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Warnings: Yaoi – Gk/Vg

Notes: This is the sequel of To Hell Together, but you actually don't need to have any knowledge of that story. You can get by with the brief summary below. The things you need to know: this is set after the fight with Buu. Goku and Vegeta are still married to the women (Vegeta's divorce is in progress, and Chichi has her own lover). Goku and Vegeta recently realized that they are in love with each other (I'm sorry, but their first time already happened - If you want, you can read the first story ;)) and they've been together for about two weeks (they are still not mated). No one except Piccolo knows about it. Vegeta is very protective of Trunks and has panic attacks from time to time. And yes, Saiyan males can get pregnant (during heat).

Summary of To Hell Together:

After Buu was killed, Goku came back to a peaceful life. But it lasted only about half a year. At a party at Capsule Corp., Vegeta attacked him. During the fight, Vegeta went Super Saiyan Three for the first time. Even so, the fight was bloody, and Goku had to knock him out. Goku decided to take him to his old house (where he and his grandfather Gohan lived) to take care of him and clear up the situation. The situation turned worse when he found out that Vegeta had panic attacks from time to time. It turned out that Vegeta had been eaten by his love for a 'third class moron' and his jealousy of his son, Trunks. Vegeta's envy made him think that Goku was purposely trying to take Trunks from him, turn him against him. But eventually Vegeta and Goku got everything sorted out. After they talked, Goku let slip that Chichi had a lover behind Goku's back while he had been in other world. Goku was suffering from guilty nightmares that centered on him being Oozaru and killing his grandfather. After some tense moments and irritation, Goku and Vegeta decided to live together.

Come Together

by chayron (lttomb yahoo com)

Part 1

Something wasn't right. Something really wasn't right. The feeling in his stomach made him forget his companion and rise from the ground. It seemed that even the wind had begun to blow harder in his face as if to urge him on. Urging him where? Why? To do what? Something simply wasn't right.

"What's wrong, Goku?" King Daraf asked, noticing that the Saiyan wasn't listening to him.

Goku looked around one more time. He didn't know what he expected to see. The planet was small. If someone had come close, he and King Daraf would have noticed. Except the two of them, there wasn't anyone else around. No one. Green grass, blue sky, quiet. Weird…

Goku shook his head. "I don't know. I feel strange. I'd better go home."

"But you just got here. You have traveled two months to get here, and now you are going back?"

Goku nodded his head seriously. "I really need to go." Then a sheepish smile appeared on his face. "Actually it took me only twenty minutes to get here. I'll be coming back soon." Goku nodded his head again, this time for goodbye, and put two fingers to his forehead, concentrating on the farthest planet he could sense.

The planet he was on was very far from Earth. He couldn't go straight to Earth; he had to jump from planet to planet. This took time.

King Daraf cocked his head to the side, watching as Goku disappeared. Then he felt it too. "No, you won't be coming back soon. Let's hope you'll come back at all," he whispered to the tearing wind.


Goku appeared near the Capsule Corp. He looked around and realized that the feeling in his gut was right. Something had happened. Suddenly, he felt an incredible power surge and immediately flew towards it. On the way, he quickly gauged the situation. Vegeta was at level three. Gohan was Mystic. Goten was Super Saiyan. He could feel Piccolo, too. At top speed, Goku rocketed past half-destroyed buildings, impossibly enormous crates, and blazing trees.

Soon Goku saw the enemy. Darkly dressed creatures flew all over in the air, chased by Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, and Piccolo. Definitely not humanoids. Actually, they resembled dogs. The creatures were about Goten's size, with pale skin and red long hair.

Goku reacted immediately. He blasted one of them who had been foolish enough to come too close to him. He ascended to Super Saiyan Three. He joined Goten and Piccolo, who seemed to have been attacked most. "What happened? Who are they?" Goku shouted, clearing the space around them.

"Someone kidnapped Trunks! These things were left behind to stop us from following!" Goten shouted in anger and grief, breaking one of the creatures' skull.

"What?" Goku felt rage building in his chest. He glared fiercely at the last creatures that were attacking Vegeta and Gohan.

Goku, Goten, and Piccolo hurried over to Vegeta and Gohan, who were fighting back to back. They didn't seem to be having any trouble. After they had finished off the last of the pale creatures, everyone landed on the ground.

"Who…" Goku couldn't finish his question because he was slammed into the rock behind his back.

Vegeta attacked him again. The prince hit him in the face, sending him flying through the air and making him to take several trees down with him. "Where have you been? Where?" Vegeta screamed attacking Goku again.

Goku shook his head at Gohan, who was flying towards them. He blocked Vegeta's punch. "Stop it! I told you where I was going!"

Gohan stopped and furrowed his brows. Since when did his father report to Vegeta?

"Can anyone explain to me what happened here?" Goku had to shout over Vegeta's and his own roaring power.

"Vegeta seemed to recognize the man who kidnapped Trunks. He was first to meet him. We came later," said Piccolo, telling Goku everything he knew before going over to the rest of the Z fighters. They had landed nearby, and all of them were asking questions about what happened.

"You idiot, moron, fuckhead!" roared Vegeta, not lessening his assault on other full-blooded Saiyan. "Where were you? Where?" Vegeta screamed, shouted, and cursed at Goku, wreaking his furry and despair. "Why did you leave us?"

Goku grabbed Vegeta and crushed him to his body. He didn't let go of his prince as Vegeta hit him over and over in the stomach and chest. It hurt, but he didn't dare let go. "Vegeta, listen to me! Don't waste precious time! Get a hold of yourself! Who is he? Where is he?"

Vegeta's assault stopped, hair fading back to black. The prince hid his face in Goku's chest. His shoulders began to shake. Goku felt wetness straining through his gi. He swept his hand through Vegeta's hair, heard his comrades gasp, and didn't pay any attention to it. He only waited for Vegeta to calm down.

"That was Norayn. He'll kill Trunks. Oh, Gods… He'll kill him." Vegeta found it hard to concentrate. Something in his mind was shouting that he must stop babbling and take action, but the feeling of despair overtook him completely. Vegeta felt his legs giving in.

The others watched in disbelief as Goku stroked Vegeta's back, wrapped his arm around the prince's waist, and sat on the ground, gently pulling Vegeta into his lap. They were all surprised that Vegeta didn't even raise a finger.

Goku lifted Vegeta's face from his orange gi. "Who is Norayn?" But Vegeta's eyes didn't seem to see anything. Goku immediately recognized the signs of an oncoming panic attack. He scooped Vegeta into his arms. "Meet me at my old house!" Goku told the others, before vanishing from sight.


Goku ransacked the house, trying desperately to find the right bottle. Where? Where did he put it the last time? He put in a safe and easy to find place! Where in hell did he put it?

He heard Vegeta gasp in the other room. Goku threw the cupboard contents in the middle of the kitchen floor. Any longer and he would have a panic attack himself! Finally he spotted the blue bottle in the sink. What idiot put it in here?

Goku hurried back to Vegeta, who was thrashing on his bed. He sat next to the prince and cupped his head. He emptied a third of the bottle into his mouth then put his hand over Vegeta's mouth, forcing the prince to swallow.

After Vegeta's awful coughing subsided, he slowly began to calm down. His struggling lessened. Vegeta's panic stricken eyes closed, and when they opened again, they concentrated on Goku. Goku felt Vegeta lean into him and held the prince closer. He felt Vegeta's tail wrap around him.

"How do you feel?"

Vegeta snorted at him. "That freak kidnapped my son. How do you think I feel?"

Goku felt despair behind the words. He slowly rocked Vegeta, ignoring the Z fighters gathering into the house. "Who is that asshole? He'll pay dearly for this! Do you know where he is?"

Vegeta shook his head and freed himself from Goku's embrace. He stood up and went to the window. "Norayn is a sorcerer. A warlock probably. He is dangerous: powerful and deadly. I have scars from my last battle with him." Vegeta unconsciously touched his side. "If not for Frieza, I would be dead now."

"Why did he kidnap Trunks?" Piccolo asked. He was the only one who was able to think clear. Everyone else was shocked by Vegeta and Goku's 'strange' behavior.

Vegeta was still staring at the lime tree outside. "Because I killed his son."

"Shit!" Goku cursed. "And now he wants revenge."

Vegeta nodded. "He came here looking for me. He found Trunks and me at Capsule Corporation. But after I had gone Super Saiyan Three, and Trunks Super Saiyan, he couldn't do anything. But he heard how Trunks addressed me. And when he felt Gohan, Goten, and Piccolo approaching, he left and simply took Trunks with him."

"What do you mean, 'simply took'?" Goku shook his head in irritation, looking at Vegeta's back. One couldn't just take a Super Saiyan against his will.

"Norayn is a mage. The kid has no experience with that magic stuff, and I wasn't able to brake through the Mortins in time."

Goku understood that Vegeta was talking about those pale creatures. "What is he going to do with Trunks?"

"Probably torture and kill him. Then send me his head."

Goku felt Vegeta's fear and moved closer to him. He laid his hand on the prince's shoulder, pulling him to his chest. "We dealt with Babidi. We'll deal with this one."

"Babidi?" Vegeta laughed sadly. "No. Babidi was nothing."

"Then what do we do?" Goku was afraid of the answer he might get.

"Ask for help," Vegeta said, but Goku felt how his prince tensed under his arm. "I'm leaving Earth tomorrow morning," Vegeta notified everyone, his back still to Goku.

"I'm coming with you," Goku stated flatly. The spaceship Bulma had designed was for two people. There was no way Vegeta was going alone!

"No," Vegeta shook his head fiercely. He felt hope and something warm in his heart because of Goku's suggestion, but at the same time he was afraid. He couldn't risk Goku's life.

"Yes," Goku insisted, turning Vegeta to face him. He understood that this wasn't because of Vegeta's pride. It was because Vegeta valued him. But he valued Vegeta, too!

"No, I am going alone!"

"No way!" Goku shook his head, realizing that this might take some time.

"Who do you plan to ask for help?" Piccolo interrupted their little word-spar.

"The Fire Clan. They might know where Norayn hides."

"What's the Fire Clan?" Goku asked everyone's question.

"A clan."

"Vegeta!" Goku threateningly growled at the prince.

"They are a clan of warlocks and warriors. Individually, they aren't problematic and easy to deal with. But five or ten of them together can accomplish almost anything. They consider Norayn an enemy. At least they were at each other's throats when I saw them last time."

"Will they agree to help you?" Piccolo asked.


Goku gasped.

"But I have to try."

Goku stared at his prince shocked. "How can they refuse? It's a child's life we are talking about!"

Piccolo eyed Vegeta suspiciously. "If you are Norayn's enemy, they shouldn't flatly refuse."

Vegeta nodded. "The clan is almost saintly when it comes to morals. They fight for justice, at least how they understand it; they are pretty simpleminded. They help the injured and all that other bullshit. But they will refuse to help me."

"Because of your reputation?" Krillin asked, moving into the middle of the room and sitting at the table.

"No, they will refuse because I killed their princess about fourteen years ago." He paused. "Oh yeah. And four other clan members, too." Vegeta turned back to the window. He felt so sorry. He wished he could escape from his past. His past actions were surfacing again. And now his son was involved.

"Surely the clan will kill you if you go back to them," Piccolo stated softly, narrowing his eyes at Vegeta.

"No, they respect the white flag. They won't do anything before they appraise the situation. Most likely, they'll just ask me to leave."

"Would they really let you go?" Gohan couldn't believe it.

"Yes," Vegeta nodded.

"Vegeta, don't lie!" Goku crossed the distance between them again. The prince was shivering. It was perfectly clear that he had no idea what would happen. But no matter what would happen, he planned on being with Vegeta. "I'm coming with you, and that's final!"

Vegeta snorted, not turning around. "I don't want to have any more blood on my hands than necessary. Especially yours."

"Vegeta, you forget the Dragonballs," Gohan interrupted them. "The Earth Dragonballs need half a year to recharge. The Namekian ones need ten months. But they could help."

"They won't resurrect Kakarott. He has died too many times." Vegeta turned to face Goku and looked in his eyes. "This means I am going alone. If I don't return in six months, collect the Dragonballs and bring my son back to Earth. If he is dead, resurrect him."

Goku crossed his hands and looked down at Vegeta. "Fine. Now shut up. I'm coming with you!"

Krillin crawled under the table. Gohan got ready to defend his father. Yamcha moved closer to the door. Goten stared at his father open-mouthed.

"You, idiot! Can't you understand? I don't want you to die!" Vegeta shouted at him. He wanted simply to knock Kakarott out until he left the Earth.

Goku calmly watched Vegeta, still with his hands crossed. "That's my decision, Vegeta. I care for Trunks. I care for you. I'll go no matter what."

Vegeta let out a shaky breath and leaned on the windowsill. "You have died too many times, Kakarott. If you die there, you die. You cannot come back." Vegeta was desperate. He heard how his voice took pleading tone, but didn't care. He just wanted him to understand.

"I know," Goku nodded calmly. "But you are asking me to step aside and ignore it. I can't do that, and you know it. Remember when I said I would kill anyone who would dare threaten you? I wasn't just saying that. I don't care if there is a bigger chance that I will die than rescue Trunks. I would rather die trying than to sit on my ass and not try at all. You know that, Vegeta."

Vegeta sighed, finally giving in. "Call Bulma and tell her that we are taking the spaceship. Don't say what for. Just tell her that we need it." He knew that that Bulma was his son's mother, but he also knew that she would be hysterical. He couldn't deal with that right now. He even couldn't cope with his own hysterics. "Tell her tomorrow when she comes back from Greece and we are gone," he instructed the others behind Kakarott's back.

He smirked when he saw that the slow pokes had finally begun to understand that there was something between Kakarott and him. Vegeta had been perfectly aware of the inquisitive glances directed at him the entire time Kakarott and he had been talking. Now they were all staring at Kakarott and waiting for some kind of explanation, but Kakarott just took out his cell phone and went to the kitchen to make a call. Any other time, Vegeta would have made a great show out of this. But right now all his thoughts were concentrated on Trunks.


The next day, Goku and Vegeta could be found preparing the ship. Actually, everyone was involved. All the Z fighters helped to excavate the ship from under the Capsule Corp. rubble. Chichi helped to prepare the dinosaur and fish Goku had caught. Some of them brought other food supplies and such.

Finally, everything was done. Vegeta and Goku went to their house. Vegeta was tired. All day he had been in an emotional turmoil. The fact that he was dragging Kakarott with him into possible and probable death didn't help. Kakarott wanted to know more about Norayn and Fire Clan, but Vegeta simply wasn't able to take it any more. He was thankful that, after he had explained that they would have two weeks until they reached the planet the Fire Clan lived on, Kakarott left him in peace.

Vegeta tried to get some restful sleep, but his thoughts whirled about Trunks. Never in his life had he felt so useless and helpless. He was the second strongest being in the universe, and he wasn't even able to protect his own son. He was afraid to even think what Norayn might do to Trunks. Norayn was notorious for his cruelty and vengeance.

Vegeta started when warm, strong hands wrapped around him.

"Shh…it's only me." Goku pressed his body to Vegeta. "You need to get some sleep. Your ki feels funny."

Vegeta sighed. "I know." He leaned into the comforting warmth the other Saiyan offered. He closed his eyes in contentment.


At dawn all the Z fighters gathered at the spaceship. The parting was short but lifted everyone's spirits.

And thus the quest began.