he meant by that an apple which he had positioned on top of the groceries teetered, about to fall down on the ground. In reflex, he tried to catch it, but it was no use. With his hands full his attempts were futile. He could already feel the other things slipping from his grasp. Yami was a lot quicker and not only caught the apple, but helped Yugi to stabilize the items in his arms too.

Yami had a firm grip on the top grocery in the other's arm, which resulted in his hand being very near Yugi's face.

Whereas Yami obviously thought of it as funny as he chuckled Yugi turned an interesting shade of pink which quickly turned to a deep red as Yami began to take a bite off the apple and Yugi got a few … disturbing … ideas about what else those lips and tongue could do …

"Are we going now?" Yami questioned and brought Yugi back from his daydream. Shaking his head to get rid of the mental images he nodded.

While they were walking the smaller of the two took his time to study Yami inconspicuously from the corner of his eye. At the first glance he thought that Yami and he looked a lot alike and that they could pass as twins, but now he noted the differences in their appearance. As he already noted before Yami was about a head taller than him. His skin was a sun-kissed bronze and even if they had the same hairstyle, which was exceptional on his own, Yami's blonde bangs were pushed back into his black and red hair compared to Yugi's, which were framing his round face.

"Where do you come from, Yami?" Yugi questioned him out of the blue.

Yami appeared a tad bit surprised, but after a quick glance at the one next to him he said, "I'm from Egypt. Why do you ask, Yugi?"

"Well, you don't look like a Japanese at all. I was just curious, but I didn't want to seem too snoopy or offend you …"

The other interrupted him quickly "You didn't offend me. Ask what you like to know and if you're nice I will probably answer you" The last sentence dripped with mischief and Yugi didn't need to look to see the other smirking at him.

Deciding against commenting he took Yami up on his offer "How old are you then?"

"You are a cute curious thing, aren't you! To answer your question I'm 24. But you are a bit unfair I told you so much about myself and I still don't know more about you than your name, Yugi." Yami replied teasingly and Yugi started to wonder if he did it on purpose just to make him blush.

So to even the score Yugi answered the older one's question for a change. When the topic suddenly changed to his job he was delighted to see that they arrived at Yami's apartment and he could duck the issue.

Why he did evade the subject he wasn't exactly sure. It was a simple question, but Yugi was afraid of Yami's reaction. Sure it was a job like everything else, however, to him it meant much more. It wasn't just a job – it made up his whole life. Even so he was anxious of the other's change of behaviour towards him if he would know. It was bad enough that the media and his fans were pushing up the topic to no end.

Even his friends are starting to become wary towards him. They didn't share their problems with him anymore like they used to – mainly because they didn't want their personal lives emblazoned in the media.

That was what Yugi did. His job depended on his advice - and with no love experience whatsoever he studied his friends' relationships to help the people in his show. However, Yugi promised to not discuss their problems in the show anymore and they left it at that.

So for now, he would keep quiet about his job. He didn't want their starting off to be ended before it even begun.

When the time comes he would tell Yami. But he was unsure if that would ever be the case …



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