This story has been reposted for the errors it had in it. If you have red this, don't read again. You missed nothing.

"So, we're all here, huh?" Yusuke said watching each, Kuwabara, Hiei, Botan, Keiko, Yukina and Shizuru.

"But what the hell is keeping Kurama!" he puffed in annoyance looking around at the fair. A lot of people were gathered there. Meio High school fair was obviously a very popular event. Well, I guess geniuses do a better job at these things, he thought, mildly annoyed. Like they needed the money! Hah! But it seemed to be a big social event, Yusuke came to the conclusion.

There were a lot of different booths around, but Yusuke didn't even get to sniff the ramen booth or others, when Keiko dragged him to the promised place. Which, getting back to the problem at hand, was Kurama's suggestion. Well... invitation. He had given them free tickets to get inside, told them to meet at this 'stage' and then didn't showed himself.

Yusuke was actually surprised that Kurama had done anything like this. It's not that they didn't spent time together, but the redhead had invited everyone. ::I guess Koenma couldn't make it:: he thought briefly.::Kurama had said that his family was coming too, but promised to hang with us. Weird. Why had Kurama bothered inviting them at all? And what's more; How the hell Kurama had gotten the feisty fire demon along too?!::, he thought.

Yusuke looked at Hiei, who was a little farther eying his surroundings, the only visible action that showed that he wasn't that comfortable with all this crowd. Keiko and Botan were chatting something about smells - ::perfumes, I suppose:: - while Shizuru listened half-heartedly, smoking, and looking around as well. Kuwabara was telling Yukina a story, something about having had a dream which they were together watching the moon, suggestively. Yukina however missed the meaning behind and smiled gently saying that she liked the moon, witch she wished to watch sometime together with her brother if she ever would find him. Kuwabara's face dropped. Yusuke suppressed a laugh at the look and glanced at Hiei. Nothing. He was still looking people, his hands in his pockets, with a little annoyed frown. ::I think he didn't hear:: , Yusuke thought.

"So Hiei" Yusuke started, turning to Hiei, he being the sole person available. He shot Yusuke a glance as if warning him from saying something. ::So he had heard::, Yusuke thought, but paid no attention otherwise.

"What have you been doing?" he asked in a conversationally tone, continuing. The short boy shot a despising look at Yusuke and snorted.

"None of your business." With that he turned to resume what he was doing. Killing people with his death-stares. Not that anyone was even aware of that, except those who happened to look at him, for his odd clothing. Though meeting Hiei's glare, they soon founded something more important to look at. But Yusuke had to admit that they had their point. Black, seemingly heavy, cloak and a scarf(!) wasn't exactly your first choice at a bright, warm summer day. Okay, the scarf was white, but still! Why couldn't he wear casual clothes like all the others? Even Yukina did, though she would look normal even in her kimono.

"You really don't own more clothes then those, huh?" Yusuke said. It was more of a statement than a question. Hiei shifted his death-glare to Yusuke, frowning dangerously.

"So?" he asked quietly, his deep voice sounding like a grumble from an awoken bear. "Better than yours." he stated, measuring Yusuke from head to toe, eyeing his blue jeans, white T-shirt and the red jacket then turning away again.

"What?!" Yusuke shouted. He walked to Hiei and grabbed him from the collar and raised a fist.

"Say that again and..." Hiei merely watched Yusuke.

"Hn. And?" he snorted and pushed the detectives hand away from his collar. The others had froze to see, what Hiei would do in public, but breathed now again a little more freely.

Hiei looked up to Yusuke and stated calmly. "Do that again and I'll kill you."

Keiko hurried to hug Yusuke's hand tightly to draw his attention and calming him a little. "Maybe we should get our seats now. The show will start soon and there won't be any chairs left if we don't go." she reasoned looking at Yusuke who frowned.

"But we should wait Kurama. He said to meet us at 2.30 P.M. He shouldn't be that late." he fought the idea.

"Baka" Hiei said unexpectedly, startling everyone with his deep voice. "Kurama said that the show would start at 2.30 and that he would meet us here. That's two different things." Everyone stared the boy. Shizuru dropped her cigarette on the ground and stomp on it.

"Guess he's right. Let's go." she said ready to leave.

" 'Neechan!?" Kuwabara yelled and looked his sister like she had just grown an extra head or something.

"Yes, Kazu-chan?" Shizuru asked steadily.

"You're actually agreeing with that shrimp?!" Kuwabara spoke in disbelief. With a swish movement of a fist and a smack, Kuwabara suddenly founded himself on the ground with a sore spot in the head.

"Now. Shall we?" Shizuru asked in a suppressed tone, forcing a smile, an eyebrow twitching. Keiko giggled and leaded Yusuke to the seats, followed by a steady Shizuru and an (also) giggling Botan. Hiei glanced at his sister, but went to take a seat too, when he noticed her leaving behind. Yukina leaned to Kuwabara.

"Kazuma-san? Are you okay?" she questioned him with her sweet and quiet voice. Kuwabara sat up rubbing his head and shot a look to his sister's direction. Shizuru failed to notice. She had already gotten seated along with the others. They were occupying an entire row with a couple of empty seats reserved to Kurama or others. Kuwabara raised his eyes to Yukina and grinned goofily.

"I'm fine Yukina-chan! Because you're with me." he stated smiling widely a hand behind his head. Yukina looked at Kuwabara a little confused.

"Do you want me to heal you?" she asked hesitantly, not understanding. Kuwabara stopped laughing.

"N-no!" he stuttered and quickly stood up, blushing.

"Shall we go?" he asked trying to cover up the situation. Yukina relaxed when she saw that he was all right, and nodded smiling. From his seat, Hiei snorted disapprovingly.