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Getting to Know You

Ch. 2 The Dark Mark

We made our way back through London via sidewalk. It was getting late and my feet were dragging. Mrs. Weasley and Lupin were escorting us back to Headquarters. I asked Mrs. Weasley for the time and she said it was eleven o'clock though it felt more like two in the morning. I felt my eyes drooping and shook myself. Ron was walking next to me, looking at the lights of London in wonder, and I watched him until I realized I was drooling.

I looked away hearing the sound of sirens. Police cars were racing towards the middle of town. "Where do you think they're going?" I asked Lupin. "Oh, probably some Muggle fire or something pretty trivial." Somehow I didn't think so, and suddenly our worst fears were confirmed. The Dark Mark appeared over a tall house about five blocks away. "Oh no."

We raced down the slowly filling street while Mrs. Weasley disapparated to Headquarters to tell the others. We finally wriggled though the crowd to the front of the house, and small 'pops' told us that the Ministry and Order members were arriving. Some were trying to clear the streets and others were shouting over the noise at the Police. The building had caught on fire, and the eerie glow of the skull and snake burned menacingly against the night sky. A Hit Wizard squad had arrived and was now searching the smoky building. Mrs. Weasley apparated beside me and then screamed as she pointed out something hanging out of a window. An arm was waving frantically on the highest floor.

Agonizing minutes passed as the Hit Wizard squad made they're way up through the burning building. The arm disappeared and no sooner had the whole Squad made it out then the house collapsed.

I recognized the person that was saved from the fire. It was Susan Bones from Hufflepuff House, looking very scared and burnt. I ran over to her with Ron tagging along behind. "Oh Susan! What happened?" I asked. "I-I, Auntie, our house!" she said and burst into tears. A Hit Wizard turned to me. "Are you Miss Bones's friend?" he asked.

"Of course! Can't you see how concerned I am?" I shouted.

"Oh, sorry. Well Miss..."


"Miss Granger, from what we can gather, Miss Bones's house was attacked by Death Eaters with the intent of harming Susan's aunt, Amelia Bones. They have succeeded."

We had returned to Headquarters about an hour later and Susan had been taken off to 's. Dumbledore had come by and was in a meeting with the other Order members. Unfortunately, they had once again put an Imperturbable Charm on the door so the Extendable Ears were useless. Ron was ranting about not knowing anything and Ginny was in a huff as she sat silently in a corner.

Finally, I had had enough and told Ron to shut up and I stalked off to my room. That night I had meaningless dreams filled with the burning house and a smoky image of Ron's face...

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