WARNING: This fanfic is inspired by my very recent viewing of The Borne Supremacy" and will refer to it often, so if you haven't seen it and want to...you may be spoiled... proceed with caution!

ALSO... I LOVE Syd/Vaughn, but have strayed from my loyalty in the name of "the story"!

Unfortunately, I own neither ALIAS nor The Bourne Identity, this is merely my own creative ramblings!

The Bourne Alias


Vaughn had always suspected that there were other products of Project Christmas out there.

And he was right.

What he didn't know was that there were now only two individuals left from the USA's desperate "human weapon" attempts. Two souls from separate projects; strangers, yet identical in nature.

It had been a race of sorts, to determin the most effective method. The assignment to produce living, breathing, thinking, and acting super agents was given to several young CIA hotshots eager to prove their worth.

And while many projects came and went, two held strong, and stayed a well kept secret: Treadstone and Project Christmas.