Hello all, I am back, thank you for all the lovely reviews, I have been swamped with life, but I think I have my second wind and maybe a plot in mind, I am switching gears a bit and the story will be post season 4, well long after actually, a few months, but nothing has really changed in what has already taken place, just the context. This is just kind of a re-entry chapter I have to get back up to speed!

I hope the back and forth between Jason and David and Sydney, Sarah, and Julia aren't too confusing, but I think I have made it clear.

Also, I haven't actually read the Bourne books so I don't know that much about Treadstone, I am just going by the films.

Chapter 3

At seven o'clock sharp super-spy Sydney Bristow walked through the gate of the most perfect picked fence she had ever seen then strolled up the path that led to the home of her dreams.

She uncrossed her arms and let down her guard as she approached the front steps, taking in the picturesque scene around her: this perfect little house, on the corner of a perfect little street lined with other perfect little homes that lead to the perfect town square and the perfect little private college just beyond. And the bells began to chime the time.

The sidewalks were speckled with neighbors walking their dogs, watering their lawns, fighting with their boyfriends, yelling at their kids to stay out of the street. Even the imperfections were perfect.

She sighed a sigh of regret for the life she would never live. Unless, of course, she wanted to go back to Liberty Village, but what would be the point of giving up one life of lies for another? Speaking of living a life of lies, it was time to get down to the business at hand - "Prof. David Matthews." She had to admit she did like his choice of alias.

With a quick pep-talk to herself, she rang the doorbell and a sweet melodic tune could be heard throughout the house announcing her arrival. She waited patiently gathering her nerve and gusto. After a moment of no reply, she tried again.

When he still didn't answer she tried the door only to find it locked, then went to the front widow and peered through but saw nothing out of the ordinary, no sign of struggle. She impatiently tried the doorbell again then stepped out into the yard to survey the house and street.

When she did, a voice from behind startled her out of spy-mode.

"Sarah! Sarah! Oh my God, what are you doing here!"

Before she could ask Jason, no David, if he had lost his mind, they were interrupted by the perfect nosy neighbor and she decided to smile and play along.

"Hello David, who's your friend?" said the curler-covered, grey-haired, busy-body next door feeding her many cats and watering her dying ferns.

Jason didn't miss a beat "Hello Ms. Ruby, this is my sister Sarah, she just surprised me!"

With that Jason engulfed Sydney into a big bear hug and swung her around before bringing her back down to earth.

Catching her breath she jumped into the game, punching him playfully on the arm "Hey big brother… Surprise!"

In no time flat they were joined by the delighted Ms. Ruby. "Oh how lovely, I'll bake a pie, do you like apple or cherry!" At this Sydney grinned from dimple to dimple and lost herself in the dream of Sarah, and Sarah loves "oh apple pie is my favorite!"

"Ha, yeah, one time mom had made like 5 apple pies for Thanksgiving dinner and, uh," Jason stopped mid-sentence to recover from the shock and blow of Sydney elbowing him in the ribs.

"Shut-up, you always lie about that, I did not eat all 5 pies while everyone was napping" she finished the story that neither of them knew the ending to, "I ate one," she confessed with a giggle and a grin. Perfect.

"Hey David, who's your friend?" came a sugary sweet call from a rather sultry woman jogging in the street.

"Hey Marcie, this is my sister Sarah," at this the woman's demeanor visibly changed from suspicion to celebration.

"Well hello Sarah, how long will you be in town? Let me know if you want to go on the town? I'd love to hear stories of David as a kid; I'll bet he was even cuter than he is now! Give me a call!"

She directed her bubbly speech to Sarah but it was obvious that the show was for David, and with a wink she was gone just a soon as she had come.

Sydney cocked and eye-brow and crossed her arms, "well, well, big brother aren't you popular? I just might have to take her up on that offer!"

"No way, I want you all to myself," he replied, wrapping an arm around her neck and giving her a noggie before letting her go, "if you'll excuse us Ms. Ruby, we have some catching up to do!"

"Oh all right, I'll bring the pie tomorrow, get some ice cream, cause I like mine a la mode!"

"Yes maam, will do!" That seemed to satisfy her and she turned to go but not without a final question, "Honey where's your bags, you plan'n on wearing the same thing everyday you're here?"

This threw both Jason and Sydney for a second, but she made a quick recovery, "well I just have one, and it's at the Dragonfly Inn, off the square."

"Oh David, that's a shame, family should stay with family! What is the world coming to, back in the day" she grumbled as she made her way back to her little fortress.

"Your right Ms. Ruby," Jason yelled after her, "we'll go get it right now!"

This earned him a questioning look from Sydney, and once again she seriously considered whether or not he might have actually lost his mind or at least his memory within the last few hours.

"Care to walk a bit?" He asked like it was only natural.

"Sure," she replied with a hint of question and hesitation.

They started to stroll down the now quiet street towards the heart of town. He was the first to break the awkward silence, "thanks."

"Sure, but for what?"

"For adding to my alias, family always adds legitimacy, people love family, especially the people in this town, besides there's no way I would have gotten away with having strange woman coming and going from my house, they'd call a town meeting!"

Syd smiled, "sounds perfect."

He looked over searching for the confidently petrified woman he had seen earlier today in his classroom and was surprised to see her masked with a false sense a peace and overwhelming grief.

"So Sydney Bristow, what brings you my way, did they send you?"

"Do you really think it's wise to talk in the street?"

"Trust me, it's clean, if a person from the next town over dares to venture here it makes the weekly news, we're safe, especially since you are family… sis!"

Not being one for humor he thought his last remark was fairly witty and deserving of at least a grin but when he looked to her for a response he realized she had stopped a few steps back.


"We kind of are family, I mean not really, but in a way, I guess."

This caught his interest and trying to keep up a casual outward appearance for the eyes peering out front windows, he stepped closer as if to press for more.

"We're the last you know."

"Of Treadstone? I don't recall you being on the list, I could have sworn I took care of,"

"No, not of Treadstone, well yes, but no. You and I, we are the last of the Cold War human-weapon experiments."

He had her full attention now, and he was vaguely aware of keeping up appearances, "go on."

"There were two main projects, given to two CIA hot-shots trying to prove themselves or something. It was like a race or competition or sick joke. One project was Treadstone and the other was Project Christmas. I mean both of them did basically the same thing, trained kids to act as weapons. The main difference is that you were created to perform and forget, and I was created to be the perfect 'company girl' I don't get the luxury of forgetting, but then again I was mostly used to gain information, I wasn't trained to just kill per se."

"Well Merry Christmas to you, believe me you got the better end of the deal, some of the 'forgetting' part didn't actually work out as they planned."

They were interrupted by the sound of a honking horn and a car full of rowdy boys coming up the street. "Hey Dr. D, who's the hot chick!"

"Hey, guys, this 'hot chick' is my sister Sarah, so hands off!"

The youthful driver stuck his hands in the air as a sign of surrender, the other guys whistled and offered varying apologies "sorry Ms. Matthews, how were we suppose to know that Dr. D had a hot sister?" "Yeah sorry Dr. D, please don't flunk us!"

Sydney appreciated this brief escape from reality and joined in the revelry "Hey boys, if you're nice I'll try to smuggle out some test answers!"

"Ha, brilliant! So Sarah wanna come to Common Grounds with us, you can make our girlfriends jealous!"

She was almost tempted to comply, she was really good at making girlfriends jealous, but Jason stepped in and ruined the fun, "sorry guys, she'll have to ruin your reputations another day, we are catching up and we just got to Christmas."

The simple remark shook Sydney back to reality, "sorry guys, maybe next time," she said with the huge empty smile she had used millions of times to charm scum-bags the world wide.

"Okay, you're loss, later, see you tomorrow in class Dr. D" they drove of in a cloud of Ben Folds and crude jokes that could be heard long after they turned the corner.

And Sydney stood and watched as they drove out of sight, taking with them a brief moment of normalcy she longed to savor until the spell was broken.

And all too soon it was, because Jason seemed to ready to get to know this stranger before him and the reason he was going to have start all over again.

"So, Christmas."