Chapter 14:Ending Memory

Augustus clenched his chest when only small amounts of air started entering his lungs. He ran faster so that he would be able to reach the Arch Bishop but his right leg fell asleep and he had to use his lance to push himself forward. He could see the Arch Bishop's room through the water in his eyes.

"I have to get there," he thought to himself

It drained him so much just to take a step forward. One would already doubt if he would make it. He collapsed on the foot of the Arch Bishop's door wheezing and only inches from death.

"I can't die. Not here, not without honor in my blood." He said through gritted teeth.

Augustus rammed his lance down the floor. With one and at the end he used up all of his strength to push him self up, Then he through himself at the door to break it down.

At once the air cleared and he spat out the poisonous fumes when he had entered the Arch Bishop's room. He pushed himself up and saw Ranulf standing over the Arch Bishop who was already dead. The afternoon sun slowly descended down the horizon while the moon was met by yet another rainstorm.

"Ranulf it's you! You're the real killer."

Ranulf turned around but did not look Augustus straight in the eye.

"Yes, I am. Revenge is what pushed me to do this to them. They killed Katie whilst her innocence and even had the nerve to try and bring me back to priesthood after. I wanted all of them dead and I wont stop till all of them are."

"I can't let you kill again Ranulf, even if it means having to fight with you. You killed Anna your friend and a lot of innocent people. You're no better than those that you're after.

Ranulf grabbed his sword mace from the table and swung it at Augustus. A clash of metal meant that Augustus managed to block Ranulf's attack.

"Stop this Ranulf! This isn't you." Said Augustus. He pushed Ranulf back and held his lance at a defensive position.

"No one understands!" shouted Ranulf. He started delivering blows after the end of each sentence. "I didn't want to be a priest any more! I wanted to be with Katie! But they didn't let me! They had to kill her instead! Is that justice? Tell me Augustus is that what Katie deserved?" Ranulf fell on his knees and started crying.

Augustus let go of his lance and knelt on one knee beside Ranulf. "No it wasn't. But to kill makes just like them and Katie doesn't deserve to have her beloved be like those who killed her."

"I'm sorry Augustus." Said Ranulf.

Blood splashed on the wall and Augustus fell down on the floor with a knife lodged on his chest.


"Because I have to kill them or my soul shall never be silenced and those in my way shall die as well. Even you."

Darshon ran inside accompanied by Saga and the entire pronteran chivalry. He saw Augustus lying on the floor.

"Get him!" ordered Darshon.

Ranulf dodged one knight before smashing the window with his sword mace and jumping out.

The chivalry ran down stairs and pursued Ranulf.

"Go after him I wont last," Said Augustus with blood running down from his mouth.

"Don't say that you'll be okay. I still have a healing clip with me." Darshon put his palms over Augustus' wound "Heal! Heal! Heal!" but it didn't o anything because a heal from a heal clip wouldn't compare to that of a priest's that could cure even the worst of wounds."

"You have to finish the Job Darshon I'm counting on y…" Augustus died without finishing his sentence. Darshon bowed his head and closed Augustus' eyes.

"Rest in peace my friend. You died with honor for country and chivalry, a seat in the hall of heroes is rightfully yours."

Darshon stood up and looked out the window. The rain had gotten even stronger and was now accompanied with strong winds. He could see glimpses of the chivalry chasing Ranulf who had stolen another pecopeco.

"Let us finish our assignment," Said Darshon. He jumped out the window and started falling feet first down to the pavement. Just when he was about to hit the ground he hovered instead. He flew up the window "He's going back to the cavern meet us there." He told Saga before flying towards the chivalry.

The rain was splashing on his face as he shot through the air. Darshon dove down towards the Captain of the cavalry.


Head him off towards the cliff. If he falls again make sure his dead." With that Darshon flew higher again.

Ranulf looked back and saw that Darshon and Saga had joined the chase and he knew that he had to delay them or he would be caught.

As he passed through the canyon exit he pointed back and shouted "HOLY LIGHT!"

An orb of white light shot from his palm and hit the keystone, which started a landslide.

Ranulf clicked the reigns on his pecopeco to make it go faster. Taking advantage of the delay he had created.

"Darshon a landslide up a head!" shouted Saga who was running on the mountainside.

Darshon flew to over the cavalry and positioned his hands at his side "JUPITEL "THUNDER!" he shouted.

A ball of electricity shot at the boulder and pushed it away from the cavalry. Darshon pointed at another rocky and cast the same spell to keep them from hitting anyone. He was running out of energy and the rocks still kept falling by the dozen.

"Darshon unshackle me! I can help!"

Darshon froze in mid air allowing some rocks to fall narrowly missing the knights. He was in the same position he was before. Why couldn't he unshackle Saga? He had a fear inside of him, with no explanation how he feared releasing Saga. Why he asked himself why couldn't I do it? Then he realized that the risk of Saga escaping was also a risk of his pride and name being destroyed. He was the only one who had captured Saga and he wasn't that great of a wizard as well. Being the captor of one of the most dangerous criminals was his only reason for being praised.

"DARSHON NOW!" shouted Saga interrupting Darshon's thoughts.

"I have to finish this assignment for Augustus my Geffenese pride means nothing today." Darshon thought to himself.

He swooped down, got the key from his pocket and took off Saga's chains.

The manacles fell on the ground with a loud thud. Saga felt like he was relieved from the weight of the world. He cherished his moment of freedom.

"Come on Saga stop the landslide!" shouted Darshon.

Saga ran at the knight closet to him and stole his sword in one fluid motion.

The rocks began falling faster and in more numbers making it very difficult for the cavalry to maneuver through the canyon.

Saga jumped from one small boulder to the other in effort to reach the rock that's would stop the avalanche. He landed on the mountainside then slashed clean through a large tree. The tree fell down in precise timing to knock the falling boulders nearer to the mountainside.

"DARSHON NOW!" shouted Saga.

The wizard placed his hands over his head. Blue light started collecting between his palms forming an orb. "FROST NOVA!" he shouted. The blue orb shot at the rock in the center and exploded causing the temperature around the target to decrease very rapidly. Icicles started forming between the rocks holding them together.

Though the landslide was stopped the falling boulders had blocked the exit and it was impossible for the pecopecos to ride over it.

"We can still catch him," said Darshon as he landed on the top of the rocks. Saga ran up the rocks and stood beside Darshon.

"Come on there's no time to waste," said Saga as he ran down the other side in pursuit of Ranulf while Darshon followed in flight.

They spotted Ranulf riding ahead. Darshon pointed towards the sky and shouted "THUNDER STORM!" The sky slowly swirled and light flashed behind the clouds. The first lightning bolt struck at Ranulf. "Kyrie Eleison" muttered Ranulf. A barrier formed around him and protected him from Darshon's attacks. More lightning bolts were hurled at him but the barrier left him unharmed.

Ranulf reached the edge of the cliff. The night when he first fell there was exactly like this. It was raining just like tonight and the chivalry was behind him…just like tonight. The rain was so strong and the soil was loose his pecopeco had slipped in the mud and plunged into the raging river below, while he had managed to hold unto a tree root. He had held on as tight as he could but the rain was splashing directly on his face so he couldn't see anything. Suddenly, the root snapped and he fell into the water. He could still feel how cold it was then, like being stabbed by knives in every single part of your body. After that he passed out before waking up in the underground cavern.

Ranulf snapped out of his flash back when a lightning bolt struck the cliff edge he was on causing him to fall off his mount. The pecopeco fell and he was about to as well when Saga's arm reached forward and caught him by the sleeve.

"Pull yourself up!" shouted Saga.

Ranulf didn't speak; he just looked up at Saga. "How could this man who was chasing him be helping him now?" he thought to himself. "The man whose friend he had killed. An assassin even, along time enemy of both the Pronteran church and government."

"Quick, pull yourself up!" shouted Saga once more, snapping, Snapping Ranulf out of his thoughts.

Ranulf grabbed Saga's hand with his other hand and was about to pull himself up when he heard a voice, which he had longed for the past three years-Katie's. He looked down and saw Katie standing by the riverbank. She was calling him to her, could this be an illusion? Has his longing to be with his beloved driven him to insanity to the extent of hallucinations? He didn't care though her love was what he wanted-it was what he needed.

"Katie I've been yearning to see you once more." Shouted Ranulf to his hallucination. He let go of his intentions to pull himself up and desperately tried to get down.

"Darshon! Help me pull him up!" shouted Saga

Darshon landed beside Saga and helped him pull up Ranulf. But Ranulf wriggled and twisted so much it was very difficult just to get a hold of him.

"Let me go please! I want to be with Katie! You've held me from her for to long. Why don't you just let us both be? Can't you see we love each other?"

"He's talking crazy!" said Darshon.

Ranulf grabbed a stone from the mountainside and slammed it on Saga's hand so hard he broke it. Saga fell back clutching his hand accidentally letting go of Ranulf.

Darshon jumped down the cliff and swooped down in an attempt to catch Ranulf. Darshon extended his arm forward he could already touch Ranulf's fingers but it was too late. Ranulf fell into the water while Darshon had to pull up if he didn't want to be carried by the river.

Ranulf was sinking down to the bottom of the river when he opened his eyes and saw Katie.

"At last we can be together again." Said Katie

"Yes my love, after all this time. I can finally be with you." Answered Ranulf. He placed his hand on Katie's cheek. And even though she was only his hallucination it soothed his tortured heart and allowed him to die happily.

With his last breath Ranulf uttered the words "I love you till the end of time. I will always love you." And with that he sank to the bottom of the river smiling and happy for the first time in three years.

Darshon watched as Ranulf's body sank down with no air bubbles finding its way to the surface and with that he knew Ranulf Filial was truly dead.

The church bells rung meaning that the sun was already setting. Darshon and Saga were standing in front of a tombstone in the cemetery that read.

"In memory of General Augustus D. (Drastor) Loreador."

"He gave up his life for country and chivalry. His is a rightful seat in the hall of heroes"

"So what are you planning to do now that you're free?' asked Darshon.

"I don't know, the assassin guild must have already heard of my help to Prontera so I can't go back there. I guess the only thing to do is start a new life." Answered Saga whose hand was on a sling.

"Well, I wish you good luck wherever the wind may take you." Darshon laid his hand on Augustus's tomb "Good bye my friend your name shall never be forgotten."

Darshon and Saga walked away. And as the sun was setting some light gound it's way to the grave beside Augustus' that read.

"In memory of Father Ranulf Filial CP (Church of Prontera)"

"Was brought back to life by an undying love and an undying hatred"