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Getting to Know You

Ch. 1

Hermione's POV

I looked at Harry's sleeping form and I started to cry. I was so scared about what those stupid Death Eaters had done to him! As I continued to sob, Ron put his arm around me and pulled me into a warm hug. Had I not been so scared for Harry, I would have enjoyed his gesture. Though Ron could be so thick when it came to everything else, he was sweet when I needed him (sometimes). As I tried to just stay thoughtless in Ron's embrace forever, my mind drifted to last night and the cause of harry's unexplainable injury.

Remus and Mad-Eye had taken Harry, Ron, and I to a wizarding restaurant just outside of London called The Broken Wand. It looked pretty grungy but Mad-Eye insisted that the food was good enough.

We entered and found a table at the back of the room. After a couple of minutes the a surly-looking waitress with an alarming beehive hair-do came over to take orders. "Wat can I get cha dolls?" She evidently couldn't see Mad-Eye's face very well in the dim lighting and with of the bowler hat because he definitely couldn't be called a doll. We quickly gave her our orders and set about making conversation. "So Potter," Moody growled, "How've you been doing in Quidditch lately?"

Before harry could answer, the 'ding' of the restaurant's door opening reached their ears and three hooded figures entered. I saw Harry look up with fear etched in his face, but then ease slightly when one figure stumbled. "Posture, Avery." drawled an all to familiar voice. Lucius Malfoy, a man called Avery, and the other Death Eater walked over to a table in the opposite corner.

The waitress shuffled over to them and asked what they'd like they'd eat. I was shocked why I was able to identify the third Death Eater. It was the reedy voice of Walden MacNair, Buckbeak's supposed executioner. I looked wide-eyed at Lupin and he nodded reassuringly, he too knew whom we had stumbled upon. I glanced at the others; Mad-Eye's hand was clutched on his wand inside his robes, Harry was mentally preparing himself for a fight, and Ron had a look of anger and disappointment (probably for not getting to finish the rest of his food) on his face, which, once again, I would have thought cute had the surrounding not been so tense.

The Death Eaters must have noticed out silence (they and ourselves were the only ones in the restaurant) because they were all staring at us. Mad-Eye tilted his and the candlelight caught his magical eye, making the blue iris gleam. Malfoy dove his hand into his robes for his wand, but Harry was too quick and scorched his hand while Lupin flipped the table next to us over to shield us from wandfire. I pulled out my own wand and hopped off of the chair and sent a Stunner towards the Death Eaters. Avery used the shield Charm and Ron pulled me down before the returned hex hit me. Random spells went across the room for minutes until finally our sturdy blocking table split. Splinters flew in every direction and as the Death Eaters were shielding their eyes, we all sprinted for the counter.

Harry dove last and was hit by Malfoy's Stunner and MacNair's Cruciatus Curse at the same time. He slumped immediately half way hidden from view. I screamed and Ron and I tugged him behind the bar. Lupin (who was crouched across from me) got a half-crazed look in his eye and brimming with tears he stood up and performed some fast spell work, knocking the Death Eaters flat.

He was still cursing them when Mad-Eye grabbed his arm. "It's alright Remus, you got 'em." Lupin jerkily bent down to check for Harry's pulse. Apparently he found it because he looked at me and said, "Oh Hermione, what would I do if I lost Harry? I-I mean I've lost my parents, James, Lily, and Sirius and I don't..." he trailed off. I leaned over and hugged him. Poor guy, I had thought, look at what all he's been though! It's no wonder he looks way older than he should, it's stress...

We had tied up the Death Eaters and rushed Harry to St. Mungo's. I held on tightly to Ron until the Healer came over to tell us it was time to leave...

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