Hiei-san: a mountain between Kyoto and Shiga prefectures. (Like Mt. Fuji is in Japanese Fuji-san)

Kurama-san: likewise, a mountain in Japan, though I have no idea where.

Kimono: Japanese traditional national costume. The real silk ones are festive and expensive.

I'm Going to Get You by rebecca85


It had been three weeks, and Kurama was in perfect health again. Were it thanks to the amazing healing-powers of Yukina, Youko's rapid recovering ability, Hiei's 'loving care' ("Stay. In. BED."), Kurama's sheer will or the medicine whipped up to speed the process, no one was quite sure, but never the less our favourite red-haired bishounen had made a complete recovery. The decision if it was a good thing or not, was left up to the patient himself, as he checked his outfit in front of his mirror one last time for the 'long awaited' party.

"Fox, are you done," asked a highly annoyed voice from the vicinity of the redhead's bed. Kurama turned around and gave Hiei a satisfied smile as he held out his hands to show his white tuxedo.

"I believe I am, don't you think?" he asked cheekily, a light of mischievousness dancing in his forest green eyes. Hiei rolled his eyes, "Come on, let's go. I think we're already late as it is. And I don't know why we have to wear these ridiculous clothing." He gave a tug at the suit's collar, for good measure, and grimaced.

"Don't touch that," Kurama said sternly and took an involuntarily step towards the fire demon. His hands twitched to fix the bow-tie. "It took me ages to get it right. And these are not ridiculous, they're traditional human clothing in important occasions, and the birthday of Enma-daiou's son is important enough, in my opinion."

"Hn. That doesn't make them any less ridiculous. A good traditional kimono has more room that this thing. I can hardly breathe..." Hiei continued tugging the collar.

"Don't touch it. Hiei, stop that! Look, now it's all – Whah!" Kurama's sentence was cut short as Hiei suddenly took advantage of their closeness and attacked his redhead. The hands that were trying to stop the tugging and repair the damage, were now securely pinned on either side of Kurama's head as he found himself lying in his bed, Hiei sitting on his hips. Again.

"You really like being on top, huh?" the fox-spirited man mused out loud. "You've just ruined a perfectly good hair, you know," he pointed out.

"Don't care..."

"Well, you should! Now I've got to –" Hiei efficiently cut Kurama's complaints off by sealing the man's lips in a kiss. He hungrily prodded the sweet mouth open and slipped his tongue past the rosy lips. The redhead hummed to the kiss, probably trying to get Hiei to focus on their appointment, of which they were going to be late. The fire demon ended his assault for the fox's mouth, but only to find something else to kiss; Kurama's neck.

"Ah… Hiei, stop," the red-haired beauty pleaded breathlessly. He had no idea how sexy is sounded, which only served the brunet to continue his ministrations to hear more. "We… ah! Have to be… uh… there… nnn… soon." Hiei traced soft kissed along the slender man's jaw-line until he found the mouth again. Again preventing any talk from Kurama, he enclosed the red lips for a more sweeter, more tender kiss. Leisurely he took his time with his ministrations, to convey his feeling for the man wordlessly. This time Kurama didn't protest, but melted under him.

After Hiei was sure he had thoroughly kissed him, he pecked him on the lips once more, then on the redhead's nose, for good measure. Kurama watched him with amazement in his eyes, then melted into a warm smile.

"Let's get ready."

In the end, Kurama had figured a mid-way to fix Hiei's irritating tugging without actually giving in from wearing the tuxedo. Hiei had the bow-tie removed (because really, Kurama didn't think it suited him that much) and the few upper buttons opened. The fox-spirited man was satisfied with his work. Hiei was looking quite festive but not that dressed up, at the same time. And they were only half an hour late.

Koenma's birthday party was just as high class as Kurama had suspected. They had met up with Enki, Koko, Yomi, The Reikai Tantei and Mukuro thus far, just to point out some names. Though, they didn't stayed long with Mukuro as she kept sniggering at Hiei and his clothing, saying with muffled glee that Kurama had the spiky-haired demon obviously wrapped around his finger, and was now more than welcomed back in Makai, if the redhead would allowed him. This, of course, made Hiei see red, but if it was from embarrassment or of something else, Kurama didn't dwell on it but just excused them swiftly.

Kurama recognized more of the guests rather than was recognized. He kept it that way. Even if some knew him from the Ankoku Bujutsukai, they were mostly the low-class demons that didn't attend the party. And Kurama was fine with his privacy as it was. Hiei was actually noticed more than the redhead and Kurama kept hiding behind his glass as the fire demon became frustrated with the attention. He was, after all, the famous half-koorime.

Koenma's party hall was packed with guests; demons, humans and other races alike. Kurama had been very anxious to see the magic behind the letters on Enma-daiou's son's forehead, but that had been kept secret as Koenma had appeared at the party all grown up. No marks on his face, that is. Now if he'd just ditch the pacifier…

"I would like to have your attention, please," Koenma clinked a spoon to the side of his champagne class to gain everybody's undivided attention. As the hall had quieted down from the small-talk, Koenma lowered his utensils to a table and cleared his throat.

"I thank you all for coming to this congratulation ceremony on my 750th birthday. I highly appreciated that you find it in your busy schedules to make time for this."

"I wouldn't miss this for the world," Mukuro breathed almost inaudibly beside Kurama. The redhead was surprised to see the sarcastic woman standing there. No wonder she had won against Hiei.

"What do you mean?" Kurama asked just as quietly as she had talked. The woman glanced at him. They listened to Koenma's speech with their interest reduced to half.

"You mean you haven't heard?" Kurama just shook his head minimally for a 'no'. He hardly ever heard rumours about Makai or Reikai any more, since he had moved to Ningenkai.

"Well, there are wild rumours about that little twerp and his flowery assistant making it official tonight," she whispered confidently. Kurama knew Hiei was listening also by now. "It's fairly reliable talk as I know personally that a few months ago Koenma ordered a custom-made ring from one of my jewellery's. I have the best, after all," she added like she was reminding Kurama of some law of nature. "There are also some rumours about that Tantei kid, but those can be anything. Though, judging by the way he's fixing his hair just about every ten minutes, I'd say they are true also."

Kurama glanced at Yusuke, and sure enough, he was combing his hair with his hands to keep them all slicked back. Kurama could have told the poor kid ages ago that he looked much better without the gel, but thought that the man would realize it himself once he grew up a little. Now the redhead was thinking of revising that plan.

Turned out then that Mukuro was right. At the end of Koenma's speech he kneeled before the blue haired ferry-girl and after another (although shorter) speech, asked her to marry him. Botan blushed to bright red and went speechless. Only the grin that suddenly took residence on the semi-god's face, told them that she had whispered an affirmative answer. As Botan then received her engagement ring, the guests gave a wild applaud. The newly recognized pair stood holding hands to take the praise as Koenma didn't seem to be able to loose the grin and Botan still hadn't gotten her complex back. Kurama guessed right thinking that it had really came as a total surprise to the girl.

As the clapping then ceased, they could hear another clicking against a glass: Another announcement.

The redhead raised an eyebrow at Yusuke who was the one asking the guests' attention. He made a small congratulation speech to the new couple but kept it to the point. As they had applauded another time for Koenma and Botan, Yusuke turned to the audience again.

"Dear guests, I'm afraid that this isn't the end of the talk. See, I also have something to say for my girlfriend." Yusuke turned to Keiko, who covered her mouth with a hand, shocked. "One day when I was fifteen, I promised you that we'd get married someday. Today, I'm keeping that promise."

Yusuke kneeled before Keiko and made a touching scene about asking Keiko's hand in marriage. Kurama thought that the part 'I have nothing much to offer but my heart' was slightly too cliché but it seemed that the brunette girl drank it all like in draught, eyes brimming with unshed tears of happiness. Hiei seemed to share Kurama's thought, as he voiced his opinion of the part.

"Oh, please," he snorted. Mukuro looked at Hiei, surprised.

"I think it's very beautiful," she commented back, then moved her attention to Kurama. "Is it customary in Ningenkai to make such exaggerated promises and figure of speech when proposing to someone?"

Kurama was momentarily surprised of her question, but gave it a thought. "I haven't heard it that many times, but yes, it seems that the girl is always the more impressed the more the man gives her promises, regardless if they are big ones or no. Why?"

"Your human father proposed to your human mother," she said slyly. "I just thought that you'd know what they said to each others. And since you're like a human now, I was wondering if I will have to help Hiei in his speech, and how much." Kurama blushed to bright red and dared not to look at Hiei, whom he knew was fuming to the woman. They were dating, yes, but marriage? The redhead cleared his throat.

"I don't think that will be necessary," he said politely to Mukuro. The woman just smirked to him and walked away with the applause, as Keiko had finally flew to Yusuke's arms, crying an affirmative answer with a loud voice.

As the festivities continued, Kurama found himself with Hiei, standing in the sides as the floor was occupied for dancing couples. The redhead had never been very fond with dancing (too many people in a too little of a room) so he preferred his whereabouts fine, thank you very much. He was enjoying his drink as he saw Kuwabara approaching them, a drink in his hand, but alone.

"So things finally worked between you two, huh?" the orange-top stated briskly. Kurama raised one delicate eyebrow.

"You're okay with us, Kuwabara-kun?"

"Hn. He should be," Hiei snorted. "He started it." Kuwabara smiled a little sheepishly at this and rubbed the back of his head. Kurama was utterly bewildered but only asked inquiringly, "Kuwabara-kun?"

"Well the thing is, Kurama, I kind of read your youki at the time we were fighting that virus-demon. You know, that time when you saved my ass from his slash and Hiei went between it and us, and for that one second I could feel your immense worry over him, so…" Kurama knew what he was talking about but only nodded as he was speechless of the discovery.

"Well," Kuwabara continued, looking more and more embarrassed, "first I actually thought that I should warn Hiei about your… affection, but Yukina-san found out and gave me a well deserved lecture. 'Love is love, no matter the age, race or sex'," Kuwabara quoted proudly. Then he blushed. "I especially liked the race part."

Kurama stared at the big man for a while longer, still quite dazed at this revelation. Kuwabara of all the people started it all? Then he took another look at the orange-haired man and everything just seemed to fall in its place. And the redhead found that he was relieved.

As the situation hit, Kurama's compose cracked and soon he was trying to laugh as quietly as possible, to not to gain too much unwanted attention. Hiei looked first quite spooked, but soon smiled secretively behind his drink. Kuwabara on the other hand was very puzzled and slightly scared.

"Umm… Kurama? Are you all right?" he asked tentatively. "Are you mad at me for telling Hiei?" Kurama stopped laughing but continued to smile widely.

"Yes, Kazuma-san," Kurama replied, grinning. "I'm mad." Then he started to laugh silently again. Kuwabara seemed to get more scared the minute. He even took an unconscious step back away from the crazy fox.

Finally it seemed that Kurama had had enough of laughing and he calmed down with a deep breath.

"But seriously, I am mad, Kazuma-san," the redhead said to the tall man, who blanched slightly. "You made it just so easy for Hiei to chase me, when he knew I liked him. That was slightly unfair." He seemed to think for a bit, his brow creasing slightly. "That explains your behaviour. No wonder you two aren't fighting; you were on the same side! That's dirty…" Kuwabara sweatdropped and rubbed the back of his head as Hiei tried to look as imperceptible as he could and pretended to be interested in the party.

"Well…" Kurama continued but this time almost wistfully, staring at the dancing couples. "I knew it was a lost battle. Me against everyone. Even including myself…" Then he smiled a little. "I guess it was my turn to lose, right?" Hiei raised serious eyes to his fox at the sober mood, and Kuwabara seemed to be lost.

"Definitely," Hiei answered. Kurama looked at his boyfriend and they fell both silent, immersed in each other's eyes. Kuwabara looked from one to the other, and sighed. Smiling slightly he turned around and went to search for his own love.

The two wallflowers continued their staring, until Kurama took a step towards Hiei and leaned to plant a light kiss to his lips. He didn't care if someone saw, he was in love. And the spiky-haired demon seemed to understand the sentiment of what the Great Thief Youko Kurama was giving to him, and accepted it gladly, exhilaration making his stomach flutter. When they parted, they gazed each others for a while again and then unanimously turned to watch the party unrolling before them.

"Say, Kurama," Hiei said suddenly.


"Is my name funny?"

"What?" Kurama could hardly believe his own ears. Was Hiei actually asking him what he thought he was asking? "Oh. You mean Shuichi?" the redhead realized. The shorter demon just nodded curtly.

"Well, your name is just as funny as mine, Hiei-san," Kurama answered, and this seemed to pacify the half-koorime. The slender beauty could even detect a small smile tugging the corner of Hiei's lips, which he tried to hide behind his half-full glass. The green eyes followed the fire demon's facial features from his mouth to his jaw-line, to his cheekbones, to his nose, to eyes, and there caught the ruby orbs staring intently back at him. Kurama smiled mischievously.

"Want to get out of here?" Hiei smirked and nodded.

No one witnessed their departure.

The rings found their way back to their rightful owners the next day with a note that said:

Be more careful of your possessions.

You never know when you might lose them for forever.

Cherish every moment and live for tomorrow.


Mata ne,

Luv, rebecca