Chapter13: Race with death

Saga was in his guarded room when he sensed two scents lingering in the air. He stood up and tried to distinguish them. "Mould Dust, someone let it loose in the sanctuary!" he said before closing his eyes. "And blood Augustus's blood and a lot of it they're in trouble!"

Two guards were assigned outside the Arch Bishop's room. The security had tightened ever since Sigmund had killed a priest.

"I feel odd." Said one of the soldiers.

"Me too I cant…I cant...erk..."

The two guards started gagging and coughing before they fell dead on the floor. From the shadows a hooded priest stepped out. then walked towards the door to the Arch Bishop's room. Slowly, he opened the great oak doors.

"Who's there?" called the Arch Bishop looking at the door

The priest took off his hood then spoke "Hello Arch Bishop, how nice is it to see you… Well, at least for me."

"AUGUSTUS AND DARSHON ARE IN TROUBLE! THE ARCH BISHOP"S LIFE IS IN DANGER LET ME OUT!" shouted Saga banging his fist the door as he desperately tried to alert the guards.

"We're not falling for that assassin you just stay in there." Called back the guard

"But poisonous moth dust was set loose in the sanctuary and a lot of Augustus's blood is carried in the air. I can smell it!"

The guard put his nose in the air and started sniffing.

"I can't smell anything, you're making stuff up."

"Listen here you idiotic Son of a bitch I'm telling the truth and people's lives are in danger."

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" shouted the guard who banged back at Saga.

Saga clenched his hair and started kicking at the door.

Saga coiled the chains around his fists "SONIC BLOW!"

He started delivering High-speed punches at the door causing it to brake down.


"Shut up!"

Saga lunged his finger at the guard's neck and hit a nerve which rendered the guard unconscious

"Now where do I go?" Saga thought to himself 'Save the Arch Bishop or Darshon and Augustus?" Saga smelt the air again.

The poisonous moth dust was lessening but he wasn't to sure that the arch bishop was safe but the smell Augustus's blood had gotten stronger meaning that more had bled out."

Saga stood there thinking for a while. He scrunched up his eyebrows and looked out the window. The assassin sped away to the direction of the north gate.

"Ranulf! You're supposed to be dead!" shouted the Arch Bishop backing away from the wall.

"Supposed to? You did kill me! My soul had died on that day you killed Katie, along with her. I had nothing else to live for. But…from that death something came alive…a savage thirst for revenge." Said Ranulf through gritted teeth

"Ranulf, may I please reason with you? I'm sure we can come to a compromise."

"Reason with me? You want to reason with me? You got some nerve you old fuck bag."

Ranulf pulled out his sword mace and slammed it on the Monomer's face knocking him out.

Saga skidded to a halt then stopped to get Darshon and Augustus' location through scent. He slid down the Cliffside and landed near the cavern.


There was now answer other than that of his echo. He looked around seeing nothing but the river and the cliff.

The scent of blood got stronger from the cliff so Saga went near. He entered the cavern, it was cold and damp nothing seemed suspicious save the hole Darshon had punched through the floor.

Saga jumped into the hole and was immediately carried by the current.

"Hang on Augustus" urged Darshon.

"I'm telling you Darshon save yourself already I won't make it." Answered Augustus who was already very pale.'

Darshon stood up and looked around. There was no way out unless he was strong enough to fight the current and carry Augustus at the same time.

He squatted on the ground and swirled the water with his fingers while he was thinking. He heard a feint sound that was getting louder by the second. Looking up he saw Saga shoot out from the hole they entered in and fall into the lake.

"Darshon! I found you."

"Saga! You don't know how nice it is to see you. Come help me, Augustus is hurt."

Saga pulled out a heal clip from his pocket "Here I stole it from a mage while we were walking towards the sanctuary.

Darshon grabbed the heal clip and placed it on the collar of his shirt. The enchanted accessory bestowed upon him slight healing abilities.

Darshon got Augustus's sword then slit his palm. "I cant replace the blood he lost I have to give him some of mine. Darshon placed his palms over Augustus's leg. "Heal," he muttered.

White light showered from Darshon's palms and soon both their wounds were closed.

"Now we can get out of here," said Darshon.

Monomer slowly opened his eyes he felt the sharp pain at the side of his head where Ranulf had hit him. He tried to rub it but he couldn't move his arms because he had been tied to a chair.

"Had a good nap Monomer?" asked Ranulf with a smile on his face.

Monomer looked around and saw Ranulf sitting on a chair beside the fireplace.

"Let me go you maniac! If you kill me they'll all come after you! I order you release me!"

"I don't think you're in any position to pass out orders," Said Ranulf "As you can see you're the one tied to the chair while I am free to roam around this room."

"What is it that you want? Money? I'll pay you handsomely if you release me."

"You will pay me…yes. Only, with your blood instead of money."

Ranulf stood up, sword mace in hand, and then walked near the fireplace. He laid his sword mace in the flames and waited for it to heat. He slowly twisted it over the roaring fire

"The saying goes Revenge is a meal best served cold." Said Ranulf while he surveyed his white-hot sword mace. "Though, in your case…scorching."

Ranulf walked up to the Arch Bishop. To Monomer this was the longest wait of his life each step seemed like an eternity.

"Feel the flames Monomer, the rage of the flames that killed Katie are reborn in my weapon today. To give me the chance to make you feel what Katie felt." Said Ranulf raising his sword mace over his head. "Good bye Monomer. I guess I'll be seeing you in hell."

He brought down the white-hot sword mace and Monomer's wail of agony echoed around the sanctuary.

"Quick we don't have anymore time, He could be with the Arch Bishop right now!" Snapped Darshon as he swam up against the current to get to the surface.

"Do you mind telling me who is behind all these killings and who the guy in the cemetery was?" asked Saga

"Ranulf Filial, who was believed to be dead. Well, apparently not. It turns out that Monomer had his beloved killed and it pushed him to insanity. So now he's come back for the only thing they didn't take away from him…his revenge."

"RAAGH!" Monomer's faced was burned and slashed. "That was a wrong move Ranulf." Monomer said in the side of his mouth. "You have alerted every guard in the sanctuary."

"I think not, all the guards are impossible to disturb. You shut up I don't want to hear anything from you anymore."

"Go to hell Ranulf you and Katie can both go to hell." Shouted Monomer before he spat at Ranulf.

Ranulf slammed his sword mace at Monomer's jaw ad broke it, but didn't stop there. He continued battering Monomer violently with his heated sword mace.

Darshon, Saga and Augustus finally got out into the cavern. Soaking wet, Darshon decided to get to the city as soon as possible.

"Augustus we go to the Arch Bishop immediately. Saga you go alert the chivalry " instructed Darshon

When Darshon and Augustus reached the entrance to the sanctuary, Darshon jumped in front of Augustus and knocked both of them down.

"What is a matter with you! The Arch Bishop is in danger if you remember!"

"The place is infected with poison we'll die if we enter."

"Great! What now?"

"I can compress the fumes into a place using my telekinetic powers but you have to go in alone and I can't hold it for long."

"Fine, Give me the signal when to run."

Darshon raised his palms forward and slowly the dust started collecting into a ball in front of him.

"Now Augustus!" he shouted

Augustus ran at Darshon's signal

"How much time do I have?" he called back

"A third have an hour maximum, but I don't think I can hold it that long!"

Augustus ran up the stairs to the Arch Bishop's room. Every second counted, every movement he made that delayed him could've have meant the Arch Bishop's life,

Darshon was weakening, holding together a mass that filled the entire sanctuary was very draining. Slowly some fumes were escaping from his telekinetic hold. Then, he couldn't hold it together any longer he feinted from the over use of his psychic powers and the fumes seeped back into the sanctuary.

Augustus kept running to the Arch Bishop's room not knowing that the poisonous fumes were already flooding in the air around him.