by Bellanaris
Disclaimer- Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling. I own only the plot.

Summary- The summer after fifth year brings about many changes for Harry Potter. When the light of truth forces away the shadows of manipulations and lies, will the Wizarding World still have their hero?

Warnings- Slash, AU, Minor uses of vulgar language, some violence.

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Chapter 2 - Changes


Harry stared at his aunt, not quite sure if he'd heard her correctly. "D-did you say not human?" Petunia smiled gently at him, reaching over to take his hand. "Yes, love, that's what I said. It's hard to take in, I know. Listen, this isn't the best place to reveal all our secrets. The old man will be sending his spies soon, and I'd rather be gone by that time. Go get your trunk, and meet me in the living room." Still in shock, he did as he was told, silently dragging his trunk and Hedwig back downstairs.

By the time he had made it back down to the living room, his aunt was already changed and waiting for him. Instead of the robes, she was wearing jeans and a blue t-shirt, her hair in a ponytail. An impish grin curved her lips as she waved her wand, his trunk shrinking to the size of a small button. Harry blinked in surprise before picking it up and tucking it in his front pocket. He gave her a tentative smile before following her out to the garage. "Aunt Petunia, how are we getting anywhere? There are anti-apparition wards, and Uncle Vernon and Dudley took the car."

Petunia stopped to look at him, her blue eyes serious. "First, Vernon is not your uncle, just a fat stupid muggle that we are well rid of...second, Dudley is Marge's child, certainly not mine and no relative of yours. Third..." She hit the button on the garage door opener, the door rising to reveal a silver Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible. "...he didn't take the good car." She laughed at the look on Harry's face before grabbing his hand and dragging him towards the car. He had just managed to scramble into his seat and put on his seat belt when Petunia revved the engine and backed out of the driveway. She grinned at her nephew again and put her foot on the gas, speeding out of Privet Drive.

Two hours later, the convertible was the only car on an isolated country road. Its driver glanced over towards the sleeping boy in the passenger seat, a sad smile touching her lips. He was so small and fragile, perhaps 100 lbs at most. An ache settled in her chest at the thought of all Harry had been through in his short life, wishing vainly that she could have changed things. If not for the vow that she had made Tiernan right after the child's birth, Petunia would have taken Harry and left the Dursleys behind years ago. It seemed like only yesterday that she and Lily had found out the truth about their heritage and met their half-brother for the first time. A sigh escaped her lips at the thought of her late brother and sister. /Oh Ti, Shay...why did you have to leave me? I will protect Harry no matter what...I promise./


Rays of sunlight peeked through heavy emerald velvet curtains, shining over the face of a sleeping boy. This was no ordinary boy lying in the center of a huge four-poster bed; this was the famous Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter. He was delicate and fragile in appearance, his skin pale and unblemished against the dark comforter tucked around him. He stirred slightly before his emerald eyes came into view, sleepily blinking open. A small hand slipped from beneath the comforter to rub at his eyes as he sat up, slowly moving to the edge of the bed.

Glancing around at his surroundings, Harry couldn't help but to like the unfamiliar room. The four-poster bed had sheer green bed curtains pulled to the side, and took up a good portion of the spacious room; it was quite unlike anything he'd ever had experienced. His trunk sat at the end of the bed, the wood gleaming better than it ever had before. Hedwig had her head tucked beneath one snowy white wing, sound asleep on a brand new perch set up near what appeared to be a balcony, though the floor-length curtains made it hard to discern otherwise. Slipping off the bed, he paused a moment to raise his arms over his head, stretching with a feline grace...his toes sinking into the plush carpet. A yawn escaped him as he walked over towards a beautiful mahogany desk set against the opposite wall. Rubbing away the last vestiges of sleep, he picked up a note lying on top of the desk and read it.

Harry love,

You fell asleep during the ride here, and I didn't have the heart to wake you. The wards should have kept old Voldie from bothering your dreams last night. In the closet are some new things for you to wear. Perhaps later we can have a little fun starting a bonfire with those rags Vernon dared to call hand-me-downs.

Anyways, take a shower, get dressed, and when you're ready, look for the bell- pull near the head of your bed. When you pull it, someone will come to lead you to me so we can have breakfast and continue our conversation.

Love, Petunia

P.S. If you happen to notice any physical changes, don't be alarmed. I promise to explain everything when you come down to breakfast. And I never break a promise.


Harry smiled and shook his head, setting the note back down on the desk. A twinge of happiness shot through him as he moved towards the closet, still a bit in shock to discover that his family actually cared for him. Opening the closet, the boy giggled at the sight of several pairs of jeans and t-shirts. Quickly choosing an outfit, he bounded towards the adjacent bathroom. The bathroom was even more magnificent than the prefects' bathroom at Hogwarts, and yet Harry paid it no mind as he got ready for a shower. Over the running water and throughout the house, his soft tenor could be heard singing a wordless song. It took him a mere fifteen minutes to wash, being used to rushing to make way for Vernon and Dudley.

It was as he was walking back into the bedroom with just a pair of jeans on and rubbing a towel through his hair that he passed a mirror. Harry stopped short in surprise as he heard a purr escape the mirror, followed by a comment, "Whoa, can stand in front of me all day long!" He blinked in surprise, the towel falling from his now limp hand to the floor. His emerald eyes seemed much more bright and vibrant set against his pale skin, skin that gleamed like moonlight reflecting off a lake. There were hints of a blackish green hue throughout the damp raven locks that now brushed just above his slender shoulders.

He stumbled back from the mirror, tripping over his own feet to fall on his ass to the floor. Shaking his head, he braced his hand on the night stand and got to his feet. A frown crossed his face as he realized that his hand had managed to land on his glasses. Suddenly it clicked in his mind; his glasses had been sitting on the night stand...he hadn't been wearing them all morning, and saw perfectly fine without them. /This had better be one hell of an explanation.../ Visibly shaken, he pulled a black t-shirt over his head and slipped on a pair of leather sandals before pulling the bell-pull.

A small house-elf popped into existence directly in front of him, dropping to a little curtsy. It was dressed in a tiny pink dress and little black shoes. Obviously female, she glanced up at him before stretching out a tiny hand, and speaking in her squeaky little voice, "Good morning, Master. Bella is here to take you to the mistress...take Bella's hand please, Master." Still shaken, Harry reached out and took the tiny hand, only to have his stomach lurch as they were suddenly popped into another room.

"Thank you, Bella...that will be all for now." His aunt's voice rang out across the room, drawing Harry's attention. Petunia was sitting at a small table laden with breakfast dishes, a smile playing on her lips. He waited a moment for his stomach to settle before walking over to join her. But before he could sit in the only other seat, she rose to her feet and enveloped him a close hug. "Good morning, little one." Harry blinked at the endearment, yet hugged her her a tentative smile before settling onto his seat. "Thank you for the clothes, Aunt Petunia." Petunia chuckled as she sat back onto her own seat. "There's no need to thank me. And for Danu's sake, don't call me Petunia. I've always detested that infernal name. My true name gifted to me by my real parents is Shea Aislinn. But you, my dear nephew, may call me Shea."

Emerald eyes blinked a moment before Harry nodded in agreement, "Okay, Shea it is. Aunt Shea, what is happening to me? And if we're not human, then what are we?" Shea gave him a reassuring smile as she filled his plate with large helpings of food. "You are coming of age, love. Each second closer to the time of your birth, a bit more of the old glamourie fades to reveal the truth." She gave him yet another smile, setting a tall glass of cold milk before him. Harry stared at her for a moment before picking up his fork and stabbing a piece of fried egg.

Each were silent as they ate breakfast, Shea adding more to her nephew's plate before he could finish. He looked up at her in exasperation, shaking his head. "Aunt Shea, there is no way I can eat anymore of this! I'm stuffed. never answered my question." Shea set aside her fork, gazing at Harry in a most serious manner. "We are the Tuatha De Danaan. Ours is the line of Esras, the Great Druid of Gorias. For millenia, our family have been the guardians of one of our peoples' four great treasures. It has passed from parent to child, father to son, and mother to daughter. And when you come of age, it will passed to you."

The sound of metal hitting china resounded in the small dining room as Harry's fork slid from his limp fingers. He closed his eyes for a moment before speaking, his voice holding a hint of hysteria. "It figures. First I get stuck being the Boy Who Lived. Now I am being told that I will be the guardian for some mystical treasure. Next you'll be telling me that my name isn't Harry James Potter!" Shea looked at him, remaining silent to give him a chance to calm himself. "Well, in all honesty, James Potter was not your father, but rather your uncle. And his birth name was not James Potter, it was Tiernan Edan. His human family named him James, and loved him dearly. They were not aware that he was not theirs. Lily was your real mother...and her true name was Shaylee Edan."

The boy blinked before burying his face in his hands, his slender shoulders trembling. So many questions popped into his mind, but he didn't know which one to ask first. Harry lifted his head to find that his aunt had moved around the table to sit next to him, her arm coming around his slender shoulders. "W-who is my father then? I swear if you say Snape, I'll scream!" Shea's arm tightened around him, drawing the distraught boy into a comforting embrace. "Shaylee wouldn't have touched that snarky bastard with twenty mile long pole, love. Your father is a great man, even if he doesn't remember everything yet. You should be proud to have Sirius Black as a father."

Harry pulled away from her in shock, his emerald eyes wide and the blood draining from his already pale face. "Sirius? Sirius was my father?! Sirius is DEAD, Aunt Shea! DEAD! I killed my own father!" His voice trailed off as he sank to his knees, bursting into silent tears. Shea ran to him and gathered him in her arms, crooning softly into his ear. "You didn't kill him, love. Calm down, and tell me what happened..." Sniffling, the poor boy trembled violently in her arms, clinging to her tightly. "V-voldemort tricked me with a vision. I went to the Department of Mysteries, thinking to save Sirius...but he had already been safe and sound at Headquarters. A-and because of me, h-he came to the Department of Mysteries to save me...and he f-fought Bellatrix Lestrange. S-she knocked him through the Veil with a spell! He's gone forever!"

He began to cry again, but Shea shook him lightly. "The Veil? Harry! This is very important. What spell did she use?" The boy blinked away tears, staring up at his aunt blindly. "I don't know...the light was red though..." Gentle fingers brushed over the boy's cheeks, wiping away tears. "Red, hmm? Probably a stunner. Sirius isn't dead, Harry...just lost. The Veil is a very special gateway, and very few know its secrets. Do not worry anymore...we'll get your father back." Harry stared up at her, searching her face for a long moment before nodding slowly.

"Now, go freshen up, and meet me back here in ten minutes. We need to work on your image a bit, love." Shea gave him an impish grin as she tugged him to his feet. "Once I'm through with you, you'll be the epitome of dashing good looks..." She swatted his bottom lightly, herding him towards the door.