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Warnings (also apply to all chapters, true or not): YAOI & HET. Out Of Character-ness. Attempted humour. Some language and slight violence. Blood. Villain dies. Also few almost graphic scenes of Hiei and Kurama, but I like my limits.

I'm Going to Get You by rebecca85


"I love you." Hiei stated seriously looking deep in to the widening green eyes. The beautiful redhead took gaspingly breath, obviously in shock.

"Hiei... I... Are you sure?" Kurama asked trying to escape the situation. Hiei frowned almost in anger.

"Of course I'm sure. I care for you and want to be with you all the time. Yukina explained these things to me and told the difference about loves. I don't love you like I do Yukina or Mukuro or anyone else I know. Your sole presence lights up the room when you walk in and I want you to be mine," he stated gruffly and determinant. Kurama was still in shock. He had no idea that Hiei had developed these feeling for him. Yes, he was the one Hiei liked to spend most time with and he had even joked about it, but this...

"Hiei..." Kurama started slowly. "I'm sorry, but I don't think I feel the same," he looked apologetically to the fire demon. Hiei studied him closely.

"What do you mean, 'you don't think you feel the same'? Either you do or you don't," he questioned harshly. Kurama was a little taken aback.

"I mean that, no, I don't love you, to put it bluntly," he answered.

"Do you already have somebody, then?"

"No, I do not! What that has to do with this?" Kurama exclaimed blushing slightly.

"Well, if you don't have anyone, you can be mine."

"Hiei, no! Love doesn't work that way!" Kurama breathed in shock. The little demon looked him annoyed.

"What's wrong with that? I'm in love with you and you don't have a mate. You can be mine. I don't take no for an answer," he threatened him.

Kurama took an unconscious step back in to his room with shock. Hiei followed, landing off the windowsill without a sound. The fox demon's eyes widened and he stepped another pace back. Hiei followed with two.

"But Hiei... I can't... I can't be with someone I don't truly love. If something I've learned in the human world, it's that," Kurama tried reasoning with the boy and made another attempt to get space between them.

Then his legs bumped in to something and he knew without looking that he was now trapped between his bed and the approaching Jagan user. He swallowed hard, trying to look for an escape. He would never get to his door and out of it before Hiei. He could go through the window, but then he would have to pass Hiei himself. That didn't look like a good idea either. Then the said fire demon was right in front of him. At this kind of situation, the fact that he was almost a head shorter than Kurama didn't seem to count much. He was strong and fast: Deadly combination. Before Kurama could even blink, he felt himself fall to the bed. Hiei had him pinned down on it in an instant, Hiei sitting on top of him, efficiently restraining his movements. Kurama felt his heart leave a beat.

"I thought I told you. I don't take no for an answer. I take what I want, even if I have to steal it, and you are the only thing I want at the moment. I will make you mine," he whispered the promise straight to Kurama's ear, his hot breath tinkling its leaf and making the man shiver.

"If I have to, I'll even steal your heart," Hiei said straight to the beauty's face, then pressed a harsh kiss on his mouth. Kurama's eyes widened, but before he could recover from the shock, the offending lips were gone.

"I'll see you tomorrow," the fire demon said and vanished. Suddenly the bewildered redhead gasped. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"I forgot! Mom invited Hiei for dinner!" Kurama said aloud in shock. What will he do now! And what did Hiei meant by taking him? Was he serious! This couldn't be happening... Not for him!

The green eyed beauty walked with shaking legs to the window and slowly shut it. And locked it, just in case. Then he walked slowly to his dressing table and sat down. This latest discovery had brought new aspects from the fire demon. Kurama looked in the mirror. The image was a flushed face of his and his hair was in disarray. He absentmindedly brushed his lips with the tips of his slender fingers and his face turned in a deeper shade of red. He took a brush and started to viciously brush his red mane. The brushing was more for doing something, than getting rid of tangles. Suddenly the redhead snapped out of his trance and quickly put the item away. He was supposed to be sleeping! If he wouldn't go, he was sure to be tired tomorrow. His human body didn't get that weak anymore, but it was always best to play sure. Kurama tugged himself under the covers, closed his eyes and waited for sleep. Maybe this has all been just a dream and I'll wake up soon, he wished. Before going to sleep he checked once more the area of any fire demons' youki.