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koorime - ice maiden

Yoko - a fox demon, the species that Kurama was/is, whatever.

ningen - human

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"Indicates speech"

: :Indicates thoughts: : (I think all of them are actually Hiei's. Thought you ought to know. Might help.)

; ;Indicates telepathy; ;

Chapter 5: The conclusion

The song ended.

: :This is stupid. This is just plain stupid. I should've just kept my mouth shut.: : He thought darkly to himself as he watched the previous band getting applause and starting to leave the stage. : :But I just had to say something to him, when he was almost gloving. And of all people to give him more ego boots! My sister.: : He would've growled if it wouldn't be too obvious.

"Hiei! Come on, it's our turn." Yusuke yelled to the slightly shorter boy. The fire demon followed silently, holding up the rear. : :And I can't back off now. That would be considered as cowardice. Thought, it's a win-win situation to me. If we don?t win, I get to have Kurama as my personal servant for a whole week and if we win, I'll be getting my and his share of that money. And the thing I'm spending on is that sweet stuff ... Ice cream.: : He smiled widely. In his mind. God forbid, he would never show it to anyone how he actually enjoyed the situation. : :All this and I only have to sing. Stupid ningen. Thinking that it's hard.: : The half-koorime smirked at the thought. He was good at everything and was just about to show it to that over-confident fox. It was going to be fun.

They all got up to the front of the stage as Hiroko, the announcer girl, told their name and made a few suggestions at what could it mean. She was right as she guessed the rose to be Kurama (he was slightly uncomfortable at this point, Hiei noticed) and the other singer to be the dragon, and that was as far as she could go before she got it completely wrong. She made hints to the audience that maybe they were arguing over a girl. Or that someone had finally tried to beat Minamino Shuichi. : :Not completely wrong, ningen girl. I am beating someone but that someone is Kurama, not any weak ningen.: : Hiei mused to himself arrogantly but said aloud only 'Hn.' Though, Kurama did got the message.

"We'll see how well you beat me, Hiei." The red head winked to the boy and seemed to have more confidence now on the stage. He was actually doubting that the fire demon even knew what kind of situation he was in. ; ;Don't forget.; ; Hiei told him, his lips immobile. ; ;What will happen if we don?t win...; ; Kurama got a trifle paler and glanced to the boy next to him. The fox suddenly realized what kind of situation -he- was in. If Hiei didn't know how to sing and they lost because of that... But still, he had taken the bait. He couldn't resist the challenge when the fire demon had told him through mind-waves that he was going to be beaten. ; ;So you noticed finally why I talked about this competition for so long?; ; He herd again that familiar voice, this time layered with smug. Yes, it was to keep his thoughts out of the outcome. Witch was lose-lose situation to Kurama. Well, not exactly. It was a lose-win situation to his human side and a win-lose to his Yoko side. He really didn't care about the money and the other one... If he knew the feisty half-koorime, that shouldn't be too hard.

Then they both snapped out of it when Hiroko ended her speech and they stepped forward on the spotlight. The green-eyed beauty made the introductions of the band again and Hiei stood quietly arms crossed at his chest, holding the magnifier-thingy a.k.a. the microphone in his left hand. They had thought left to be better than getting more-that-needed attention to his bandaged arm, now that he wasn't wearing his cloak. Iwasaki had insisted so that he wouldn't look so dark and scare the audience away. Hiei had no idea how the love-struck ningen had gotten him to take it off, but now he was standing there with the blue sleeveless shirt that he had had the whole time under the cloak (A/N: He's always on the blue one! ¨grin¨ I just love it the best.) and a light blue collar shirt on top open, witch Iwasaki had lend to him. Or more like forced it to him. If it wasn't for the whole 'mustn't kill humans' -rule, Hiei would've already carried out one or two of his plans.

Hiei and Kurama positioned themselves back to back, turned little to the audience and as the red head closed his eyes, so did the half-koorime, but kept his senses sharp. Kuwabara started the counting with his drumsticks, even though Hiei had his objections about it. But they had said that as the drums always start so it meant that Kuwabara starts. After the three clicks they made the orange top and Iwasaki started. Soon Shizuru joined with the tambourine and not long after Yusuke came in too. All the other instruments quieted down when Keiko started playing the melody very skilfully with only Kuwabara's help. When it came to Hiei's turn, they were secretly all holding their breath. In the last moment the fire demon raised the microphone, opened his eyes and stepped forward.

"Kaze ga hashiru. ore wo yobu mugon no harike-n (The wind races, a silent hurricane calling me)" Hiei's low voice was melodic and beautiful on it's own dark way. Though no one noticed, except he, Kurama was pleasantly surprised of his skill and a trifle of a smile was playing his lips almost unnoticed.

"Are wa sain. kessen no aizu darou (It's probably a sign, a signal of the decisive battle)" he sang. Kurama stepped more forward than the half-koorime had, to show it really was a battle.

"Sou kono inochi yori. aa omoi yume wo (Yes, the day has come for the dream)" The red heads voice competed on it's glory against his shorter friend's. He raised a hand to the audience like he had on his previous performance, Hiei noted.

"Kanaeru tame no hi ga kita saa (That?s more important than my life to be fulfilled)" Kurama's fan-club was swooning all over the place and screaming his name in excitement. But there was only two at the stage, and had their eyes on only each others. But not in that way. : :So he wants to play hard?: : Hiei thought smirking in his mind. They both directed at the same time their attention to the crowd in front of them.

"Kokoro no mama ni tada Fighting to dream (With my heart like this, I'm just Fighting to dream)" They sang together. "Dare ni mo jama sasenai (I won't let anyone get in my way)" Their voices fit perfectly, Kurama singing a bit louder and more clear and Hiei making the song more smooth and sensual with his deep voice. "Unmei nado jibun de kimete yaru (We can decide things like fate for ourselves)" They both glanced each others a smile tugging the fire demons lips and the fox openly pleased, a twinkle in his eyes.

"Kaze no you ni tada Shooting to dream. kako no itami tachikitte (Like the wind, we're just Shooting to dream. Cutting off the pain of the past)" Hiei relaxed a little and they turned to sing to the audience in unison. "Kono te de ima mirai mo kimete yaru (we now decide the future with our own hands)" Their performance was getting more attitude the minute. "Get a chance!" Kurama grabbed the air in front of him to demonstrate the sentence. Then it was Keiko's turn to glow on the spotlight with her exclusive skills.

"Kizudarake no yume ga ore wo karitate'ta (The painful dream spurs me on)" Hiei had came to the conclusion that he had to win the fox in his own game and closed and opened his eyes like on feeling and raised his hand like Kurama had before. "Hieta mune ni nokoru hi wo aoru you ni (as if to fan the fire left in my cold heart)" He brought the hand to his chest where humans had their hearts to make a significant gesture. He showed a few faked expressions to get the audience think he was emotional on the song. Easy. But then...

"Sou atsui omoi ga aa mune wo tataku (Yes, burning emotions resound in my heart)" Kurama stepped a half pace to front and showed loads of feelings from his face as the song went by. "Maru de kienai arashi no you ni (like an unending storm)" The movements he made with his hands were more than the shorted boy could ever create spontaneously. Hiei frowned in his thoughts. : :Is he still trying to win this?: :

"Yasei no mama de ima Fighting to dream (Like the wilderness, we're now Fighting to dream)" Suddenly it was like the two competing had came one. "Zetsubou nado houmutte (Burying despair and such)" They moved in unison so perfectly that Yusuke could've sworn they had practiced it together before, if he didn't knew the real story. And that would be that they had decided everything -today- and he was with them the whole time. Besides, wasn't this supposed to be some kind of a match? "Kemono michi wo hageshiku hitabashiru (we run fiercely, swiftly down the path of the beast)" At this point they had taken a half step to their sides for more room to get the mirror-mimicking correctly.

"Kaze ni natte ima Shooting to dream (Becoming the wind, we're now Shooting to dream)" They shot their hands up, lowered them in front, closed their eyes and all this at the same time. "Hoshii mono wa jiyuu sa (Our desire is freedom)" They brought their arms close and opened their eyes, the same time. "Oretachi kono kokoro wa damasenai (We can't deceive our own hearts)" Both of them looked dead serious eyeing the audience. "It's truth!" Then they both moved to their sides with matching pace when first Iwasaki played a little then Yusuke came in front to keep a solo of his own. He stretched the limits of his playing never leaving the key and showed that even he could do something well if he wanted to. Then the two demons decided that it was their turn and stepped in front of him to sing again.

"Kokoro no mama ni tada Fighting to dream (With my heart like this, I'm just Fighting to dream)" They hold their microphones gently with both hands and closed their eyes. "Dare ni mo jama sasenai (I won't let anyone get in my way)" Both were immobile but tapped the rhythm, Kurama with his right and Hiei with his left leg. "Unmei nado jibun de kimete yaru (We can decide things like fate for ourselves)" At this they finally opened their eyes and looked absolutely serious at the audience. "Kaze no you ni tada Shooting to dream (Like the wind, we're just Shooting to dream)" They raised their free hands and swept the sky. "Kako no itami tachikitte (Cutting off the pain of the past)" They brought their hands to their hearts and clenched them to a fist in perfect sync. "Kono te de ima mirai mo kimete yaru (we now decide the future with our own hands)" They sang their last line with determination and pulled the fists down. "Get a chance!"

Hiei and Kurama waited patiently until the song ended. After that they smiled to the audience Well at least Kurama did, and they relaxed again. Hiroko came to take the cheering as the band 'Rose vs. Dragon' retreated to the back once more.

"Wow!" Yusuke exclaimed. "It went really well, didn't it?" He asked smiling. Kuwabara nodded enthusiastically and started explaining how he himself had really played well. Yusuke took this the wrong way and started to debut about their skills. Soon it became something of a fight. Before Kurama, or anyone else, had to go between them, Botan and Yukina came back to them and suddenly Kuwabara wasn't in any condition to fight anymore.

"Who won?" Hiei asked gruffly from the girls as he handed the shirt back to Iwasaki and drew his own cloak on. Their heads turned quizzically to the two girls that had been in the audience to find it out. The ferry girl and the koorime looked each others and seemed to be troubled.

"Is there something wrong?" Kurama asked nicely. They glanced him uncertainly then again to each others. Yukina shrugged to Botan to give her the authority to whether tell or not, what ever they were so concerned about.

"Well, the thing is" The blue haired girl turned to the eager ears. "We're not quite sure." She ended brightly. They gave her a puzzled look.

"What do you mean?" Kurama asked.

"Yeah! Who's side were they? It's cant be that hard to tell." Yusuke said questioning loudly.

"But we don't know!" Botan cried furiously. "We thought that Kurama would win, because he's the schools most popular guy. But as you guys were on the stage, Hiei managed to score at least a half of them to his side. I guess some people like his dangerous look." She glanced him measuring his looks. Then she brightened up again. "And his voice! Did you hear? He can really sing!"

"I'm right here, you moron." Hiei growled to her. This made her wince slightly. Kurama chuckled.

"Well, I have to say, I was surprised too." The green eyes sparkled mischievously as they watched the shorter demon.

"So it was a draw then." Kuwabara spoke in. "Guess you can't beat Kurama in his game, after all, shrimp." He mocked the fire demon. Hiei's brow furrowed.

"It was merely his looks and previous reputation that we were even." The ruby eyed boy said back. Kuwabara decided to leave it that but continued to smirk.

"Kurama." Botan said suddenly, before he could comment Hiei on the 'looks' part and she guided him to a more private area. "You really should be more careful." the ferry girl said seriously.

"Why?" the red head asked genuinely puzzled.

"There are people that are doubting that you are a human." She stated watching the fox straight to eye. Kurama's green eyes widened in shock.

"What? It didn't show that much when I was singing, did it?" He asked concerned from Yusuke and Kuwabara that had come beside him.

"Oh, Botan-san. You're a real teaser." Yukina came to scolded her playfully after hearing their talk. Then the koorime turned to the tall beauty.

"She just meant that a few boys were saying that it's humanly impossible to be perfect. I believe that was a complement and not a doubt." The turquoise haired girl smiled to the fox-spirited man, who was getting a nice shade of crimson on his cheeks. It was kind of hard for him to act 'normal' around people that knew him this well. They knew his past and present. It was more than some could hope for, and stay alive.

"Ah! The results!" Yukina piped up happily that woke Kurama from his musing. They all concentrated on hearing Hiroko's voice.

"This is the moment we have been waiting for!" She said rising the tension. "I am very pleased that so many people has come to this event and I would like to..." The announcer then started to give thanks to the audience and the judges. Hiei let an annoyed look to his face. : :This is stupid. Just tell who won and I wont have to be around with so many ningen anymore!: :

"And the winner is... With the respectable 48 points... Ladies and gentlemen... 'Rose vs. Dragon'!" Hiroko yelled on top of her lungs. There was a great applause and they stepped to the stage, their lead singers in front. The girls were almost swooning as Kurama thanked for the prize and Hiei glared at them. When they finally got to go, the fox gave as promised his share to Hiei. Kuwabara complained about this a little, but Yukina soon got his thoughts away.

"Well, then" Kurama said in the back of the stage structure. "I think I should be leaving now. Mother has probably already made dinner, so I can't let them wait too long."

They all agreed to split at this point. Keiko and Yusuke decided to stay and explore still, Kuwabara left to escort Yukina home and Botan left back to work. Shizuru decided to leave home as well. At that point Hiei had already been vanished.

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ Back at the Minamino residence... ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨

"I think you looked good today..."

"Yes. I think I've heard that already, thank you. 'Looks'. Humph."


"Do you mean that?"

"You have just too much ego, fox. Even she was praising you..."

"Oh, jealous are we?"

"You really were!"

"Was not."

"Oh, you're so cuuute. I thought you were mad of the surprise."

"... Not really. So... What do you think of that boy?"

"Iwasaki-kun? I had noticed him before your warning, yes. Though, I'm surprised that you of all people would notice something like that. Are you a little jealous of that too, maybe?"

"Of a love-stuck ningen. I though you give me more credit."



"So how come you picked 'Wild Wind'?"

"Just something I heard the other day and I thought it had good lyrics."

"You mean something with a battle."

"Well at least it's not like those mushy-mush love songs."

"You don't like them?"

"You didn't like my song? And here I dedicated it for you..."

"... I said nothing such. And it wasn't a love song."

"Not completely true. In a way it was. 'Love is the power to give birth to miracles', remember?"



"What are you going to do with the money?"

"Buy ice cream."

"With all of it?!"

"Ok. I guess you can..."

"Who was asking your permission?"

"But you need me with you. I know you don't like to interact with people. Not to mention humans."



"What so?"

"Are you coming?"

"Oh, you silly. Of course I am! Do you think I want to miss seeing you eat that much ice cream?"


"So, what do you think I should do with Iwasmmph...mmm..."



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